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Muslims and Islamophobia ( 5 Aug 2011, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Suhail Anjum’s Response to Subramaniam Swamy’s anti-Muslim Tirade in DNA

By Suhail Anjum

(Translated from Urdu by: Arman Neyazi,

The venom spewing article of Subramanian Swamy,lone leader and President of Janta Party has not only hurt minorities but all the secularists of the country. That is why non-Muslim more than the Muslim scholars, Journalists and writers have lodged their displeasure and discontent with his article. They have demanded action from the government against Mr Swamy. Mr Swamy‘s article exploded like a bomb on the peaceful environment of the country. If this live bomb is not defused it is going to be very dangerous for the secularism and peace of the county.

Taking the article in question as a mad man’s utterances, can be ignored too, but by doing so there is a danger of encouraging those anti-social elements that are always ready to ignite Hindu-Muslim violence. These anti-social elements are always busy in the activities of making India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ discarding its ‘unity in diversity’. This article is understood to be talking of the ways and means of ending terrorism in the country but in fact it inflames communal hatred and a particular kind of terrorism against the Muslims. This article is in itself a form of terrorism which can also be seen in the form of Swami Aseemanand, Sadhvi Pragya, Col. Purohit and Praveen Togadia.

Every point of Swamy’s article can be replied to, but it is not possible and not the right platform for it. Hence, some of his points can be taken here.

Title of Swamy’s article is “How to end Islamic Terrorism?” This headline in itself is wrong as there is nothing like ‘Islamic Terrorism’. This terminology has been invented with nefarious designs in mind. There can be ‘Terrorism’ but there is no place for ‘Islamic Terrorism’ as there is no place for terrorism in Islam. This does not need any clarification as it is being written and talked about for long now.

He has further written, ‘there are at least forty terror attacks in India every month out of which some are reported and some are not’ but Swamy has not given any proof of it. If there is any truth in it, it is the Muslims who are targeted and fall prey to these, as the attacks in which Hindu terrorists are involved are not reported at all.

Some days ago in a doctor’s clinic in Nanded, Maharashtra, a bomb had exploded and media did not pay any attention. It could be a terrorist act as well. Had the bomb exploded at a Muslim’s place media would have cried hoarse.

On the recent Mumbai terror attack Swamy says, “Hindus cannot tolerate being slaughtered in a halal way.” It can be answered in various other ways but simply speaking he should know there is no human slaughtering in Islam. As far as animals are concerned only the halal ones are slaughtered and not those that are haram.

Swamy prophesises, “Taliban will capture Pakistan by 2012 and after that Islam will compete with Hinduism for the success of its incomplete mission.” What can it be said other than these are utterances of a mad man. Otherwise also Islam does not have any mission and if there is any, it needs not fight Hinduism for it. The answer to this claim of his is there in his own article, in the next paragraph. He says, “Whichever country Islam got victory upon got hundred percent converted in two decades.” But, even after 800 years of rule, there were 75% Hindus in 1947 at the time of independence in India when it should have got converted into a Muslim country in two decades itself. It means Muslim emperors and rulers of this country never engaged in any coercion or never pressurised anyone for conversion. Everybody was fully independent to follow the culture, civilisation and religion of his choice.

Swamy uses blatant lies when he writes about the Hindu-Muslim riots. He says, ‘Muslims triggered all the riots after the independence’, it means riots before that were triggered by Hindus.

This allegation of Muslims triggering all the riots is a part of a very nefarious design. It is the Muslims who fell prey to the riots. It is they who lose everything they have. They have to bear all the brunt. And it is the Muslims who are arrested. How is it possible then that it is the Muslims who trigger riots?

In this connection I just have to say that he must study, “Combating Communal Conflicts” by Sr. Police Officer V N Roy and “Who Killed Karkare” by S M Musharraf. His eyes will open wide.

In connection with the Gujarat riots also he takes help of blatant lies and says, “Muslims had triggered the Gujarat riots by killing 56 Hindus in the train at Godhra”. The Gujarat riots facts have come in the open in the U C Bannerjee report as well as other reports and nothing is hidden in it. Everybody knows the facts. He further says that all the riots in India are an act of terror and he will have to accept that a particular section of Hindus triggers it. It is an open act of terror against the Muslims. He says, Muslims do this to demoralise the Hindus. In this country how can they dare demoralise the Hindus where they themselves are demoralised at every step. Hindus are in majority and are on every key post. Sachar Committee has said that Muslims are in a more pathetic condition than the Dalits.

Swamy also rues the fact that Hindus are not coming under one political party so that a pure Hindu political party comes in power. In fact he is campaigning in favour of the RSS progeny BJP. But he does not have moral courage enough to come openly in the BJP fold.

If fact, it is a must for the Muslims to come under one banner. They are distributed in various different political parties. If they come under one banner, half of their problem will get solved automatically.

Swamy must know that Muslims are more against terrorism than the Hindus as they have to bear the brunt whenever it happens. Had Swamy called all the Indians to get united to fight terrorism, it would have been a great thing but he calls Hindus to get united against Muslims and fight terror. This way he, on the one hand, calls Muslims terrorist, and on the other, asks Hindus to get united against it.

According to Subramanian Swamy Act 370 should be abolished and Kashmir should be only for Hindus. He says that all three hundred mosques should be demolished. Muslims should be disenfranchised till the time they accept India as a Hindu Rashtra and their ancestors as Hindu. Uniform Civil code should be implemented. Sanskrit should be made a compulsory subject and singing Vande Matram a must. Conversion of Hindus should be made illegal. As much land from Bangladesh should be snatched as Bangladeshis are illegally living here. Hindu mentality should be created in reply to the education against Hinduism being imparted in madrasas and mosques and churches. Swamy reiterated that terrorism can be tackled within five years if these steps are taken. He cited the example of Jews in this connection and asked to take lesson from them.

This way this full article is nothing but a series of heinous allegations against Muslims. This is an RSS campaign. Country can have to face its dangerous consequences if these things are not stopped and action not taken.

URL of Subramaniam Swamy’s Article:اسلامی-دہشت-گردی-کاخاتمہ-کیسے-ہو؟/d/5073