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Gaza in 2018 Is What Selma Was In 1965 By David A Love: New Age Islam's Selection, 04 May 2018





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04 May 2018

Gaza in 2018 Is What Selma Was In 1965

By David A Love

Stop the Abuse of Women at Work

By Mona Yousef Hamdan

The Iranian Nuclear Bomb

By Mashari Althaydi

How India's Institutions Are Failing Muslims

By Apoorvanand

Monsoon-Threatened Rohingya Face Potential Catastrophe

By Maha Akeel

Trump Enemies Taking Him to a Second Term

By Mamdouh Almuhaini

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Gaza in 2018 Is What Selma Was In 1965

By David A Love

3 May 2018

The recent killings of peaceful Palestinian protesters, children and journalists by Israeli military snipers marks a turning point in the movement against Israel's decades-long occupation of Palestine.

Weekly nonviolent protests by thousands in Gaza over the past month, known as the Great March of Return, have resulted in dozens dead and hundreds injured by the live fire, rubber bullets and tear gas of Israel's military. As a result, the ground is shifting in the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian land, reflecting the urgency of the human rights violations taking place there, and the ongoing efforts of the Palestinian-led movement for justice, freedom and self-determination.

In the United States, during this season of bourgeoning movements for women's rights, gun control and black lives, people are starting to understand the commonality of injustice, inequality and state-sponsored violence around the world. With a younger generation committed to racial justice, social equity and human rights, attitudes towards Israel's occupation of Palestine are shifting, even as many mainstream Jewish organisations remain silent.

Recently, Israeli-American actress Natalie Portman faced accusations of antisemitism from Israeli officials and calls for revoking her citizenship for rejecting an invitation to travel to Israel to receive an award from the Genesis Prize Foundation, dubbed the "Jewish Nobel".

Portman said she declined to attend the ceremony in Israel due to distress over "recent events" (referring to the killings of Palestinian protesters) and because she "did not want to appear as endorsing [Israeli Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu."

Jewish-American comedian Sarah Silverman spoke out in support for Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian girl who was imprisoned for slapping an Israeli soldier and has since been called the "Palestinian Rosa Parks". As both Portman and Silverman are known for their support for Israel, their unexpected reactions to and protests of Israel's actions showed that there is a shift in Jewish-American attitudes towards the occupation.

Meanwhile, Durham, North Carolina became the first US city to ban police training in Israel, while students at New York's prestigious Barnard College's students voted to divest from Israel. Several US lawmakers such as Senators Dianne Feinstein, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have voiced their opposition to the shootings of Palestinians attending the Great March of Return, as Jewish millennial activists from IfNotNow have faced arrest for shutting down congressional offices as they tired to make elected officials take a stand.

There are signs of change in Israel as well. An Army Radio broadcaster said he is "ashamed to be Israeli" in light of the military's killing of Gaza protesters. Some Israeli soldiers stationed in Gaza during the attacks on protesters have reportedly reached out to Breaking the Silence, the dissident Israeli group that publishes soldiers' testimonies that are highly critical of the occupation.

B'Tselem, the Israeli human rights NGO, has urged Israeli soldiers to refuse to fire at unarmed Palestinian protesters. Meanwhile, a new Jewish-Arab movement called Standing Together started working towards transforming Israeli politics and invigorating a fractured left.

Every movement for justice and equality has its turning point, in which the violence perpetrated against it provides clarity to the greater society, if not the world community, regarding the moral bankruptcy of the oppressor's cause.

During the US civil rights movement, such flashpoints included Bloody Sunday - the brutal attack by police on civil rights protesters on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama in 1965 - and the bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, which claimed the lives of four black girls in 1963.

In apartheid South Africa, the turning point was the 1960 Sharpeville massacre, in which Afrikaner police opened fire on thousands of black protesters, killing 69 and wounding 180. Another turning point came 16 years later, when South African police killed as many as 700 black students in Soweto who were protesting compulsory Afrikaans instruction.

The Palestinian movement for justice and equality reached a similar turning point when Israeli soldiers chose to fire upon thousands of unarmed, non-violent protesters. Israel can no longer justify a system protecting rights for Jews only, any more than apartheid South Africa or Jim Crow America were able to maintain a country for whites only, as pressure, protests and boycotts ultimately forced change.

Palestinian Arabs are now the majority population in the land that encompasses Israel and Palestine, and yet they are second and third-class citizens at best, and at worst, landless refugees made captive in their own home.

