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'20 Percent of Europe will be Muslim by 2050, but not radical': Report

Lessons in ‘true’ Islam to stop youth turning to terrorism

Iranian Nobel Laureate Seeks to Vindicate Islam

Pakistan Blasphemy laws once again in the limelight

Afghan Plane Turned Back by MICHAEL WINES

High school students report on Islam

Don't blame all Muslims, but don't blame all men either by Paul Nathanson

Islam's Dr. Ruth and her campaign for good sex by Jessica Hume

UK’s Afghan mission may last 40 yrs

Susie Measure: Why is the sisterhood silent on Sudan?

Muslims to educate Christians on Islamic courts by LUCAS BARASA

AIMMM condemns demolition of 140 year old mosque

As Algeria grows more Islamic, nightlife suffers

Hassan Ali – between cigarette and alcohol

Religious tradition: Children in the Masjid by Um Walid

Elite squad guns down Bali bomb mastermind

Charges against Saudi sex braggart prepared, prosecutors say

America won’t wait long for Iran to return to N-talks

Israeli air strike on Gaza: Palestine

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'20% of EU will be Muslim by 2050, but not radical'

By JPOST.COM STAFF, Aug 9, 2009

Twenty percent of the European Union will be Muslim by 2050, according to forecasts cited in a Telegraph report Sunday.

The current figure, according to the article, sits at five percent, and will be pushed up due to immigration, and low birth rates among native Europeans.

The article noted that the UK, Spain and Holland would hit the 20% mark faster.

According to the London-based newspaper, experts have criticized lawmakers' failure to address this "demographic time-bomb." They called for a discussion on how these demographic changes would affect "areas of life from education and housing to foreign policy and pensions."

The article cited polls, however, which showed that the Muslim community in EU countries was not radicalizing.


Iranian Nobel Laureate Seeks to Vindicate Islam

AUGUST 10, 2009

“Before I start this interview, I need to check what happened in the 14 hours I was in flight.”

Lawyer and human rights activist Shirin Ebadi, 62, the first Iranian and Muslim woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003, arrived in Seoul Saturday to accept the Manhae Peace Prize at the invitation of the Asia Journalist Association.

As soon as she arrived at her hotel, Ebadi sought a computer. She looked serious and nervous as she checked the political situation in Iran.

“Many people are taking to the streets to protest the results of the Iranian presidential election. Nearly a million people staged demonstrations on the first day. After the government began attacking people, many died or suffered injuries and journalists, lawyers and professors were arrested,” she said.

More than 2,000 people have been arrested in demonstrations in Iran since the June 12 election. Among them, 250 remain in custody and more than 30 have reportedly died due to the violent crackdown on demonstrators.

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Pakistan Blasphemy laws once again in the limelight

August 10, 2009

HRCP co-chairman says blasphemy laws have been badly misused and should be abolished

Religious affairs minister says major amendments in blasphemy laws will benefit Taliban

KARACHI: The controversial blasphemy laws should be abolished immediately after the killing of seven Christians to prevent copycat riots from opening a new front of religious unrest, activists say.

Blasphemy carries the death penalty and although no one has been sent to the gallows for the crime, the legislation is too arbitrary analysts say, and is often exploited for personal enmity and encourages extremism.

When an angry mob of Muslims torched 40 houses and a church in the town of Gojra, two children, their parents and 75-year-old grandfather were burnt to death.

Full Report at:\08\10\story_10-8-2009_pg1_9


Lessons in ‘true’ Islam to stop youth turning to terrorism

By Caroline Wilson

New project aims to wipe out radicalism after claims that 90% of jihadists have no religious understanding

A BLUEPRINT for the teaching of Islam, which aims to prevent young Muslims in Scotland from becoming radicalized, is being launched by a millionaire businessman.

Azeem Ibrahim, a Glasgow-born entrepreneur who has advised the UK government on its counter-terrorism strategy, has set up the Solas Foundation in the city's west end.

He argues that extremist actions such as the attack on Glasgow Airport two years ago have been fuelled by so-called "DIY Islam", where young people searching for answers resort to drastic actions under the influence of preachers who are unqualified in Islamic law and theology.

Prominent academics have argued that almost 90% of violent jihadists, including most of the al-Qaeda leadership, have had no religious education.

