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Wahhabi Fatwa for Football!!!

Abdullah al-Najdi – Riyadh Rabiulavval 1423/

Translated by Khalil Hussain Hussaini


One who goal in football and run to be pursued by other players and embraced by them, worthy to be slobbered on his mouth; he should be punished, because there is no relevancy between physical training and jubilation, blossoming and kissing.


Not only the Wahhabi sanctions against Shia but their attacks against the roots of Islam, prove the infiltration of colonialism in the Islamic lands. Thanks to their baseless sanctions (Fatwas), the Islamic teachings and heavenly codes are being mocked by those who insist to be named civilized nations. Those who could be invited to study Islam and seek deliverance and salvation for their selves in their life and hereafter, have joined hands with hands of Zionism and avail themselves of any opportunity to assail Islam and its teachings. They pave the way of physical and virtual aggression against Islamic lands and its and Holy Prophet and Holy Book i.e. Quran as well as motivate sacrilege derogatory against Islam and claim to be the real and righteous defenders of the religion. This is worth mentioning that the Wahhabism is the product of colonialism created in the recent centuries and British ministry of colonies through its agents like Laurence, Hempre and Mohammad ibn Abdu l-Wahhab. British colonialism imposed the new school upon Islamic world to remain Immanent in the Islamic World even after termination of its imperialistic tendency.


 Albeit this kind of thoughts appeared after the demise of Prophet Mohammad (PUBH) in opposition of his Holy Family but the neo rigidness has its own Peculiarities and traits. The Wahhabi chauvinism has narrowed the frame of Islam more and more and made it dissatisfactory and implausible for others as the call themselves Muslim and excommunicate Muslims.

During the early age of Islam some scholar issued Fatwa that the believers should keep their eyes closed during Salat (prayer) because Imam Jaafar Sadeq (a.s) keeps his eyes open; but during genuflexion (Sojood) they should keep one eye closed and the other opened; because impossible to know either he keeps his closed or opened during this part of Salat, and other countless Ridiculous fatwas of this kind of Muftis but the current Wahabi Muftis have broken all the records and their endless wrongdoings are usually the cause of shame and embarrassment for the Muslims all over the world.


This is wondrous that rarely issued Shia Ulema’s sanctions (Fatwas) have ever been the source of westerners and provoked them and they have always taken harsh stand against Shia Foqaha and Ulema, but the Wahabi Fatwas have never been yet enthused the old and neo imperialistic powers!


Anyway the request is very brief but its Prologue was so lengthy.

Wahabi Rules for Football game!

A Wahabi Mufti Declares rules for football


This is now a fresh fatwa but admittedly interesting especially for the Wahabiite’s followers and the westerners who utilize Wahabiite against Islam.


Abdullah al-Najdi is one of the Wahhabi muftis, who has specified 14 conditions for football and this venture is a disposure of farce to laicize the ideological principles of Islam and prove the Islamic teachings absurd.


One has asked the Mufti to explain the terms and conditions of football.

He asks:

“The youths who are not familiar to virtue, and do not emphasize their time; usually ask; “what are the codes and rules of football enable us to absolve ourselves from resemblance with the infidels, sinners and the enemies of Islam like US and Russia?


Al-Najdi says: I want to tell them: if you insist on playing football you have to conform to the following rules;-


1-     The football ground should not have straight lines on its four sides because these lines have been lineated by the infidels under the international football rules and regulations.

2-     Terms like “Goal”, “Out”, “Penalty”, “Corner” should not be recited because offering these terms is forbidden (Haram); those who use these terms should be punished and be ousted from the game and one should acknowledge him that he had got similar to infidels and the pagans.

3-     One who fells a player down and his fracture his hand or foot, should not be shown red card  but in this case the victim should approach the canonical court (religious judiciary) and Adjudicate his rights according the Quranic rules and the other player should testify before the court that the accused had intention to wound the victims!

4-     You should not follow the infidels including Jews and Christians, specially the evil US, in limiting the number of the players and number of the team’s members should be more or less then the 11.

5-     You should wear your night robe or other dresses instead of skivvies and colorful numeral blouses while playing; because these are the western dresses; shall not be categorized among the Islamic forms of dresses.

6-      Any of you people, who will abide by these codes and conditions his real aim should be Jihad in the way of Almighty Allah as well as physical strength and predisposition for the same aim. You have to be always ready for the day when you will be called for Jihad. Therefore wasting the time and life should in jubilations for the victory of conjectures should not be the aim of your life.

7-       You have to confine the period of football game in 45 minutes instead of 90 minutes; you have to oppose the infidels and lechers as you have to avoid the self Resemblance with them.

8-     You should not play in two halves, but should end the games in 1 half! Or increasing the halves, you should define three halves for the game!

9-     If the ball may not enter the goal and both of the teams stand equal, you should not give additional time and opportunity for penalty strokes to the teams and you should declare the game ended; that is why giving the additional time and opportunity of penalty strokes, is in fact the pursuance of the international rules and regulations of football.

10-         You should not appoint referee for your games because after ending the international rules and regulations and outlawing the terms including “Goal”, “Out”, “Penalty”, “Corner” etc., appointment of referee will be fully nonsense. On the other hand appointment of referee will be synonymous to similarity with Jews and Christians as well as obedience to the international football rules and regulations.

11-         When you play the onlookers should not be allowed to look your game, because you intend body strengthening and physical training and there is no reason for outsiders to witness your movements – albeit you may call; “they are encouraging you in physical strengthening and eventually for Jihad” thereupon tell them; “go for your corruption to the streets, markets and magazines”!!.

12-         One who enters the ball into the goal in football and then runs to be pursued by players and embraced by them, worthy to be slobbered on his mouth; he should be punished, because there is no relevancy between your physical training and jubilation, blossoming and kissing.

13-         You should use three pillars while forming the goal instead 2 pillars and avoid similarity and resemblance with infidels as well as assurance of disobedience of the global football association (FIFA)’s satanic rules and regulations.

14-           If a player gets wounded during the game he should not be replaced with another player because this act has been fashioned by Infidels and Heathens in the United States of America and other countries.


1.     These are the codes and conditions may eliminate the doubt of resemblance with Infidels and Heathens. Anyway – even in case of your commitment to the above rules and regulations - I do not invite you to play football; because this type of games are allowed for the people who cannot afford the canonical (????? games. The rational and traditional reasons are sufficient about resemblance with Infidels and Heathens for true believers. Those who play football the hatred from Infidels and Heathens gets seismic in their hearts while the youngsters consider the matter as jubilation and a game. وَتَحْسَبُونَهُ هَيِّنًا وَهُوَ عِندَ اللَّهِ عَظِيمٌ

 And you deemed it an easy matter while with Allah it was grievous.

Finally I hope my message will reach to the youth and will be useful for them and others. Allahumma Amen.

Abdullah al-Najdi – Riyadh Rabiulavval 1423/

Translated by Khalil Hussain Hussaini


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