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Muslims and Islamophobia ( 9 Oct 2015, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Is This All Islamophobia? Is There No Truth In It?

By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

10 October 2015

We Shall Follow the Ways of Our Forefathers

The above is in response to the invitation given by the Messenger Muhammad to his people--When it is said to them “follow what God has revealed” They say: Nay, we shall follow the ways of our forefathers. 2-170”

Although the above is in the context of “Food”, there are other examples where the rejecters give the same response to previous messengers when called upon to mend their ways and follow the message of the Apostles:

7-28, When they do what is shameful, they say”We found our fathers practicing it…” Refer also 11-68.

The fact that the deniers are rejecting the revelations given to Muhammad and insist on following what their ancestors had followed; means the rejecters are referring to pre-Quranic ancestors who are referred in the Book as of Jahiliya –of paganism. And so, the rejecters who insisted on following them voluntarily wish to remain as pagans as well.

In simple terms, the Book classifies such people as the first order of Kaafir- the rejecters who having given the message, consciously reject it outright. They are the least dangerous as they only turn ‘enemies’ when they take arms against the Muslims.

The second order of Kaafir- deniers, are those who on the face accepted the message- that is agreed to join the Muslim nation; then rejected the message in their practices. They are termed as Munafiq. In common language they are the “people with forked tongue”. Therefore, the enemies within and most dangerous!

The Messenger is warned to be particularly vigilant of these people.

Where does all this lead to?

The present day crowd of followers of the Salaf- the ancestors - give out the impression and indeed claim that they are following their predecessors, that is those who were the companions of the Messenger Muhammad and who had followed every instruction given to them in Quran. Therefore they were the true Muslims, the Momins – Believers. And hence these followers are also the true Muslims.

This claim can only be judged by comparing the actions of the two groups; the ancestors and the followers.

But the Book says the ancestors were:-

-Kind and full of love for each other.

-The Believers were brotherhood.

-They considered mankind to be one nation.

-To them taking one innocent life was like murdering the whole nation and saving one innocent person was like saving the whole nation.

-To dislodge innocent people from their homes and hearth was considered as sin!

However the above was all in the past and has nothing to do with anybody else.

2-134, That was a people that has passed away. They shall reap the fruit of what they did and you of what you do. You shall not be asked of their action.

So the falling back on ancestors and invoking their name has no merit for others.

Today the actions of the so called Islamist, Mujahideen and jihadists when compared with each item given above fall way short of the mark of their ancestors! No need to enumerate them one by one. The news media is splashing their acts in our living rooms on hourly basis.

Is this all Islamophobia? Is there no truth in it?

The millions of refugees seeking asylum trekking across foreign boarders, the pile of rubble of what were once beautiful cities, the savagery of beheadings of innocent people, the slavery, the rape, the kidnapping and forced conversion; the blowing up of ancient historic heritage of mankind; is all that Islamophobic depiction put out by the hostile media?

The last one above makes one ask these people a simple question. Your ancestors who had preserved these monuments for centuries, as sources of historic knowledge for mankind, as per the requirement of the Book, were then all infidels?

Why do you not follow the example of your ancestors then? Is your Islam not the Islam of the Book?

One does not have to be a ‘scholar’ of Quran to come to the conclusion that the claim made by the ancestor worshipers is “total deception” and their actions are of the second order Kufr as given above.

However a verse from the Book is all that is required to put paid to the claim, for it recounts and exposes their false claim, almost item by item:-

2-85, After this it is you, the same people, who slay among yourself, and banish a party of you from their homes; assist their enemies against them, in guilt and rancour; and if they come to you as captives, you ransom them, though it was not lawful for you to banish them. Then it is only a part of the Book that you believe in……

A dangerous group of people indeed and enemy within and the Muslim nation must be vigilant as the Book warns.

The vigilance required today on the part of the nation is obvious; to be cognizant of what the priests in the houses of worship are preaching. It is on record that some of them speak with forked tongue to the media. Outside they give a message that Islam is a Faith of peace but inside it is a different story. So to be vigilant of the sermons and the messages that are given there in the name of the people ‘who had passed away’?

To be vigilant of messages by which the young fertile minds are conquered.

To be vigilant as to with whom the young generation is associating with. The parents in this age carry much greater responsibility for their off-springs than ever before. They carry a very heavy burden on behalf of their family, community and society they live in.

The case in point is the fifteen year old young boy, dressed in the black so called Islamic nighty, who killed an Australian innocent employee of the police department, in broad daylight, and then got killed too. That was an utterly callous, unprovoked and thoughtless act in the name of Islamism. How the parents and the religious community there did not see it coming and to prevent it?

For sure school shooting and murder is also almost a daily occurrence now a days in the USA too! But that can be said to be the result of the “Gun culture” which is coming home to roost.

Parents need to be conscious that this dangerous element of ancestor worshipers is not a small group and is not likely to go away soon. Their tentacles are spread worldwide and their backers are numerous, powerful and have hidden agendas of their own.

Their tools of trade are the use of religions, and there are many among Muslims, but the two main ones are the divisions of Sunnism and Shiaism. They “assist their enemies against them”. The enemies take full advantage of these deep fractures in the nation.

That is why the Book advises the Messenger to cut off all relations with those who fracture the nation 30-31,32.

But more importantly this:

3-78, There is among them, a section who distort the Book with their (forked) tongues. You would think it is part of the Book, but it is no part of the Book. And they say“it is from God” but it is not from God. It is they who tell a lie against God and well they know it.

How explicit can God’s warning be for Muslim nation to be vigilant?

A regular contributor to New Age Islam, Rashid Samnakay is a (Retd.) Engineer