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Norway Killer Breivik, a Great Admirer of Rightwing Hindus

By Suhail Haleem

Translated from Urdu by Arman Neyazi,

The killer of more than 70 people in Norway is a great admirer of Hindu fundamentalists. He has described them in his manifesto on more than one place. Irish Anders Behring Breivik considers them an ally in overturning democratically elected governments all over the world and promises them help in ousting Muslims from India.

In this 1500 pages manifesto Breivik says how he wished to start a war against multiculturalism which beginning from his terror activities would take the form of a world war. Weapons of mass destruction would also be used in it. After the war a ‘Servant Class’ based on the non-Muslims of Bangladesh, Pakistan and India will be formed who will work 12 hours a day during their stay in Europe and will live in different residential localities outside every big city. Their period of contract will be of six to twelve months duration after which they will be sent back to their nations.

The Daily Hindu of India has done an analysis of this manifesto and has found India mentioned in 102 pages of the Manifesto. Breveik says he supports Hindu fundamentalists. In one place he writes, “Hindu fundamentalists also have to face the same kind of dangers from the Indian multiculturalism as his European brethren.”

Breveik is an extreme rightwing Christian who hates Muslims. About the UPA government he says that it tries to please Muslims at any cost. He praises those Hindu organisations, in his manifesto, who do not tolerate this injustice. He writes, “When situation gets out of control they attack Muslims”. But he denounces this strategy and asks to target the traitors and form militant groups for toppling the multiculturalist government.  “We, (Breiviks and Hindu Fundamentalist Organisations) should cooperate with and learn from each other because our objective is the same.”

According to the Daily Hindu, Breivik has posted urls of Hindu organisations like BJP, RSS and VHP. Breviek is hopeful that along with countries like China, Russia and Philippine, Indians who practice his kind of politics will keep this struggle going. He quotes two Indian historians, S Lal and Shri Nandan Vyas regarding the danger Europe has from the Muslims. He has advocated medal as, ‘Liberation of India Service Medal’ to the people who will help chase Muslims out of the country. Breivik had got the logo for his organisation made in Varanasi, an Indian city.

But, “how does Breivik wish to treat the Hindu nationalists he lauds so much after the mission is accomplished?”

Source: BBC Hindi