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A Look into Worldwide Web of Sharia dot Com Enterprises


By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

22 June, 2014

To escape from political jihad to Halal enterprise is like ‘out of the frying pan into the fire’. 

Commoners are defrauded on daily basis by Sharia enterprises that use Arabic words as marketing strategy to lure Believers, as if it is from God 2-79!

‘Qurbani’ Animal Sacrifice

Countries like Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and other Beef cattle and Sheep exporting countries being some of the largest in the world, dearly love the Muslim world for its requirement of slaughtering millions of animals worldwide, during the annual Pilgrimage.

The animals are not only slaughtered at the place of pilgrimage in Makkah, but all over the Muslim world. It is the biggest carnage of animal and waste anywhere in the world, for sacrifice in God’s name.

This ritual is an off take from ancient religions and pagan, primitive and superstitious customs of the old, when even humans were sacrificed to gods to appease them.

It culminated in Abraham trying to slaughter his son on a rock - Jews say Isaac in Jerusalem and Muslim say Ishmael in Makkah –perhaps with a blunt knife, without success, hence instead the sacrifice of the poor lambs and also other animals!

The Quran

16-56: And they even assign (to God) things unknowingly a portion out of their sustenance! ……you will be called to account for your false inventions.

22-37 Yet All Mighty Creator of the universe says He has no need for their meat and gore from human but wants only their good deeds.

112-2 He (God) is totally need-free and self-sufficient.

That is the irony of it all. As given in the Book of the Faith.

22-33 The command is to send gifts to the place of pilgrimage, to feed the lean and hungry travellers arriving there. That is the real sacrifice.

The extension of animal sacrifice, spread all over the world is therefore an amazing confidence trick by the paddlers of religions, perpetrated on the ignorant and gullible in collaboration with the live animal export industry of the world.

Halal Enterprise

But a bigger fraud perpetrated in the name of Islam is authorities other than God commanding what is Halal meaning allowed, and haram which is not, of every consumables, foods and beverages.

The Quran

This is contrary to the Book and allegations against theCreator, 10-59 &60.

Also stressed in:

6-57: …The command rests with none but God… Thus those who pronounce anything Halal or haram, are acting as associates of God!

It is a thriving modern industry of religious institutions, priests and individuals, certifying and labelling of items. So much so that some Muslim governments too are on the take and have established Halal Development Corporations; and signed international protocols. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Again it has its source in the hand-me-down Jewish Kosher dietary injunctions. Yet one rarely comes across anything labelled ‘kosher’ on the shop shelves.

However today one finds even condiments, let alone bottled water, medicines and everything consumable in between, stamped Halal!

This, very often is considered confronting by non-Muslims as an imposition of price tax and encroachment on their rights, just to appease migrant minority community.

In Australia this is reflected in this quote by a non-Muslim organisation: “….in the meantime do not give money to AFIC by purchasing Halal certified products”.

These bodies collect royalty on every can, container and bottle for the privilege of displaying the stamp of Halal.

Companies owned by Muslims in the so called Islamic Republics cannot escape the religious tax -- to trade in the verses of God for meagre returns2-79.

In the scheme of nature it is eroding the character of the community indulged in frauds in the name of its faith. Looked at this trade in the context of Quranic injunctions, reveals the depth of this fraud:

The society at the time of Messenger Muhammad, particularly the community of Jews which even now has a very strict dietary rules, cantankerously argued with him, the same as ‘good Muslims’ do today.

In Quran there are over seventy verses in relation to consumption of food and drink by humans. To treat each one of these would constitute lengthy treaties. The purpose here is to highlight the manipulation of what is a simple and easy dietary requirement. Just a few verses are therefore considered:

The root A K L of Akala and its derivatives, such as Kuloo, Eat, consume, appears everywhere in the Book to explain this cant.

But first to establish God’s wishes:

2-185: God intends every facility for you; He does not want to put you to difficulties…

4-171: Oh neither people of the Book commit not excesses in your Deen nor say of God except that of Truth. Then also:

2-172, Oh you who believe, ( Have faith – Iman,)-, consume the good things – Tayyab- that We have provided for you and be grateful to God, if you pledge your obedience(exclusively) to Him -.

