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Muslims and Islamophobia ( 20 May 2015, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Pamela Geller and the Anti Intellectual Revolution 


By Inas Younis, New Age Islam

21 May, 2015

A few Weeks ago two gunmen attacked a contest and exhibit depicting satirized cartoons of the prophet Muhammed (pbuh). One officer was wounded before the two gunmen were shot. The contest, hosted by the Islamophobic Pamela Geller and sponsored by the hate group, ironically titled, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, was one of series of public displays designed to solicit a violent reaction.

There was a time when people with malicious intentions would go to the trouble of disguising themselves by being ten thousand degrees removed from their criminal activities. Now they just incorporate themselves as a non-profit for freedom; in this case, the freedom to provoke murder.

If you want to know who is financing Ms. Geller and other Islamophobes, it stands to reason that the one who is most likely to benefit from their activities is the guilty party. But clearly the ones benefitting the most from Pamela Geller’s anti Muslim vitriol, provocations, and attack campaigns are Muslim extremists. The more public displays of hatred against Muslims she orchestrates the more ammunition she gives ISIS types to justify their actions and reinforce their racist narratives. And the more violence they perpetuate, the more intellectual ammunition Pamela and her ilk have to reinforce their “mission” to incite them to act.

I am not saying that Pamela is a direct beneficiary of these violent reactions. But then again, nothing is a direct transaction these days. And no one cares to untangle the symbiotic relationships of various hate groups, because most of us are just too hungry for blanket blaming and organized hatred. Disorganized hatred just makes you look crazy. But organize yourself and get a name and logo and all of a sudden it’s not hatred or insanity anymore. It’s a cause!

But evil is evil and a difference in degrees but not in kind is not a difference but a delusion. And Pamela Geller is definitely as deluded as the savages she wants to have the world bring to slaughter.

Pamela wants us to believe that a murderer kills by using a weapon in his own hands. But a civilized man does so by using someone else’s hand. And just in case you did not know what a civilized man is, you need only to look at one of Pamela Geller’s latest bus ad campaigns to inform you. 

“In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel, defeat Jihad”

 Another one of her bus ads read:

“Yesterday’s moderate is today’s headline”

All these ads are being paid for by the American  Defense Initiative.  What purpose do these ads serve if not to provide propaganda free of charge to anyone professing that America thinks they are a savage? After all, There it is in black and White; the word American equating  the un-American with savagery. How can Americans allow for their sacred values to be used to desecrate their ideals?  Probably in the same way that Muslims allow their religion to be desecrated by radicals.  There it is in black and white, the word Islamic state pointing at every Muslim and declaring them un Islamic. Where are the moderate Americans? Why are they not being more outspoken against radical Americans like Pamela Geller for using American ideals to trash American idealism?  If the word moderate American sound funny to you.  Trust me, so does the word moderate Muslim. 

Pamella knows how uncomfortable I feel calling myself a moderate, so she attempts to reassure me by stating that she believes I can be a moderate Muslim only if I accept that there is no such thing as a moderate Islam.  In other words, it means the only way she will accept that I am a moderate Muslim is if I am not practicing the religion of Islam.  Pamela wants me to think that she does not hate me, she just hates  my Islamic ideology.

So what does Pamela Geller really want?

Pamela Geller wants you to think that she is an intellectual, and she is willing to risk your life to prove it.

Pamela wants you to think that Muslims are taking over the world just like the crazy consumers of conspiracy theories in the foothills of la la land think Pamela is taking over the world.  The paranoid are fueling the paranoid and they will continue to do so until it starts to drive the sane insane.

Pamela Geller wants you to believe that Islam hates freedom of speech, capitalism and private property rights.  And I want you to know that it is Pamela Geller who is destroying all the above by disguisingher political ambitions with noble ideals, in the same way that extremists are disguising their political grievances with a noble religion. Muslims in America are trying to ignore her.  But she cant stand for that, so she continues to poke and provoke by inciting the demented to act out in the name of Islam so she can name American Muslims as accomplices by association. 

So who is Pamela Geller really?

Pamela is not an intellectual or even a political activist as she claims.  Pamela is a second hander. If you do not know what a second hander is, you can find out by reading Pamela’s holy book and most famous American novel and capitalist manifestos, Atlas Shrugged, written by the prophet of profit making Ayn Rand. But if you are not in the mood to read through one thousand pages of a book espousing the virtues of Selfishness, then allow me to paraphrase

A second hander does “not create, but shows… They have no merit only pull.  A second hander suspends the faculty of independent judgment.  A second hander has no sense of reality, but an opinion without a rational process; motion without brakes. And power without responsibility.”

I am only cherry picking and paraphrasing Ms. Rand’s words of course, but intellectual honesty is not the name of this game, is it Ms. Geller? Actually unlike Pamela Geller I do not need draw upon Ms. Rand’s philosophy of objectivism in order to make an objective assessment of Geller’s motives.

Pamela Geller is a woman in dire need of a purpose in life. And its sad but true that the purpose she is serving is not even self serving.  If you want to engage in debates about Islamic ideology, bring it on. But resorting to bus ads with the worst kind of sound bites designed to provoke hostility and insult everyone’s sensibilities except for hate mongers in need of a prophetess, is too transparent an attempt to make yourself relevant.  And these days you are not relevant unless you have made a few violent enemies. Pamela wants to be ‘death threat’ worthy.  But she is no Martin Luther and even I have too much regard for Ms. Rand’s politics to give her any credit for them. After all, isn’t launching a legal battle to get those giant bumper stickers on the sides of public busses the use and misuse of government power to promote private speech.  Just this action alone is a violation of her very own creed.

Most of us have read and studied her borrowed ideology and its clear to me that what makes her a second hander is that she replaced objectivism’s aversion to collectivism, communism and altruism and plugged in words like Sharia and Islam. At least Rand was fighting an actual intellectual battle against collectivist ideologies.  You Ms. Geller are just annoying. 

You are attempting to use the capitalist manifesto to fight the communist collectivist one, but since communism is passé you  are picking on Islam and Muslims.  Never mind that Muslims have been the most victimized by collectivist ideologies than anyone else in recent history.  Never mind that the savages in your bus ads were initially used to refer to the American Indians, now virtually wiped out of existence,  and in the words of Ms. Rand, good riddance. Right?

When Pamela holds a draw the prophet Muhammad contest, she is not trying to fight for free speech.  She is trying to showcase her courage by using public law enforcement as human shields.  She is trying to showcase her courage at being politically incorrect. You see, the age of political correctness is nearing its final stages and has led this nation to moral bankruptcy. And so now we applaud anyone with the audacity to be politically incorrect.  America is basically shifting gears from the political correctness sparked by remnants of socialist ideology to the political incorrectness sparked by fascist ones.  But socialism did not completely stick and neither will fascism, because America the beautiful eventually and inevitably always manages to spit ugly out.  And God bless America.