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Islam in practice: '100 women raped daily in Karachi'

'100 women raped daily in Karachi'
17 Sep 2008, 0000 hrs IST,ANI

KARACHI: If a Karachi police surgeon is to be believed, on an average 100 rapes take place in the port city of Karachi alone, and mostly working women are the victims.

He said because of the "lengthy medical process and delayed justice system in Pakistan", only 0.5% of rape cases are reported to the police.

"On average, 100 women are raped every 24 hours in Karachi city alone, and a majority of them are working women. I am saying with full authority that such a large number of rape cases happen in the city. But very few rape survivors have the courage to come forward in search of justice," Additional Police Surgeon Zulfiqar Siyal said on Monday.

He added that a majority of the victims working as domestic help.

Source: The Times of India, New Delhi