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Radical Islamism and Jihad ( 28 March 2017, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Muslims Have To Accept That Terror DOES Have a Religion

By Ambreen Zaidi


I admit, I can no longer pretend that all is well with the world and Islamic terrorism is just a figment of the imagination of a society driven into a state of hysteria. It is NOT. Let's accept it.

Ever since Muslims came under the grip of the Wahhabi version of Islam, there has been nothing but bloodshed all across the world. Wahhabism is an Islamic code and religious program that is excessively radical and puritan. Known as a satanic faith among some Islamic scholars, it rejects all other forms of Islam. It is also funded by some influential Arab regimes. To promote their version of purified Islam, armies of religious men and women have been sent to various countries to spread their Islam. These Wahhabi scholars target at the grassroots levels the poor and illiterate, thereby making inroads into society as a whole. They consider those who do not agree with their idea of Islam to be non-Muslims—who are supposed to be despised, hounded and eventually eradicated.

The largest Sunni organisation in the world Nahdlatul Ulema, Malaysia's largest Islamic body the National Fatwa Council, South Asia's Barelvi movement, the Sufi Islamic Supreme Council of America—all of them oppose Wahhabism, as it is the only sect promoting killings, bloodshed and destruction in the name of Islam. Their extremist propaganda has now taken the shape of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram. What they follow and preach is nothing but a terrorist ideology with absolutely no respect towards human life.

For them it is all black and white, with no room for any other shades or colours. If you agree with them, you are most welcome and if you don't, be ready to be killed. This seems to be their motto. My questions to all other Muslims and also to myself are:

For how long will we allow this ideology to dominate?

For how long will we just say this is not my Islam?

For how long will we shrug it off as "Oh they are not true Muslims?"

For how long will we keep fooling ourselves and the world?

The fact remains that it is all being done in the name of Islam, with Allah Hu Akbar now being widely known as a war cry before a heinous act rather than a simple statement praising the Almighty. Every single day there are gory details about crimes committed in the name of Islam. Women and young girls of other faiths are abducted, raped, converted, married off to multiple men. Where does the Quran preach all this? Why have we allowed certain elements to bring down our beautiful religion to such a horrid state? The actions of a few radical elements have turned the world into seeing Islam vs. the rest. It has also turned the Islamic world into My Islam vs. Your Islam.

As I see it, it will take generations to remove the perception of Muslims created by these Wahhabi fanatics, and for us to be one with the world again. But someone has to start the process so that the future generations can live in peace. Where I am concerned that someone starts with me and I hope other peace-loving Muslims join me as other someones in our crusade against these so-called defenders of Islam.