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Afghan Plane to Xinjiang Turned Back


August 10, 2009

BEIJING (AP) — An Afghan plane bound for the restive western Chinese region of Xinjiang was sent back to Afghanistan after a bomb threat, Chinese news media said Sunday.

The airline, Kam Air, said the plane left Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, and was crossing Kyrgyzstan on its way to Urumqi, Xinjiang, when it was told to turn back. The Xinhua News Agency said that there had been a bomb threat and that the Urumqi airport authorities had been told not to let the plane land.

The deputy chief of Kam Air, Feda Mohammad Fedawi, said there had been no bomb threat. He said that Kyrgyz authorities told the crew that China would not allow the plane into its airspace, and that the plane, with 160 passengers aboard, was diverted to Kandahar.

There was no immediate way to explain the differing accounts.


High school students report on Islam

By Anas Alahmed and David Stewart

9 Aug, 2009

Students attending the IU High School Journalism Institute Summer Workshop this summer had the opportunity to hear a lecture by and interview Faiz Rahman, president of Bloomington's Islamic Centre. The students wrote stories and editorials about the experiences.

More than 480 high school students from around the United States learned about Islam during the IU High School Journalism Institute Summer Workshop in July. Zakariah D. Love, a member of the Bloomington Islamic Centre, called it "a good opportunity for the students to create the knowledge about Islam interactively, rather than to receive it from the media."

The Summer Workshop challenges students' viewpoints and enables them to have the chance to meet a variety of people from different perspectives and to approach and interview them, said Institute Director Teresa A. White, a full-time lecturer at the IU School of Journalism. "We want to instruct and improve journalistic and publication staff skills and give our students the opportunity to be more knowledgeable, professional and open-minded."

To help achieve this goal on the topic of Islam, students wrote feature stories, straight news stories or editorials about a lecture presented by IU professor Faiz Rahman, president of the Islamic Centre in Bloomington. They also interviewed members of the Bloomington Islamic Centre.

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Don't blame all Muslims, but don't blame all men either

By Paul Nathanson and Katherine K. Young,

Canadians have been debating the topic of "honour killings" ever since the arrest last month by Kingston police of an Afghan man, his wife and son, charged with murdering four female family members. Two explanations for the phenomenon have predominated from the beginning.

One explanation is defensive. It originates in the need of local Muslims to distance their community from honour killings, because most Canadians, including most immigrants from Islamic countries, classify these killings as murders -- and with good reason. In a recent op-ed piece for the Montreal Gazette, Dolores Chew and Farha Najah Hussain of the South Asian Women's Community Centre worry that this event will trigger a Canadian backlash against immigrants from some parts of the world. "If a white man kills his partner and/or children, he is seen as a murderer and a 'bad apple.' But when non-whites and non-Christians kill, the crime is often called an 'honour killing,' and entire communities and cultures are labeled as 'backward.' "

That happens sometimes, to be sure, but not always. Apart from anything else, many Canadians would be embarrassed to expose their own prejudices -- and even that is better than trying to legitimate their prejudices.

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Islam's Dr. Ruth and her campaign for good sex

Aug 09, 2009

Jessica Hume

Can this marriage be saved? Yes, says a Dubai counsellor, if husband attends to his wife's needs

Wedad Lootah is fighting for women's sexual rights from behind the full niqab.

A marriage counsellor in the family guidance department of Dubai Courts, Lootah sees couples who are considering divorce or want to revive their relationship. She is also the author of the shocking, for the United Arab Emirates, Top Secret: Sexual Guidance for Married Couples, a book published in January.

And much of the advice she dispenses involves teaching husbands that their wives deserve sexual pleasure too.

The idea of anyone, let alone a female, practicing sex therapy may seem at odds with the ethos of the U.A.E. – a country in which hand-holding and other displays of public affection can result in prison terms, where premarital sex among Western expats is a deportable offence.

But Lootah is able to get away with talking about this taboo subject because she bases her advice firmly on the teachings of the Qur'an, which is decidedly more forthcoming about sex than the Bible.

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UK’s Afghan mission may last 40 yrs

London, 8 Aug: Amid surge in the level of insurgency fuelled by the Taliban against the US-led NATO forces, a top British commander today warned that the UK’s mission in Afghanistan could last up to 40 years.