Israel is an apartheid state whose government apparently has no intention of providing full and equal rights to Palestinians in a democratic one-state solution, or allowing Palestinian independence through a two-state solution. Israel is continuously expanding its illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, Gaza is an open-air detainment camp in which the prisoners cannot escape, and US President Donald Trump has placated his white Christian nationalist base and made way for the "rapture" by taking Jerusalem off the table.

Decades of a dehumanising occupation have also conditioned the hard-right leadership in the nation of refugees that is Israel, to brand African refugees as "infiltrators" and "monkeys" who are a threat to the country's Jewish character and existence.

Justifying his Trumpesque border fence with Egypt, Netanyahu has called African migrants a greater threat than "Sinai terrorists". All this despite the fact that Ethiopian Jews, just like Palestinians, are facing discrimination and violence in Israel on a daily basis.

Article II of the United Nations' Genocide Convention defines genocide as any of the following, with the intent to destroy a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, in whole or in part: "(a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group." Israel, a nation created in the wake of the Holocaust, should take this definition to heart as it assesses how it treats Palestinians.

No longer can the Israeli government pretend Palestinians are not human, or invisible, or will simply go away. Israel cannot justify the misery it visits upon Palestinians through the military occupation, the killing and imprisonment, the restrictions on movement, the demolition of homes and the construction of illegal settlements on Palestinian land any longer. Reactions to Israeli military's latest killing and maimings of nonviolent Palestinian protesters are proof that the Palestinian movement for justice has passed a turning point and change is coming. 

David A Love is a Philadelphia-based freelance journalist and commentator.

Source: aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/gaza-2018-selma-1965-180502113950640.html


Stop the Abuse of Women at Work

By Mona Yousef Hamdan

3 May 2018

TIMES have changed and because women’s voices are now heard, the time has come for the voices of all women who are abused at work to come to the fore along with the voices of those women who suffer in their homes.

This article is dedicated to what is happening in workplaces, starting with education, and then moving on to other fields such as health, banking, etc.

Male domination is still strong and whoever controls the appointment of women in leadership positions will choose women who have no voice, opinion or leadership charisma.

These men question and undermine those women who show leadership and describe them negatively, abuse them and control them. They use a range of tactics to exclude them and use words that are carefully chosen to defame and minimize the role of woman. This is all due to a sickness in the heart and is a betrayal of our country.

Is this not male coercion? There is no proof of this abuse and violence and it is even worse when human rights groups are formed to consecrate male guardianship and the domination and underestimation of women who have proved to everyone that they are competent and capable. There are many stories about abuse and there is no longer any need to remain silent. I want my words to reach the decision makers and those who care about women in my country to stop men from oppressing women who devote themselves to serving their religion and country.

Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman confirms in every meeting his support for women; the Saudi woman wants the doors to leadership positions in education to be opened for them, and not be dominated by men. Women are given roles under the supervision of men who mistreat them, or ignore their existence and stop them from working. These women have no voice and support in unfair work environments. This also applies to the majority of mixed work environments, although the private sector and companies fair better.

Leadership in education is unfortunately still male dominated and deprives women of many of their rights and ignores many of their achievements. Men always lead the way and women work behind the scenes. Some men do not consider women to be partners or decision makers regardless of what they might have accomplished and achieved.

All of the actions and statements of such men reflect the content of their souls and minds, which is focused on underestimating women. After more than 20 years in education, I write with bitterness in my heart. I speak on behalf of a group of women who do not have a platform to speak from.

My soul is still attached to education and my hope is for a better tomorrow; the light of justice looms. I see with my heart that is full of faith that God does not cause the efforts of those who work hard to go in vain. Let us all observe a new dawn in which everyone receives their rights and opportunities to serve their religion and country, away from the domination of abusers who have betrayed the nation’s trust and worked for their personal interests and desires.

Source; saudigazette.com.sa/article/534151/Opinion/Local-Viewpoint/Stop-the-abuse-of-women-at-work


The Iranian Nuclear Bomb

By Mashari Althaydi

3 May 2018

Israel dropped a political bombshell when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exposed the Iranian regime’s deceit to the world. The European group and the administration of the fading Barack Obama were the first to be deceived by Iran’s “secret” nuclear military program.

