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Cocooned in Arabic, ad-Deen-ul-Islam has Metamorphosed into an Arabian Religion

By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

14 March 2019

The Reverence held for the Arabic language and for everything Arabic by many Muslims is the reason for “that” (Dhalik) Book of ad-Deen; propagated by Ibrahim and all other Messengers and passed down the line to Messenger Muhammad, has over time morphed into Arab-centric religion.

As such the universal Code that was given to all previous Messengers from all parts of the world in their own languages, has become an organised Church like all others, yet is masquerading as 'Islam'.

It is not known if any other religious Scriptures' words and phrases are commonly used in daily conversation as are some Arabic words and phrases from Quran in day to day interaction by Muslims. On the face of it this seems harmless but undercover is an attempt to impress others of the users’ religiosity.

Two most common examples of Arabic words used in daily conversation extracted from Quran are presented here as serious Comedy?

a) Ask a devout Muslim “How are you”, in their mother tongue and the answer invariably is “al hamdullillah”, meant to convey - “I am fine” and with the nuance “Thank God” but without adding “Shukr”, thanks in Arabic. Whether the person is well or not is immaterial, but may then proceed with the details of his/her ailments if any, on further probing!

Al-hamdu-lil-laah is recognised as the words from the first chapter of Quran. “Praise/Glory be to God” in simplest meaning. Though: Everything in the universe constantly glorifies Him 17-44.

The complete sentence given therein is,

1-1: “Al-hamdu-lil-Laahi Rabbil A'lameen” - Praise/Glory is for none other than Allah, the one who Cherishes/Nourishes/Sustains ... the Worlds ..., Thus a bundle of qualifications (Rabb) is attributed to God that no other Ilaah (deity) posses. Hence with just Alhamdulillah, without these attributes, the praise is a general statement and out of context for the question asked,

The attribute Rabb is the reason for the praise and glorification of the primal Creator Allah/God, that mankind on contemplation of the workings of the universe has come to recognise over the ages. The abbreviated reply Alhamdulillah, by the self promoting pious people - al lathina hum uraaoon107-6 - inadvertently or in ignorance, fail to appreciate (6-92).

Linguistically Al Hamdulillah therefore, as a reply to the question asked, has no relevance to the civil and friendly inquiry one made of others well-being and anticipating an ongoing meaningful communication. Hence the comical irony.

b)-The second misused term in common usage is Jazakallah used when required by the receiver of kindness or favour from another human being, to say “Thank You”. There is supposed to be the connotation in it of a supplication to God to reward the kind person, but alas, without specifying the type of reward asked, “good” or “bad”. Jazaa Ka Allah, May God reward you, is therefore an open ended thankless response.

But it is nature's incontrovertible universal Law that every action has a reaction, call it reward if one may, it is a fact that the person being so “thanked” will, regardless of supplication get his/her reward for the Act they had done.

7-147: …can they be rewarded except for what they do?

It leaves the implied wishes unspecified and if one is cynical enough may even construe it as a curse.

33-70: ...and speak in clear words.- says the Book.

Jazakallah is therefore said more to display ones reverence to the non-conversational language rather than express the deserved gratitude to the person directly by saying “Thank You” or even Jazakallah Khair, if he/she was an Arabic speaking person. To depend on God's knowledge of what is hidden in our hearts is no consolation to Saint or Sinner, for God has not endowed that knowledge to His creation, the human beings.

In current context, a word worthy of mention is jihad. Its use is clearly a noxious and an instrument for brainwashing people, particularly the young ones to recruit them to the fold of groups with various motives, not always good. Couched in religious overtones, the gullible souls get sucked in holy wars.

The most common Arabic word jihad that every Muslim child today knows and perhaps the mutilated meaning of; thus the indoctrination is begun with what on the face of it appears as harmless but with inherent message calling for religious duty – Fi Sabilillah – a compulsion for the mutilation of mankind in God's name.

This phenomenon has destroyed the Muslim generations from within and the process is ongoing. The most tragic sight is that of child 'Jihadi brides' in Niqabs and bearded Mujahids in pyjamas- now escaping from holy battles. They are thoroughly damaged and dysfunctional people, wishing to rejoin normal society that they were in before they left for their religious duty to join the death squads.

Some are so deranged that they do not have the slightest comprehension of their savagery committed on their own people, kith and kin, they considered infidels. Yet wish to be given second chance to live for another day in a safe haven to complete what they left incomplete.

These pathetic young people are the products of indoctrination into religious slavery and its savagery, initially influenced with reverential Arabic – a language they were made to believe as that of a monolingual Allah.

Although, this may not be the only lure and the prime reason for enlisting in the killing squad, as ignorance, lack of education, family supervision, beliefs, background and conditions may also play a part; the religious indoctrination is overwhelming.

Referring to Ms (Shamima) Begum, Mr Ali told the BBC: "She has done wrong, I apologise to everyone as her father, to the British people”. ...”She was under age at that time, she couldn't understand that much. I suppose someone influenced her to do that," he said. Who might that be except the religious brigade in military pyjamas!

It can be seen from the names of the so called jihadist movements, most of them have high fangled Arabic names, irrespective of the countries they originate from and their local language.

Why can't Muslim political Freedom Movements, at least from non-Arab countries, have non-Arabic names?

The questions must be asked: If their jihad is for God then according to 7-147 they should always be rewarded with success; why then some are not?

10-60: Those who forge a lie against God will not succeed.

But Oh Lord, then why were there many who had enjoyed huge success and lasted for centuries forging lies against You? Is there a difference between a 'lie' and 'white lie'?

One is reminded of the 'Handmaid's Tale', a fictional novel and TV series of Margaret Atwood's book. A Biblical tale showing how the use of phrases and text are used by fanatical religious group for its strategy to establish an empire by interpretation of Bible teachings, at the expense of everything else in life, and particularly manipulating the female and weaker ignorant males. Its comparison with Islamic Khilafah, the so called Islamic State is starkly similar.

Is this a long bow to draw from what was meant as an attempt to show the misuse of Religious Scripture's words and phrases as bigotry and self promoting exercise as of 107-6?

No, it is not!

It is emphasised that Islam is not a religion. Religion is man-made and a potent manipulative-brain-control tool and works on young minds like no other. The “fear” of an undefined Deity is the compulsion to join it.

Then How to Save The Next Generation?

1-Experts working in this field remind Parents particularly, to be vigilant for signs of overt display of religiosity and piety by the young in their speech and mannerism, for that is the beginning of indoctrination, leading up to fanaticism and extremism. Report and seek help they say. For all of them difficult times lay ahead.

2-But importantly, the adhesion of Arab-centric “Culture and Religion”, that is, attar, beard, camels, dress mode etc, and church, clergy, icons, apocrypha, rituals etc. with that of ad-Deen that is, the Quranic Codes and Commands, must be dissolved, for humanity's sake, so that mankind follows what was promulgated by God's Messengers over millennia and passed down all the way to Messenger Muhammad.

This would take care of the 1 above as well.

A regular contributor to, Rashid Samnakay is a (Retd.) Engineer


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