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Muslims and Islamophobia ( 9 Aug 2011, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Far-right Extremism in Europe after Norway Massacre

By Dr. Shabbir Thingna, al-Bisha

What is evident in the aftermath of the Norway attacks that there is a definite attempt to polarize the world into Muslims and Christians and to be followed by many other groups, sub groups and divisions based on religion, nations, creed etc: This process of polarization is mainly led by the developed and rich countries and also followed by other countries.

Why is the world being polarized is anybody’s guess but I feel that a polarized world is more easy to manipulate and influence as compared to a multicultural one with diverse opinions and views. Democracy with its Utopian ideas and values was the brainchild of the West but why does the West want to fall back upon the Dark Age once again perplexes many of us. Probably the powers who want to control the destiny of this world want to bring about this polarization so that they can convince their population and justify their invasion of the Arabs and their land. They can further claim that this is done to free them from evil and it’s an operation directed by God himself. Muslims and other minorities on the other hand can see this situation and utilize it to their advantage by not ranting against the West and its values and actions but to frustrate their plans by changing their exterior appearance and being diplomatic so as to delay their process of demonization. One has to be smart and innovative in order to survive because if the Muslims do not then they will perish not because they are evil as the West makes them out to be but because they failed to see the reality and save their skin in time.

Source: The Arab News