In his presentation, the Israeli prime minister displayed many evidence of Iran’s nuclear military and not civil, activity. He accused Iran of implementing a secret nuclear weapons program known as Project Amad, and said that Tehran continued to pursue nuclear weapons knowledge after the project was ended in 2003.

He added that the project aims to produce five nuclear warheads and he noted that there were “thousands” of documents about this dangerous project.

Of course, Iran was quick to deny his statements and mock them via its spokesperson Bahram Ghasemi and its Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. What else do you expect from them?

What’s dangerous, however, is that the mere existence of this probably, even if by 5 percent, requires extreme caution and readiness as we are before a takfirist, brutal and mad junta that’s deeply immersed in the myths of past centuries and wants to murder anyone who opposes its Takfirist project.

What’s strange is the insistence of those who contributed to the corrupt deal with Iran, mainly France and Federica Mogherini, the Italian leftist EU foreign policy chief, to keep this deal in place despite everything.

Mogherini has commented on the shocking Israeli revelations by saying that the documents which the Israeli prime minister presented do “not put into question” Tehran's compliance with the nuclear deal.

Some Activities

The International Atomic Energy Agency which is tasked with monitoring Iran’s nuclear programs did not directly comment on Netanyahu’s accusations but it cited a report it issued in 2015 and that identified some activities in 2003 “relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device.”

The gravity of what Israel exposed is the timing as US President Donald Trump is scheduled to announce his final stance on the nuclear deal with Iran and he’s always said that he rejects it because it is “based on lies.” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also commented on the new documents.

Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons means it is necessary for Saudi Arabia, which Iran sees as the main enemy, to possess similar weapons, at least for deterrence.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman frankly said that during his interview on “60 Minutes” on CBS, although the kingdom is not one of the countries that love to possess these weapons; however, there is no other option.

Iran’s “ordinary” missiles hit Saudi cities so is it clever to wait until these madmen really possess a nuclear bomb? The main question is: Does the West want a nuclear arms race to rage in the Middle East via intercontinental missiles that reach Europe itself?

Those who sleep on anaesthetic cushions wake up with bruises.

Source: english.alarabiya.net/en/views/news/middle-east/2018/05/03/The-Iranian-nuclear-bomb.html


How India's Institutions Are Failing Muslims

By Apoorvanand 

3 May 2018

Muslims of India have been feeling more vulnerable and insecure in the first four months of 2018 than ever before. Recent cases of failed justice for crimes committed against them have disheartened the Muslim community.

Even to outside observers, it is increasingly clear that Muslims are being ostracised and singled out and that state institutions are failing them in India.

Struggling for justice in Kathua

In January, an eight-year-old girl was abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered in the Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir. The girl was from the Bakarwal Muslim nomadic community. The eight men accused of participating in her abduction, assault and murder, on the other hand, are Hindus. The primary accused is a retired revenue official, while one of the others is a police officer.

When the girl's body was discovered near a temple in the forest, almost a week after her disappearance, Bakarwals demanded a special inquiry. The court-monitored investigation revealed that her abduction, rape and murder were purposeful and preplanned. It indicated that the attack on the girl aimed to scare the Bakarwal community away from Kathua.

Last month, when the special team investigating the murder, headed by a Pandit Hindu and a Muslim, went to file its charge sheet, it faced stiff resistance from some members of the Jammu and Kashmir Bar Association.

They rallied against the investigative team and accused them of serving an "anti-Hindu agenda". They claimed that they, too, wanted justice for the brutalised girl, but said the investigative team was biased against Hindus. They said they wanted the probe to be conducted by the Central Bureau of India (CBI) instead.

The lawyers also had other, clearly anti-Muslim, demands. They demanded a change in the land use policy in the state which allows the nomads to retain the plots they had in their possession. In protests, supported by other Hindu groups and political parties active in the area, they also asked for Rohingya refugees to be removed from the area. Both these demands had nothing to do with the "fairness" of the investigation into the girl's murder. And together, they made the protesters' anti-Muslim agenda crystal clear.

Today, many people from the Hindu community, against all evidence, seems to be convinced that this crime could not have been committed by Hindus. Instead, they allege that the child must have been killed by the Rohingya or the Bakarwals themselves. They claim the entire case is a Muslim-Kashmiri conspiracy aiming to undermine the Hindus.

