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Can the world co-exist with a Pakistan that allows such vitriol in its Friday sermons? Read, listen and decide

By Maulana Mufti Saeed Ahmed

In a recent article remembering slain governor of Pakistani Punjab Salman Taseer, Pakistani intellectual Pervez Hoodbhoy writes: To understand the kind of psychological conditioning that has turned us into nasty brutes, cruel both to ourselves and to others, I suggest that the reader sample some of the Friday khutbas (sermons) delivered across the country’s estimated 250,000 mosques. It is surely impossible to hear all khutbas, but a few hundred ones have been recorded on tape by researchers, transcribed into Urdu, translated into English, and categorised by subject at Since there was no conscious bias in selecting the mosques, they can be reasonably assumed to be representative examples. Often using abusive language, the mullahs excoriate their enemies: America, India, Israel, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Shias, and Qadianis. Before appreciative crowds, they breathe fire against the enemies of Islam and modernity. Music is condemned to be evil, together with life insurance and bank interest. In frenzied speeches they put women at the centre of all ills, demand that they be confined to the home, covered in purdah, and forbidden to use lipstick or go to beauty parlours. But the harshest words are reserved for the countless “deviant” Muslims.

New Age Islam presents one such Friday sermon, one of the 2,50,000 delivered every Friday from mosques in Pakistan and amplified through loud speakers to grateful listeners, in English and Urdu and with a link to the audio courtesy Mashal Books.



Maulana Mufti Saeed Ahmed

Posted on July 11, 2010


Speaker: Maulana Mufti Saeed Ahmed
Jamia Masjid Mittranwali, Sialkot
Ahle Hadith


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English Translation of Maulana Mufti Saeed Ahmed's Friday semon


Let us not be spectators but get together to swear that we will avenge the making of cartoons about our Beloved Prophet PBUH. O Muslims, get up and take in hand your arrows, pick up your Kalashnikovs, train yourselves in explosives and bombs, organise yourselves into armies, prepare nuclear attacks and destroy every part of the body of the enemy.


The Quran instructs us but since we have not followed it the Europeans have published the cartoons. Former ruler President Farooq Leghari arrested Aimal Kansi from Dera Ghazi Khan and handed him over to the US. And merciless America put him on the electric chair and handed over his corpse to Pakistan.


Supplier of women (dalla!) Musharraf and his shameless khaki clad army-men handed over the daughter of the nation Aafiya Siddiqi to the Americans. He kept quiet on Afghanistan and put a stop to Kashmir jihad. He also destroyed the Jamia Hafsa in Islamabad.


In Musharraf’s book more betrayals are narrated. He sold the Arab mujahideen, sold Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, and earned dollars by doing this. This group of kanjars (pimps) and clowns (bhaand) have got hold of the Two Nation Theory and have become dominant on us.


Allah has got us rid of Musharraf but who has been imposed on us in his place, Mr Ten Percent Zardari. Prime Minister Gilani who proclaims he is a Syed is lying because in his rule women are being freely raped and there is no remedy. And India in the name of friendship is interfering in Balochistan.


It is only yesterday that Lahore suffered seven explosions after similar explosions at Aabpara in Islamabad, the Wah Factory, and the Islamic University. There are suicide bombers all over the place and Americans, Indians and Jews are crawling all over disguised and hidden in cars with windows covered in black tint. Today India has blocked our water by building 62 illegal dams on our rivers. Under the Indus Waters Treaty, Indus, Sutlej and Jhelum belonged to Pakistan, but India was opposed to the situation and has built dams on them.


Hafiz Sayeed has called a large rally of protesters against water-stealing India on the Mall in Lahore to open the eyes of the media. The Hindus are dissemblers, they say something and do something else. Manmohan Singh said there was no water issue and Pakistan should get hold of Hafiz Saeed. The Hindus have rejected Jamaat Ali Shah the Water Commissioner of Pakistan and other delegates. My brothers, the answer to water thieves, cartoon-makers and drone fliers is only jihad in the name of Allah.


Today Pakistan is at an important crossroads. The hatred among the people against the kafirs has reached a new height. Remember the ambassador of America had come to Lahore trying to pin a medal on the chest of a boy who had won distinction but the boy refused to accept the medal from the ambassador saying America was not friend of Pakistan and Muslims. The hands of America are red with the blood of Muslim women and children. We will not receive medals from these people.


This year in February eight FATA leaders were going to America on the invitation of the US embassy but once there they were subjected to humiliating body search and scanning (jama-talashi) But when it came to scanning, the eight refused to be subjected to insult and turned back saying if the Americans don’t invite us again it does not matter, what matters is our honour.


May America the rebel of Allah be destroyed. We will not go to America after being made naked (nanga). A big change is upon us and there is revolution in the air. Look the Americans have come and located themselves in our country. They will not leave unless we impose jihad on them. The experts of jihad are predicting that America will be subjected to a lot of drubbing before it decides to leave. We will have to create a graveyard of the Americans like the one created in Vietnam.


In America 172 banks have gone bankrupt. The G-20 hooligans get together and hold consultations to strengthen the IMF with funds. Until yesterday only Hafiz Sayeed was asking for contributions. And the mujahideen have thrashed the Americans so much that they are now forced to beg for contributions.


Now the Americans go to Saudi Arabia begging it for an arranged meeting with Mullah Umar and peace talks with the Taliban. The big slap was delivered on the cheek of Hindus in Mumbai by Deccan Tigers and although the Hindus have done bigger mischief in Pakistan, they can’t forget the slap of Mumbai.


I tell the generals and the establishment in the country that if you want to relieve the pressure and want to bring peace to your country then give a bloodbath to Indian and American diplomats in Kabul and Kandahar. The Hindu will stop blocking your water after that.



1.   allahkaballah
7:51 am on January 2nd, 2011

Did he check if the mike and loudspeaker and the technology behind is made in madina or US/ Israel.
There is no tax on uttering non sense.. no wonder Pakistan stands where it is now.. and most of the Pakistanis want to disappear in distant land.

2.   Dr M. Ghitreef Shahbaz Nadwi
6:32 am on January 3rd, 2011

What this Alim expressed on Jihad is totally unacceptable. It is only his own biased and whimsical stupid concept, wrongly attributed to Islam. Islam is all about love, tolerance, human dignity and doing good to wrong doers. Making cartoons of any prophet no doubt is a crime, but you have no right to distort any teaching of Islam whatsoever the excuse be. This kind of mullahs are destroying the image of Islam.

3.   A. Q. Rana
9:12 pm on March 14th, 2011

This Moulvi called Manmohan Singh a Hindu, but everybody knows that he is a Sikh.

4.   Arden Shirah
4:32 am on July 27th, 2011

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