General David Richards, who becomes Chief of the General Staff on 28 August, said it was a “mistake” to abandon the region after the Russians pulled out in the late 1980s.

“The Army’s role will evolve, but the whole process might take as long as 30 to 40 years,” General Richards was quoted as saying by The Times newspaper.

“I believe that the UK will be committed to Afghanistan in some manner development, governance, security sector reform for the next 30 to 40 years,” he said. He stressed on the need “to focus on the expansion of the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police”.

“Just as in Iraq, it is our route out militarily, but the Afghan people and our opponents need to know that this does not mean our abandoning the region. We made this mistake once. Our opponents are banking on us doing it again, and we must prove them wrong,” the top commander underlined.

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Susie Measure: Why is the sisterhood silent on Sudan?

9 Aug, 2009

The trial of Lubna Hussein for wearing trousers has failed to outrage women concerned with pettier issues

As a feminist cause célèbre, the case of Lubna Hussein, is hard to top. She is the Sudanese journalist facing a public flogging and unlimited fine if a Khartoum court finds her guilty of wearing a pair of trousers. Light green ones, to be precise. Hardly an anarchist's uniform, unless you live in Sudan, where wearing trousers constitutes "indecent clothing". If you're a woman.

Sudan's public order police swooped on Hussein, right, and 12 other women similarly clad in a Khartoum café, charging them with violating public decency. Ten of the women accepted their lot – 10 lashes and a fine of about £65. But Hussein, a 30-something widow, who faces 40 lashes if convicted, is so outraged at the affront on her personal freedom that she is fighting her case. The trial was last week adjourned until next month. To do so, she has resigned her job as a United Nations press officer, because that would have given her immunity from prosecution and ruined her chance of "defending the women of Sudan".

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Muslims to educate Christians on Islamic courts

By LUCAS BARASA, 8 August, 2009

Muslims have started countrywide civic education targeting Christians to explain the work of Kadhis courts and “how it does not affect them.”

Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims secretary general Adan Wachu said all its branches had been instructed to make Christians understand what the courts were all about.

“We have instructed all our branches to allow sobriety during this time of tribulations. We want to remind them that the courts have been in constitution since independence and that all we want is its retention,” Mr Wachu said.

Some religious leaders have vehemently opposed the inclusion of the courts in new constitution saying it would amount to favouring one religion and turn the country into a religious state.

But in an interview with the Nation in Nairobi on Saturday, Mr. Wachu said the courts had been misunderstood and that they were not knew as they have been in constitution for the last 46 years.

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As Algeria grows more Islamic, nightlife suffers


9 August, 2009

ALGIERS, Algeria —All through the 1990s, when Islamic militants waged a ferocious war on the Algerian state and nightlife died in the city that once called itself "The Paris of Africa," the Hanani bar and restaurant stayed open. It was "an act of resistance," says owner Anchor Ait Oussaid.

Yet today, at a time when the bloodshed has ebbed, local authorities have shuttered the hole-in-the-wall bar. "This same state has done what the Islamists never managed to do," Ait Oussaid said, standing amid abandoned tables and empty shelves gathering dust.

At least 40 bars, restaurants and nightclubs have been closed in the past year around Algiers alone, according to local media. The government insists that the closures are strictly a matter of safety and hygiene, but suspicion is widespread that Muslim conservative pressure is to blame.

Ait Oussaid, a Muslim like almost all of Algeria's 32 million people, contends that officials caved in to a petition circulated in his seaside neighbourhood of La Perouse demanding that the Muslim prohibition of alcohol be enforced.

Many see this as one of a series of measures the government is taking in Algiers and other cities to soothe Muslim sensitivities and isolate the militants who still carry out bombings and assassinations.

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Hassan Ali – between cigarette and alcohol

9 Aug, 2009

It has been nearly two months since I went to Ulu Langat to visit my small fruits orchard. In Pekan Batu 14, I saw a big cloth banner near the mosque where it says “PAS menyokong tindakan MBSA” or in English “PAS supports MBSA Action” I supposed it has something to do with Hassan Ali latest caricature act where it attack Ronnie Liu action of interfering in MBSA action in confiscating some beer from some shops.

2. There are several sides of the issue that should be examined. Firstly, in my mind Hassan Ali action has embarrassed us Muslims with his shallow and narrow way of doing things.

