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Prophetic Saying on Epidemic Are Ethically Powerful Reasons for Muslims To Follow Present Day Norms for Containing Spread of Deadly Covid 19

By Dr. M.I.H. Farooqi, New Age Islam


21 May 2020


 Muslim attitude towards epidemics go back to the very early period of the emergence of Islam. These views were based on rationale and reason and of course inspired by Quranic and Prophetic injunctions. Epidemic was considered as a Decree of Allah and not the punishment for sins committed by Servants of God. Despondency during savages of epidemics was considered un-Islamic. Those who faced such situations bravely (with all precautions) but died were considered as Martyrs


 During Calamities of Nature, Muslims are reminded that many people in the past had suffered and had their faith tested. Present day people too will we be tried and tested in this life. Muslims are advised that Allah loves those who show Patience (Arabic,Sabr) in difficult times of distress and trials.  Quran Says: "do not dispute and [thus] lose courage and [then] your strength would depart; and be patient. Indeed, Allah is with the As Saabiroon (Those who keep patience) Quran 8:46). In another Verse of Quran reward of Patience is described in these words; "Only those who are patient shall receive their rewards in full, without Hisaab (without limit, calculation, and estimation)."(Quran, 39:10). It is in the light of Quranic observations that in one of the important Hadith, Prophet Muhammad is reported to have said; "Whoever persists in being patient, Allah will make him patient. Nobody can be given a blessing better and greater than patience (Sabr)." (Sahih Al-Bukhari). Prophet also said: "As-Sabr (the patience) is illumination." (Sahih Muslim).


 No definite medicine was suggested for deadly epidemics. However, strong recommendations were made to make distance from the place of epidemics and asked people not to move away from the place of epidemic. They were asked to stay put. Even during some emergency "stay at home" was allowed as part of AZAAN from Mosques. Narrated Nafi' "Allah's Messenger used to tell the Muezzin (who calls Azaan) to pronounce Azaan and say, Al Salat Fi Beyootikum" (Pray at homes) in place of "HayyaAlasalah" (Come for the prayer) at the end of the Azaan, on a rainy or a very cold night during the journey. (Al Bukhari, Book Call for Prayers)


 Quran in several verses wishes INSAAN (Human Beings) to do GAUR O FIKR (Understanding with reason) on the acts of Nature. Thus it is duty of human being to understand all that is happening (Including disasters) and find their solution to live and survive. Some Quranic injunctions are as follows:


1). "Travel through earth and see how Allah did originate creation'' (Quran 29:20)


2). ''And such are the Parables We set for mankind but none will understand them except those who have Knowledge." (Quran 29:43).


3). "Worst than the beast are those who do not understand (do not apply mind)" (Quran 8:22)


4). "Only the learned know the secret of universe" (Surah30:V22).      


5). ''the more you know, you are closer to Him.'' (Sarah 58: 11).


 Islam considers life of human being as the most important gift of God. It should be protected in all the circumstance. Without human life this world has no purpose.


Some of the Prophetic sayings which helped Muslims to make their attitude towards epidemics are as follows:


1)  Narrated Abdurrahman bin 'Awe "I have heard Allah's Messenger saying, 'If you hear about it (an outbreak of plague) in a land, do not go to it; but if plague breaks out in a country where you are staying, do not run away from it'.( Al Bukhari)


2). Messenger of Allah (PBUH), said: "Do not cause harm or reciprocate harm. Whoever harms others, Allah will harm him. Whoever is harsh with others, Allah will be harsh with him."


3). Messenger of Allah (PBUH)  said:  Prayer for a Muslim: Oh Allah I beg for Good Health and Faith with Good Conduct (Al Bukhari).