What started as a demand for a probe by a higher impartial agency has now taken a definitive anti-Muslim turn, with the local Hindu population outright denying the possibility of Hindus being involved in the crime. But these anti-Muslim sentiments are not only being promoted by Kathua lawyers or members of the public. India's top institutions, and even the ruling party, seem to be following a similar agenda.

After lawyers tried to stop the investigative team from filing the charge sheet against the men accused of the murder, the photos and videos of the agitation were shared widely in the media. Following a strong public reaction to the incident, the Supreme Court instructed the Bar Council of India (BCI) to send a fact-finding team to Kathua.

In their report to the top court, the BCI said the Kathua lawyers didn't prevent the special investigative team from filing the charge sheet and blamed the media for "misreporting". In fact, the team went beyond its mandate and even said the "demand" for a CBI probe into the crime "seems to be justified".

Many members of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have also openly put their support behind the accused and criticised the investigation. Two BJP ministers in the state of Jammu and Kashmir addressed a rally in support of the accused, which caused a public outcry across India and both ministers were forced to resign from their roles.

But after that all the BJP ministers resigned from the ministry. When new members from the party joined the government, it was pointed out that at least one of them was present in the rally opposing the probe. The new deputy chief minister insensitively said that the Kathua rape and murder was a minor incident and was being unnecessarily hyped.

Seeking Justice from Gujarat to Delhi

But beyond the Kathua case, there have been many others that give the impression that India's Muslims can no longer trust state institutions, including the judiciary.

In March, many Indian states were hit by violence during the Hindu festival of Ramanavami. Attacks on Muslim localities in different parts of Bihar and West Bengal states have been reported. In many places, Muslim houses and business establishments have been attacked, burned and looted. Similar attacks have been going on for the last four years, but the level and intensity of violence has increased manifold in 2018. The administration and the law-and-order authorities, in most cases, failed to take action and allowed this to happen.

In April, an Indian court overturned the conviction of senior BJP party member Maya Kodnani who was sentenced to 28 years in jail for her part in the murder of 97 people in 2002 in the state of Gujarat. Her co-accused Bau Bajrangi also got relief in his sentence. It was clear that the prosecution was not interested in making a good case against the accused. Kodnani's acquittal has dismayed and angered the Muslim victims of the Gujarat riots, who had fought a long battle to secure justice.

Also in April, the accused in the 2007 Mecca Masjid blast case in which nine people were killed, were let off. All the accused belonged to organisations practising Hindutva ideology.

This was a major case in which the investigative agencies had proved the role such organisations had played in the killing of Muslims. Lawyer Rohini Salian, who was the main prosecutor in this case, had openly accused the National Investigation Agency (NIA) of pressurising her to "go soft" on the accused. In a recent interview, she repeated her charge.

Before this, the Uttar Pradesh government initiated the process of withdrawing 131 cases - all naming Hindus as the accused - including 13 murder and 11 attempted murder cases - relating to the 2013 mass violence against Muslims in the cities Muzaffarnagar and Shamli.

In late April, six Hindu men were arrested in Gurugram, in the state of Delhi, after photos and videos of them disrupting a Muslim Friday mass prayer went viral on social media. But they were swiftly let out on bail.

Even more worryingly, around 500 people claiming allegiance to various Hindutva outfits close to the ruling BJP came out in the streets of Gurugram on April 30 in support of the six men. The protesters demanded the scrapping of the charges against the accused, as well as a ban on prayer meetings in open spaces and government land without approval from authorities.

India's Muslims have a feeling that a physical and psychological war is being waged against them. The state apparatus, as is evident from the examples given above, is turning a blind eye - if not giving direct support - to the injustices being committed against them. With the general elections around the corner, many fear that anti-Muslim violence in India is only going to increase and intensify in the coming months. This, unfortunately, is being seen by the BJP as a legitimate method of mobilising Hindu votes in the electoral battle.

Source: aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/india-institutions-failing-muslims-180502100321517.html


Monsoon-Threatened Rohingya Face Potential Catastrophe

By Maha Akeel

May 03, 2018

With the monsoon season upon them, there are serious concerns about the safety of the Rohingya refugees stranded on the muddy hills of the border area between Bangladesh and Myanmar.

The United Nations refugee agency and its partners have been ramping up efforts to help Bangladesh’s bid to mitigate some of the expected impacts of the rainy season of May and June, during which, according to an initial risk analysis, at least 100,000 Rohingya refugees could be in grave danger from landslides and floods.

