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What Does It Mean to Be Muslim in India? Ghazala Wahab in Conversation with Karan Thapar

By Ghazala Wahab

Ghazala Wahab is a well known writer. She started her career in journalism with the Asian Age Newspaper in 1994. In August 2003, she started working in a National Security and Aerospace Newsmagazine called ‘Force’ along with Pravin Sawhney. From 2003-1998, Ghazala worked as a principal correspondent in the Delhi bureau (features) of The Telegraph newspaper. She has written on several issues like homeland security, terrorism, communalism, international refugees; internally displace people and insurgency, Jammu and Kashmir, Left-Wing Extremism and religious extremism. She also contributed a chapter on the changing profile of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir for the book Operation Parakram, authored by Pravin Sawhney and Lt Gen. V.K. Sood.

In the following 39-minute interview to Karan Thapar for The Wire, Ghazala Wahab says Indian Muslims are caught “in a pincer grip” comprising two prongs. The external is “the socio-political discrimination they face at the hands of both law-making and law-enforcing authorities”. It often amounts to physical and mental violence. It denies them equal opportunity, even justice. “This forces Muslims to seek security in their own numbers, and they withdraw into ghettoes on the periphery of the mainstream, thereby limiting their choices in terms of accommodation, education and profession.”



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