4.)  Narrated Jabir. Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “Every disease has a cure” (Sahih Muslim)


 Based on Quranic injunctions and Prophetic sayings Grand Mufti of Dubai Dr. Ali Ahmad recently said:   "There should be neither harm nor malice', the suspension of group prayers is allowed by Islam to prevent harm and protect people from any form of damage resulting from bad weather, epidemics or wars." (Press Report)


Rationale of the attitude of Muslims towards keeping away from place of Epidemics, social distancing in modern terms, and to stay put at the place of outbreak, lockdown in modern terms, was strengthened by an important incident taken place during the time of Hazrat Umar Farooq, 2nd Righteous Caliph of Islam. This incident is mentioned in Islamic History as follows:


 According to famous Egyptian Islamic scholar ibn Hajar Asqalani (1372-1449), there were sixteen cases of Bubonic Plague during early Islamic period (till the end of Umayyad period.) These included Plague of Amwas (638-39 AD), Plague of Kufa (669 AD) and Plague of Basrah (688-89 AD). In these outbreaks thousands of Muslims were killed. Amongst them were prominent persons of Islam.  However, the first big disaster Muslims confronted was the Plague of 'Amwas.


Sometime during 638, Hazrat Umar ibn al-Khattab, the second Caliph of Islam, came to know of some administrative lapses in Syria causing widespread trouble there. He decided to visit the area himself and discussed the matter with Hazrat Abu Ubaidah ibn Jarrah who was commanding the Muslim Army stationed at the garrison in Damascus.


 Hazrat Umar set out for Syria in early 638. When he got as far as 'Sargh’, Abu 'Ubaidah and his companions came there to meet him. They informed him that a plague had broken out in Amwas, a village in Palestine, which spread very fast to Syria, Iraq and Iran and killed people in thousands. Hearing the outbreak of deadly disease, Hazrat Umar consulted his elders from Ansars and Quraish about the prevailing situation and sought their opinion about the decision to proceed.  Majority of them were against entering Syria and exposing to the epidemic. Hazrat Umar then decided to retreat. Hearing the decision, Hazrat Ubaidah felt disheartened and said to Hazrat Umar "Are you not fleeing from the Decree of Allah". Without showing any displeasure over the comments of his old friend and a prominent Companion of Prophet, Hazrat Umar said rather firmly " Yes, we are fleeing from the decree of Allah to the decree of Allah'. In the meantime, 'Abdur Rahman ibn 'Awf narrated the Hadith in which Prophet advised his followers never to enter land of epidemic. About a year later Hazrat Ubaidah, along with three other Companions of Prophet, was amongst those twenty-five thousand soldiers who became victims of deadly Plague. (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim)


 The story of Amwas and Prophetic Saying (Hadith) on Epidemic are ethically powerful reasons for Muslims to follow present day norms for containing spread of deadly Covid 19.


Dr. M.I.H. Farooqi is Deputy Director (Retired), National Botanic Research Institute, Lucknow


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  • Aayina,
    You (together with Hats Off) are the champion of hate and lies in this forum. And you have never been able to show even one example of my so-called "lies".

    By Ghulam Faruki - 5/28/2020 10:56:47 AM

  • your Phony comments and hate is now well known. 
    By Aayina - 5/27/2020 11:57:33 PM

  • I have never met any Muslim who practices untouchability nor have I seen any reference to it in the Quran. If I do see any such reference, I shall ignore it. But trust Hats Off to rush to the defense of Ayeena who is trying to make light of an atrocious Hindu custom!
    By Ghulam Faruki - 5/27/2020 11:02:52 PM

  • islam also has an excellent system of untouchability roughly equivalent to untouchability.
    this is the system of najas and tahara. when a muslim comes into contact with a kuffar, dog, swine, menstrual blood he becomes najis. and he has to undergo ritual purification.
    being a shameless liar he is this man has forgotten what it is to speak the truth.
    at the top of the list of najas things stands the kuffar. he is even more "impure" than menstrual blood.
    this is just a a worthless pot calling the kettle black. all religions can be compared to [ieces from the same carrion. all of them stink equally.

    By hats off! - 5/27/2020 5:44:19 PM

  • Aayena,
    Even if a Muslim practices untouchability, it is still a Hindu custom. You cannot remove that kalank. Best thing is to say, "Yes, we Hindus practiced it. It is wrong and we are humbled by it".  Muslims too should do the same for imposing dhimmihood on others. But you are too busy criticizing Muslims, and Muslims are too busy criticizing Hindus so that neither has any time left for introspection.
    Your attempts to own Ambedkar are phony and shameful. I do not bring up Manusmriti to show that Hinduism is worse than Islam. I bring it up to say that both Hindus and Muslims have flawed heritages and instead of throwing mud at each other, let us be humble and try to correct whatever is wrong in our faiths. By the way, even today there are leaders in the RSS who want to bring back Manusmriti!