3. Indirectly he had portrays that the Muslims are in this country are weak and has poor religious and health knowledge when it comes to alcohol consumption. His actions implied that Muslims especially in Shah Alam has no brains and cannot think for themselves and the only solution left is that to implement open banning.

4. Hassan Ali wanted alcohol to be banned in Muslim majority areas. How do we define a Muslim majority area and its boundaries? As a whole, on average 55% of the population are Muslims by birth. If we go by electoral boundaries or by geographical boundaries in Selangor, all areas are Malay (indirectly Muslims) dominated areas. But then many Malays are not strict and pious Muslims, hence I suspect there are not many Muslims dominated areas.

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Religious tradition: Children in the Masjid

By Um Walid

Nowadays, it is unfortunate that in many masjids both brothers and sisters are annoyed at the presence of children. A cry from a baby or a roaming toddler can sometimes illicit a rude comment.

As always, our best example is the prophet (saws). These hadith illustrate the prophet (saws) attitude at the presence of children in the masjid. The Messenger of Allah (saws) came out to us for one of the two later prayers (dhuhr or asr), carrying Hasan or Hussein.

The Prophet (saws) then came to the front and put him down (next to his right foot) said takbir for the prayer and commenced praying. During the prayer, he performed a very long prostration, so I raised my head and there was the child, on the back of the Messenger of Allah (saws), who was in prostration.

I then returned to my prostration. When the Messenger of Allah (saws) had offered the prayer, the people said: 'O Messenger of Allah! in the middle of your prayer, you performed prostration and lengthened it so much that we thought either something had happened or that you were receiving revelation!' He said: 'Neither was the case. Actually, my son made me his mount, and I did not want to hurry him until he had satisfied his wish.'" (Reported by Nasaa'i, Ibn Asaakir, and Haakim)

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Elite squad guns down Bali bomb mastermind

9 Aug, 2009

AN ELITE Indonesian police squad has killed a man believed to be the most wanted Islamic militant in Southeast Asia, Noordin Mohammad Top, who was linked to bombings in Jakarta and on the island of Bali.

Officers of Detachment 88 stormed a house amid green rice paddies in central Java yesterday morning, using robot cameras to find their target as they blasted from room to room with grenades.

The man made a last stand inside the bathroom as walls shattered around him, screaming out the name, “Noordin Top”, before black-clad marksmen fired volleys of shots into the room, witnesses said.

It was the climax to a 17-hour siege that followed a swoop on militants in the town of Temanggung, 250 miles southeast of Jakarta.

Undercover officers had earlier seized two of Top’s bodyguards in the town’s market and then made their way to his refuge, which was cordoned off and surrounded on Friday.

After several exchanges of gunfire, there was a lull overnight. Shortly before 8am yesterday, heavy firing and explosions could be heard. It was almost two hours before the shooting stopped.


Charges against sex braggart prepared, prosecutors say

JEDDAH: Three of the four men who have been arrested in connection to the Mazen Abdul Jawad incident, where a Saudi man bragged about his sexual escapades on an LBC program last month, have had the charges against them outlined.

However, the Investigation and Prosecution Commission (IPC) has not yet disclosed the charges. A source inside the IPC told Arab News on Sunday that prosecutors have completed investigating the three men, including Abdul Jawad.

“The accusation against the prime suspect (Mazen Abdul Jawad) has been determined and included in the list of charges,” the source said.

The fourth man, who was arrested at the airport in Jeddah last week has not yet been fully investigated. The names of the three men who appeared on the program with Abdul Jawad have not been disclosed. The three men whose files have been prepared are scheduled to go before a judicial panel this week. The case is expected to go to trial soon.

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America won’t wait long for Iran to return to N-talks

August 10, 2009

US hopes to lure Tehran away from N-programme through economic enticements

James Jones urges Iran to release 3 US hikers

WASHINGTON: The United States has no illusions that Iran will accept overtures to return to negotiations about its nuclear programme and will not wait much longer for Tehran to respond, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said on Sunday.

“We were under no illusions… that we can get the kind of engagement we are seeking,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN’s GPS weekly show. “The (US) president has also said, look, we need to take stock of this in September. If there is a response, it needs to be on a fast track. We’re not going to keep the window open forever,” she said.