Those on the ground fear the rains will cause loss of life, destroy the bamboo and plastic shacks, block access roads, and potentially turn the area into a breeding ground for contagious disease. The government of Bangladesh has acknowledged and committed to addressing these concerns, while the UN and its humanitarian partners have set up an emergency preparedness group to coordinate these efforts.

A ministerial delegation from the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation are visiting the refugee camps on Friday to assess the situation on the ground and determine ways to provide more assistance to Bangladesh and help the Rohingya end their ordeal.

Several Muslim countries and NGOs have been working on the ground and delivering humanitarian aid but, with over a million refugees and hundreds more arriving every day, the situation could explode into a deadly catastrophe, especially when considering the possibility of cyclones, which are common in this region at this time of year.

An OIC delegation visited the camps in January following the exodus of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar into Bangladesh after Aug. 25, 2017, when the military and Buddhist mobs torched their homes, wiped out their villages and persecuted them in the northern Rakhine state of Myanmar. The UN described the military offensive in Rakhine, which provoked the exodus, as a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing.”

The OIC delegation heard first-hand accounts from the Rohingya of acts of torture, rape and murder perpetrated against them. The bullet scars on their frail bodies, the burns and injuries were clear evidence of persecution. No one was spared — men, women, old or young, children and even infants.

The government of Myanmar, a predominantly Buddhist country, denies the Rohingya citizenship and even excluded them from its 2014 census, refusing to recognize them as a people. It sees them as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

Before August 2017, there were already more than 300,000 Rohingya refugees living in camps, makeshift settlements and with host communities, who had previously fled following similar waves of violence against them. With the arrival of this latest influx, it means that more Rohingya now live in Bangladesh than in their homeland. As of last month, there were more than 1.1 million forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals in Bangladesh. The UN says the Rohingya’s situation is the “world’s fastest-growing refugee crisis.”

The annual conference of the foreign ministers of the OIC member states is being hosted by Bangladesh this weekend. The Rohingya crisis will be front and center of their deliberations.

The Bangladeshi government would like to ensure a sustainable and voluntary return of the Rohingya to live in safety, security and dignity, but there has to be monitoring and guarantees. Following international pressure, Myanmar signed an agreement with Bangladesh last November for the repatriation of Rohingya refugees to Rakhine state. Transfers were due to begin in January but there have been repeated delays at Myanmar’s end.

Unless the government of Myanmar gives the Rohingya their denied citizenship rights, there will be little progress. The repatriation agreement still has many aspects that have not been worked out. It remains uncertain whether the Myanmar authorities are sincere in their claim that they will take back Rohingya refugees, and if they will do so in a safe and dignified manner. Although Bangladesh has indicated it would like to start with the return of 100,000 Rohingya, there are reports that Myanmar wishes to begin with 4,500 Hindus who are also refugees in Bangladesh. This does not inspire confidence in the Myanmar government’s intentions. In any case, the UN has expressed concern about the return of refugees given the situation in Rakhine.

After seeing for themselves the conditions facing Rohingya refugees in the camps of southern Bangladesh, as well as the homes they fled in Myanmar, members of the UN Security Council this week called for them to be allowed a safe return.

Speaking to the press at the end of a four-day visit to Myanmar and Bangladesh, Security Council members highlighted the need to establish conditions within Myanmar that would allow the “safe, voluntary and dignified return” of refugees, as well as accountability for the human rights violations that prompted the exodus. They also reiterated the need to ensure refugees’ security.

International oversight is essential because sending refugees back to where they have just escaped torture, and where it has been made clear to them they are not welcome, needs a lot of ground work and help for the community to heal. So far Myanmar has not been cooperative in agreeing to let international human rights and humanitarian organizations reach Rakhine State or even enter Myanmar to investigate conditions and provide assistance, so it remains doubtful if they will allow observers to monitor the repatriation process and ensure that the Rohingya Muslims are not be subjected to another round of violence and persecution.

Source: .arabnews.com/node/1296081


Trump Enemies Taking Him to a Second Term

By Mamdouh AlMuhaini

3 May 2018

Few weeks before publishing his book Fire and Fury, American Journalist Michael Wolff said the book will contain information that’s so terrible to the extent that Donald Trump will be humiliatingly expelled from the White House.

However, after the book was published, and critics went through it, it turned out that it was all delusional promise that did not even harm the American president’s cook.