Little emphases on the words in the verse above, and there are many in the Book in this vein, makes it clear that the issue is settled for those who follow only God’s commandments.

A condition is attached that of Tayyab- Tasty, wholesome, nutritious etc. That which would promote development of ‘self’, that is, which is not obtained fraudulently thus not eroding one’s character. (Ref: Lughat ul Quran).

What is worthy of note is that the next verse 2-173, as one would expect would list the Halal– allowed items, but it does not. Instead it adopts the pragmatism of listing the forbidden- haram.

If it were to have done so a whole library would be required to list millions of things, from ‘animal, vegetable and mineral ‘that humans round the world consume for sustenance.

A similar verse to that of 2-173, but more elaborate is instead given here. It is quoted here in full:

6-145: (Qul) Say “I find not in the message received by me by divine inspiration, any consumable forbidden to be eaten by one who wants to eat it, unless (i)-it (the animal)be dead of natural causes, or (ii)flowing blood, or (iii)the flesh of swine- for it is unclean, or (iv)what is impious for on which other than God’s name has been invoked. But even so, if a person is forced by circumstances, without wilful disobedience nor transgressing due limits, your Lord is most forgiving and merciful”.

The first three general categories or grouping (i, ii & iii) are so obviously pertaining to health and hygiene. The third Khinzir, generally translated as Swine, could also mean unclean.

Since ancient times swine has been considered as unclean and from Judeo/Christian tradition it has come down as forbidden. Arabic dictionaries give wide meanings of the word. Elias’ Modern Dictionary, Arabic to English, in addition to Swine, hog, also gives Khinzir Ul-Ard as Aardvark and Khinzir ul-Bahar as Jonah’s fish, whale and porpoise.

The fourth (IV) is an important principle of Faith. Accepting any other authority is tantamount to ascribing ‘associates ‘of God, the only Creator of the universe. Acceptance of associate-ship makes null and void the very creed of Quranic Faith, “there is no god but God”.

In this regard verse 7-32 along with 16-116 is most poignant and telling:

7-32: Say, Who has forbidden the beautiful gifts of your Lord which He has produced for His obedient servants (I’baadihi) and the things good and wholesome (Tayyab) for sustenance?

16-116: Do not say falsely with your tongues “This is lawful and this is forbidden” so as to make false allegation against God…

So folks, do not throw your expensive Gucci, Fossil and Oroton accessories made of pig skin. The prohibition is only for EATING pig’s meat Laham.

There is a deliberate misinterpretation of making consumables Halal. The impression created is that the “slaughtering” process Zibah with God’s name is what makes it Halal. But a believer takes God’s name Bismillah in whatever he does. It is not a prerogative of professionals only.

The impression is also created that which is NOT labelled Halal must be Haram-forbidden.

The word for sacrifice on alter is “Zabiha”- 5.4. It has no relation with God’s Halal commandments.

Sea-food of every kind is Halal 5-99. What God has made Halal does not need any further action by others, lest one plays god.

But clever manipulation of its meaning has created a profession of Halal makers, same as the despicable Halala priests, as in some pagan Muslim communities!

Serious Questions

1-Why then are animals of the sea not required to be slaughtered to be Halal by professionals?

2-Those who have taken upon themselves the responsibility of protecting Muslims from dietary infringements why don’t they adopt the Quranic pragmatism of 2-173 and instead pay a fee to the few Haram industries like piggeries and wineries, to induce them to label their products حرامharam and be done with it?

3-Is this non-Quranic and fraudulent enterprise Halal and Tayyab?


The Believers are responsible for their own actions and cannot pass their burden on to others 17-15, and since God is closer to them than their jugular vein50-16; NO representative of the Creator is ever needed for the certification of God’s commands.

In knowledge-based countries all ingredients are listed on packages, for users to take their own responsibility for use.

This therefore, is illegitimate Sharia enterprise that actually makes things haram. Just like many other Sharia activities in the name of Islam. It is neither Quranic nor Kosher!

A regular contributor to New Age Islam, Rashid Samnakay is a (Retd.) Engineer