Both Clinton and National Security Adviser James Jones said in interviews aired on Sunday that Washington had little choice but to deal with the government of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Full Report at:\08\10\story_10-8-2009_pg7_1


Israeli air strike on Gaza: Palestine

AFP 10 August 2009

GAZA CITY: Israeli warplanes struck the Gaza Strip early on Monday near the southern city of Rafah, Palestinian security officials said, hours after at least three mortar rounds were fired into Israel. In the first air strike against the Gaza Strip since June 14, Israeli warplanes targeted an area where contraband tunnels are known to run under the border to Egypt.

The mortar attacks Sunday targeted the Karni and Erez border crossings between the Gaza Strip and Israel, and caused no casualties or damage.

According to the army more than 200 rockets and shells have been fired from Gaza since Israel's 22-day offensive against the Hamas rulers of the territory in December and January.

Operation "Cast Lead", which led to more than 1,400 Palestinian deaths including hundreds of civilians and which devastated swathes of the coastal strip, was officially aimed at ending the firing of rockets from Gaza.




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     At a time when all the Muslim country of the world is plagued by the Suicide Bombing virus, they are yet to develop a comprehensive prevention let alone a cure against proliferation. International community could successfully tackle mad cow, Bird flu and quite commendably subduing the Swine flu virus, but failing miserably in tackling the Faith Based Terrorist (FBT) virus. In computer parlance a common axiom is anti-virus companies’ launch virus to sell their anti-virus software. Right or wrong is debatable but if a virus producer has a different objective than only selling anti-virus, what is the tool to detect that? If the virus producer wants to destroy the computers of a target group, he will provide fund, training and different other anti-virus support till all targeted computers are destroyed or compromised. This is the pathetic scenario of Muslim countries of the world; they take anti-virus support from the producers of virus who have hidden agenda. Afghanistan, Iraq used wrong anti-virus. Pakistan doing the same, what are we doing? If the target of virus producer is the nuclear plant of Pakistan or sovereignty of our country, what are we to do?

    China did not purchase anti-virus vaccine to fight bird flu, they produced their own. A casual search would let know who produces and supply bird flu anti-virus throughout the world. A very interesting finding is, why some ME countries does not have any serious blowup of suicide bombing? Is it because they are party to the process of making Suicide Bombers (SB) in different Muslim countries of the world? Terrorism is basically a problem of drifted faith, manipulated with extreme efficiency by providing a perception strong enough to commit suicide as a “one way ticket to the heaven”. Our ignorance is so much that we not only fail to anticipate the big picture we fail miserably in detecting the obscure game being played by the professional perpetrator at grass route level.

    Modern world not only know, “prevention is better than cure” this has become a dictum. Chemotherapy is applied to counter cancer but world body spending billions each year in search of a vaccine. For any pandemic first immediate action: look for the vaccine. It is only terrorism that we are happy only with curative chemo never bothered about a vaccine. FBT are not imported, they grow from within. Why Muslim countries’ fail in stopping recruitment of such FBT? The very first reason is poor knowledge of Islam by the mass and morally corrupt administration. Secondly, under the cover of protocol the perpetrator continuously visit the target countries decision/policy makers to provide a counter terrorism (CT) perception that is sure to fail. Besides, perpetrators ensure presence of policy makers in target country as “their men”, who recommend that suggestions provided are the best to fight FBT.

    Through war gaming perpetrator specifically identify that how the Muslim countries administration going to react to such crisis. Accordingly they activate their diplomatic apparatus to visit the target country decision/policy makers under the cover of “help”. But the hidden agenda is to infuse a perception where CT effort is directed towards physical level not towards faith level, where perpetrator perpetually turning young Muslims into terrorist. 3rd World Muslim countries’ miserably fail to develop an effective counter motivational effort to keep own people within the fold of main stream (basic teaching) Islam. Neither Muslim administrators can develop a solid defense nor the Wahabi priests, will ever be obliged to offer a genuine help to the administration.  As Wahabi priests are an integral part of the process of the destruction of Islam in this century.