Was Wolff a liar or an imposter? It is difficult to morally judge others especially when they seek to promote their work. On a commercial level, one can say that Wolff was smarter than everyone else as he spiced things up to market his book. He has sold more than two million copies of so far.

On the political level, however, the book strengthened Trump instead of weakening him because it proved to his supporters the arguments he always made, that his rivals from the political and media elite who despise him are hatching a conspiracy and seek to topple him to destroy the “America First” project.

This “corrupt elite” will not hesitate to use all sordid stories, like saying that Trump is a shameless man who does not hesitate to seduce his friends’ wives, as Wolff said in his book.

Wolff’s attempt failed politically but succeeded financially. There has been another similar experience by James Comey, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who Trump fired thus causing a major political storm in Washington. Comey published a new book about Trump and talked about the tense times he spent while in his administration.

Comey, who loves Hillary and hates Trump, unintentionally contributed to Trump’s victory as president when he made a great folly from which he aimed to support the Democratic candidate.

Few weeks before the elections were held, Comey decided to launch an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s deleted e-mails, widely angering the Democrats because they thought the move would plant doubt in the hearts of the voters and solidify Hillary’s image as someone who violates the law.

Trump had demanded imprisoning her over this case. In the book, however, Comey revealed that his intention was based on good democracy as he was convinced that Hillary will win the elections and he wanted to completely clean her record before she becomes president because a constitutional crisis may have unfolded otherwise.

Love For The Limelight

Many doubted his opinion as thought his love to be in the limelight made him incapable of resisting his desire to be at the centre stage and be the sole hero of the show. This is what happened as he made his full-height walk like James Bond and stood before the crowds to testify at the Congress.

Hillary is still bitter because of what he did but Comey finally decided to publish the book in which he aimed to punish Trump after he failed the first time. Yet again, this attempt failed to achieve its objective. Despite the attention the book received, it was almost impossible to harm Trump. It may actually have even done the opposite.

Comey spoke in a preaching tone and said that Trump is not morally fit to be president. However, morals have nothing to do with whether a person is a good or a bad president.

President Franklin Roosevelt had adventures with many women but that did not prevent him from being the greatest president in modern American history. The same applies to presidents Kennedy and Clinton as they would both not even get a C on the moral standard.

Obama is a romantic and loyal husband and a good father but it is difficult to categorize him among the historical leaders. Therefore, this is a wrong offensive strategy as moral preaching will not affect Trump’s supporters who know about his relation with Stormy Daniels even if he repeatedly denies it.

Trump had said that if his supporters see him shoot someone in the street, they will still vote for him. If his supporters forgive a crime, they will not care if he slept with a porn star.

Trump and other such politicians are aware that people overlook ethical defects and lapses if they promise an economic paradise during crises. Money is everything.

Trump realized this more easily than his rivals and he rudely responded to almost all the presidents he met from Mexico to Germany and told them they have to pay the US like it paid them in the past.

This rhetoric is directed at his electoral base as he aims to present an image about himself that is different than his predecessors.

Jeopardizing Credibility

Comey also failed to confirm important facts thus jeopardizing his credibility. During the elections, a media report claimed that Trump had ties with Russia and that he spent a night with Russian women in a hotel. It turned out that the entire report was fabricated and Comey appeared in a very bad light in an investigative report by Fox News.

Everyone is aware that Democrats were the ones behind the fabricated report except Comey who seemed shocked by this simple piece of information. When asked if he would continue to work under the Trump administration if he hadn’t been fire, he said yes, thus raising doubts that he aims to serve his personal interests more than anything else.

His critics said if he was a principled man he would say he would quit and stay away. Moreover, he leaked memoirs which he said he passed to his friend, a law professor at Columbia University. It later turned out that the professor received special treatment when Comey was heading the FBI thus making him look like the employee who had the right to enter the most sensitive place.

Comey failed at dealing a death blow to Trump. He politically failed again but he made financial gains as he sold more than 600,000 copies of his book in less than a week.

It is said that Trump is a lucky man who always lands on his feet. However, a huge part of this is due to his enraged and disgruntled foes who put daggers in his hand so he can stab them in the back with them.

With enemies like Wolff and Comey, improving economy, low rate of unemployment and Kim Jong-un without nuclear claws, another four years for Trump in the White House will be almost certain.

Source: english.alarabiya.net/en/views/news/middle-east/2018/05/03/Trump-s-enemies-secure-him-a-second-term.html


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