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Spreading Islamophobia Deliberately: Muslims Should Be Aware and Ready To Counter Falsehood with Truth



Muslim Converts

By Jahanshah Rashidian

November 29, 2013

Why the process of 1.5 billion Muslims’ conversion is little discussed? Have these Muslims’ ancestors freely converted into Islam or were forced to do so? This question has been severely banned as a heresy in the Islamized world since the imposition of Islam upon the defeated peoples.

 Normally, when religions or ideologies expand beyond their regions of origin, they must adapt to local culture and respect the racial and ethnic circumstances. However, Islam accompanied by the herds of brutal Muslims expanded with no social balances in the conquered territories. It called for brutal and radical changes in the lives of the local populations. When the early Muslim herds of Arabian Peninsula conquered new territories not only they imposed Islam as the new religion, but also Islam as the new culture upon the subjugated people:

 The conquered nations in Syria, Iran, and Egypt…, with great pre-Islamic cultures, were the victims of this forced conversion and imposed Islamic culture. They did not convert to Islam or abandon voluntarily their relatively advanced cultures but because they were forced by the occupiers to do so in order to save themselves from massacre, enslavement, rape, looting…http://wps.ablongman.

 Furthermore, the effects of atrocities were so severe that fear from atrocity reached a threshold of personality disorder, in my view, Stockholm Syndrome. The odd phenomenon emerges among the traumatized victims, an abnormal love and submissiveness of “hostages toward their captives.” Through Syndrome Stockholm, soul-shaking effects left the victims searching for a new way of recommitting themselves survivable. So they portrayed the cult of Islam and its aggressive pioneers as beloved to worship, which resulted in an epidemic tradition of submissiveness for the following generations.

 The defeated nations, even after the conversion, have been long subject to discrimination and exploitation, what one might call an “Islamic colonialism.” In the course of the history, local collaborators working hand in hand with these occupiers facilitated this trend.

The conversion was forcibly identified with a racial and ethnic hegemony of the occupiers. Even after their physical departure, they left their cult by building caste of clergy. Under the first Muslim occupiers from Arabian Peninsula, the followers of the Prophet Muhammad, until today, the defeated nations, despite being converted to Islam, found themselves the second-class citizens in their own countries – see the highly privileged caste of “black turbaned Seyeds” who are the alleged descendants of the Prophet Muhammad and today rules over Iran.

What does the word conversion mean?

From the Latin “convertere”, meaning “to turn about,” conversion is a process of dramatic change. Religious conversion can mean a transfer of allegiance or membership from one religious tradition to another. When a conversion is formal or official, it can involve a repudiation of one’s former beliefs, but it often means an affirmation of membership in the convert’s new group. Many converts change from having no particular religious affiliation to active engagement in a community of faith. Recognition of a convert’s group acceptance into a new community varies widely. Some traditions require elaborate and peaceful preparation, including indoctrination in the new belief system, culminating in special ceremonies of initiation. Islam required minimal cultural preparation, but sword of Islam ( Saif al-Islam) to expand through holy war (Jihad). New members’ acceptance of Islam was not with a simple welcoming announcement to the gathered congratulation, but to the status of conquered people who paid “Jizieh”, tax from non-Muslims, despite accepting Islam -- Iran after being Islamized had to pay “Jizieh” six more centuries to the Rashidun, Umayyad, and Abbasid caliphs.

The Islamic invaders violently eradicated the old religions and cultures by mandating Islam. The Islamic norms, which in addition to opposing all pre-Islamic norms became new national identity, excluded the Islamized societies from any process of progress, gender and ethic equality, democracy and human ethics.

Traditions of conversion

Attitudes toward proselytizing (making convert) vary tremendously from one religion to another. Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism are the three grand missionary traditions. But within each of these, there are considerable differences in emphasis on missionary activity. Christianity did not start with the dark period of Inquisition. It had been practiced since the first century, but grew to dominate by fifth century. Christianity grew through enormous missionary operations, not the way Islam was violently imposed.”

Muslims consider “inviting” (Da’wah) others to Islam a peaceful duty. Jihad is the main and more practical duty through which Muslim invaders have engaged in widespread organized and institutionally expansion of Islam. Their Sword of Islam, “Saif-al-Islam” says the last word. For the missionary activity, they built a clerical caste in the occupied territories in charge of religious propaganda; an obvious example is the privileged caste of Seyeds / Sheiks (with black / white turbans) that today reign over Iran.

The idea of “Jihad-Fi Sabil Allah” (war for the sake of Allah) is always the duty of any Islamic regime. “Saif- al-Haqq” (Sword of Truth) characterizes today by massive violation of human rights by the Islamic regimes toward their own people and increasing acts of terror on “infidels” inspired from many verses of the Koran and traditions of Islam.

Islam, religion or cult of violence?

Islam is exaggeratedly idealized and hence recognized by the international community as a divine religion because of these 1.5 billion supposedly Muslims. Today, little efforts are made to show how many of them are voluntarily Muslims and if they are aware of the extreme violence committed during the invasion both against civilians and the local Resistance and opposition.

Did all Muslims receive Islam with open arms?

The truth about why our ancestors converted to Islam has been historically twisted by long time telling us that our local sates were based on a social system dominated by castes, corruption, despotism; whereas Islam was doctrinaire, monotheistic, evangelical, egalitarian and thus welcomed by our ancestors with open arms! This 14-century propaganda has been portraying the Muslim invaders as the saviors. To empower Islam and their empires, the Muslim invaders found support in tens of verses of the Koran and hundreds of “Sahih”(reliable) Hadiths to call jihad against our peoples. So they obtained booty of war, which includes slaves and Jizieh. Jihad against the neighbor has always justified the Prophet Muhammad and his followers their invasion.

In short, the Jihadi “liberators!” from the Arabian Peninsula have violently imposed Islam upon our ancestors through the most barbaric means. The Muslim herd destroyed our pre-Islamic culture and looted everything as spoils of war included boys and women as slaves. The defeated peoples from Iran were dragged from their families and sold on the slave markets of Arabia. Muslim invaders irrefutably humiliated human dignity of the defeated nations and banned local people to discuss about all these dramatic facts.

Not only in Iran, but also in Syria, Egypt, North Africa the Islamic invaders violently erased cities and settlements, beheaded and dismembered defeated peoples, and enslaved women and boys. Muslim herd, carrying both Islamic sword and the Koran, left the defeated nations in dust and ashes. They eradicated the old religions and cultures by mandating Islam. The Islamic norms of clan society of Arabia, which opposed all pre-Islamic norms of the defeated nations, forged new national identity. The clan religion of Arabian desert excluded the Islamized societies, until our days, from any adaptive drive for progress, gender and ethic equality, democracy and human rights ethics.

On the 1.5 billion Muslims

Today, these 1.5 billion Muslims around the world, consciously or not, follow the heritage of these Muslim invaders of the 7-8th century upon their homelands. The conversion to Islam was imposed with the most barbaric atrocities upon their ancestors during the invasion. Because of extreme fear of the local collaborators of invaders like the caste of clergy, then the other beneficiaries Sheiks like Emirs, kings and etc., debates over the ethics, and especially the consequences of Islam for the Islamized nations have been severely banned as heresy.