    When administration makes a success in unearthing a big cache of terrorist or successfully provides death sentence to some, instead of complacency the question should be, how these people have turned into terrorist at the first point? What administration was doing when innocent people were indoctrinated by the perpetrator? Finding out cache is a success but compared to detection of indoctrination process and prevention, it is nothing at all. This is where perpetrators are making a continuous success and we are failing continuously.

    Terrorists are not only drifted from the traditional Islam they are trained, armed, equipped and also provided with satellite intelligence support. That is why Saddam Hussain was caught and hanged but Bin Laden still remains out of touch of anyone; same is the case with Baitullah Mehsud of Pakistan. Pakistan army now fighting their own people under Mehsud in Swat, FATA and different other places. What intelligence had been doing when innocent citizens were getting drifted, trained and equipped? They need to find out who provide Baitullah Mehsud the latest weapons and communication equipments to fight and remain safe like Laden? In fact, all are coming from the same origins, drifted faith and money from ME and weapon and technology from the perpetrator.

    Let us discuss what could be the likely mission of these professionally efficient perpetrators in the so called War on Terror:

    a. Create a drifted faith group from the main stream of Islam who can subsequently be launched as SB.

    b. Different Jihadi groups may take different names based on local influence such as Al-Qaida, Harkatul-Jihad, Deccan-Mujahideen, JMB etc but the basic faith is always the same as Wahabi’s.

    c. Under the cover of training; bring Defense, Home and Foreign ministry officials of target country.   Hook some of them using baits to turn them into own agent (long term mission).

     d.  Once hooked, they are gradually placed into decision making positions to manipulate the target countries administration according to the mission. (Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa fired his defense minister and military intelligence head for being hooked up by the intelligence agency of Global Rambo).

    e. Penetrate the intelligence setup of the target country under the cover of counter terrorism (CT) support and disable them from producing any actionable intelligence.

    f. There will be constant visit of foreign affairs delegates and high level defense officials to the target country decision and policy makers. The purpose is to give them a perception to fight the terror at physical level (the way Pakistan army is fighting today).

    g. Meanwhile drifted faith/hooked up clergy to continue producing SB, provide them training, weapons and explosives.

    h. Give them (SB) targets which create psychological response in target country, culminating into a situation favorable to perpetrators mission.

    i. Create a non-state actor like Laden, Jarkawi and so on, use the massive media machinery and blow out of proportion their destructive capability.

    j. Conduct falls flag operation like 9/11, a blatant lie like WMD or declare a Muslim country as a failed/rouge state and consequently destroy innocent civilian in millions as collateral damage.

    After taking lesson from the perpetrators expected mission if we fail to prevent breeding of SB, not only the country’s sovereignty will be at stake, future generation will never forgive us for our wrong doings. There can be thousands of measures to stop the breeding; here we are elucidating only few:

    a. Minimum 10 case study (synopsis) of captured SB’s indoctrination process need to be read to people through all mosques and Madrasas of the country. Each in every Jumma prayer. Government to ensure that maximum people are made knowledgeable on this surreptitious indoctrination process. This will force the perpetrator to give up or device new technique.

    b. All the references of   Quran, Hadees, Ijmah and Qyias that killing innocent civilian is strictly prohibited in Islam should be printed in bold letters. Such posters should be hanged in all types of academic institutions and Mosques for regular view of the students and visitors.

    c. SB arrested even before the commitment of crime should be hanged as per the law of the land. But the motivators should be publicly hanged like that of Iran. This will deter the Wahhabi and hooked up clergies from motivating the innocent young Muslims to be an SB.

    Due to the lack of basic religious knowledge based on classical ISLAM, it is extremely difficult for Muslim countries’ decision makers to fathom, that exactly where the drift is taking place from the main stream. Solutions are there “off the shelf”; all we have to do is; reaching out and find the right person for the job. Never again, turn to a Wahhabi priest or perpetrators for the help or suggestion.

    Trying to solve a problem without knowing is basically becoming party to the problem. Pakistan is trying to solve Taliban problem for last 8 years but instead of resolve, the government have become party to the problem. They are now under threat not only from east and western fronts they have now a new front from within. Since liberation all Bangladeshi government tried to solve the corruption problem but every government became party to the corruption problem and bolted out of power either by force or my mandate. “Knowledge is power”, if we believe in this axiom, we better quickly be knowledgeable before the planned blow up of FBT suicide bombing onslaught.

    By Saleem