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We'd Rather Die Than Be With Pakistan- Baloch Leader Mehran Marri


By Mehran Marri


The destruction of Ziyarat residency, the last resting place for Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah by the Balochistan Liberation Army or BLA on June, 15th is a clear reflection of the fact that anti Pakistan sentiments are growing among the Baloch. The BLA even manage to remove the national flag at the Ziyarat Residency and replace it with their own ensign. Years of neglect and isolation from the mainstream have created a strong sense of discrimination among the Baloch people. They seek freedom and fighting against poverty, illiteracy and to preserve their own identity. Baloch nationalist leader Nawabzada Mehran Marri blames Pakistan for illegally occupying Balochistan since 1948.

“The Baloch nationals fed up of this occupation, the average house hold does not want to be part of Pakistan. The people have come to the conclusion; we would rather die than be with Pakistan. Because being with them is daily death. Families, nations, and tribes everybody is suffering over there.”

Al Qaeda affiliated and ISI backed outlawed lashkar e Jhangvi outfit is on a killing spree in Balochistan. Headed by Maulana Abdul Khalil, a fugitive leader from central Punjab, the outfit mislead the Baloch youths to wage a war against Shias, especially Hazaras. Its aim is to weaken the Baloch National Movement by promoting sectarian violence in the region.

“We have seen this new trend of Talibanisation of Balochistan and this is what we have been complaining about for the past decade in the United Nations that we fear the Talibanisation of Balochistan in last year and half, we have seen an increase in this. All this proxy death squad of ISI, a lot of them, Lashka e Jhangvi they have Baloch people in it and this is exactly what we want that International Community ten years ago and today they are surfacing.”

“Pakistan’s incubators have produced these frank steins and the fear is if we don’t nip it in the bud, which we didn’t, now they are growing. Before they spread everywhere this has to be controlled. This has to be stopped.”    

The Baloch nationalist are unhappy with growing Chinese interference in Balochistan especially the takeover of Gwadar Port.

“Chinese and Punjabis or Pakistan are the partners in the crimes against the Baloch nationals, and the Gwadar port project is not the commercial project as they say that this is going to bring prosperity to the region and especially to the Baloch people and to Pakistan, absolutely not. It is a naval base, created for the Chinese to have the listening post in the Strait of Hormuz. This is a danger to America and this is a danger to international powers to regional powers and first and foremost this is a danger to us. Because the conspiracy of the Muhajirs, Punjabis and the Chinese is all against the Balochs.”

Strategically located Balochistan is rich in minerals and gas. However the region is exploited by Pakistan and now China, while the Baloch people lead a life of misery and poverty. Now they are fighting for control over the resources and their destiny.

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