    By Ghulam Faruki - 5/27/2020 12:10:09 PM

  • Hats Off has nothing left except base personal insults and lies! Pathetic!
    By Ghulam Faruki - 5/27/2020 11:36:48 AM

  • You blame lot to Manusmurit, it's is discriminatiory document, would you accept your Quran to is discriminatory documents.
    No I think you cannot answer Staight so You will come with some twist or whataboutry.

    By Aayina - 5/27/2020 3:20:12 AM

  • He never consider Islam seriously, his remarks are bad on it as well like Hindus, so stop harbouring this MIM-BHIM, once this Bhim community get more educated they will also start to protest you, just go and read what he has written and comment.

    He was seriously considering remain Hindu, he wanted to burn publicly Manusmruti with Ghandhi so reconciliation happens within Hindu community, Well Indian constitution has taken over and those days are not far away that as gesture of goodwill to Baba Ambedkar whole Hindu community will burn this Documnet one day in Public.

    Though essmece of Manusmruti  will keep repeating for those communities if they do not study it, this document gives two aspect one how to run country with human as labour and one how to manipulate so some people remain in power, it's only 20th and 21st century age had given relife to humans otherwise different version of manusmruti was existing all over the world.

    By Aayina - 5/27/2020 2:55:26 AM

  • As usual this man diverts from topic, I had to comment on different matter, he spoiled the thread of Malauna Wahyuudin Article, Commnets underneat are full of non-related, so do happen here too. Sultan Shain should creat special page for this Gulam Fakery, so when he diverts we can start to reply there and comments related to Article remains clean ans neat, with different opinions on same topic. He comes for mischief here from 15 years.
    By Aayina - 5/27/2020 2:42:38 AM

  • I like this form hypocrate that it does not matter who practice, evil system even if Muslims practice it's has to blamed Hindu, that is what exactly Muslims are blame other always.

    Let Us consider your Balme on us and you take blame of Hindu cousin Marraige balmed to Islam and Muslims, and on your paigmaber, as paigmaber is key person as he advocated it.

    Untoucbilty is dying within Hindu community, other type discriminatory  practises has died completely in western world (((( though New discrminateoy practises are coming and one day that will became hereditary and that will be new untochbility thing, Evils of Hinduisim is best thing to learn but you arrogants are busy with such full of hatred that rather than learning form old evils of any relgion want to continue, so blame game can remains in exist to hide your own evil practises )))    What your mind is baffle with that cannot get rid of your own Physchatric problem and hypocritical problem so try to Balme others.

    Indian cities is giving  full proof of untochbility is dying and Villages on their path((( Constitution was written by not only so called low class, it was cobime effort, atleast sick like you were not there, they went to Pakistan, you are one of that when train stop remain stuck like Zombie here and now migrated to USA, do some good there))

    Muslims had chance to prove two times, one within India in Kashmir( as muslims were in majority)and one in Pakistan to stop this Dalit atrocities but did not stop, becuse you Muslims still want to clean your Pichwada mess by somebody else, as you cannot do within Muslims, so you Muslims just perpetrators this immoral activity to exist to let them remain Hindu.

    And your Arab brothers are even worst they are in process of making new Dalits, in the Arab contest you have two relgious class Hindu Dalit, Muslim Dalit, Philippines Christian Dalits  they too cannot clean their Pichwada.

    As I said in past you cannot accept(((it seems you are dishearten why so many Hindus had given this bad practise))that Hindus are moving away from old descrimnatory practice which you like to keep it so you can blame Hindus.

    Rather work with Your Arab Ummah so they stop this practise.

    By Aayina - 5/27/2020 2:37:03 AM

  • Aayina should apply for a certificate from this CAIR stooge. it seems now he is in this business of doling out faith certificates.
    what a malicious liar this man is. no wonder islamophobia is rampant.

    By hats off! - 5/26/2020 11:48:19 PM

  • Aayina,
    Of course Dalits should fight back when fascists like you do not even admit to what has been done and what is being done to them. But I am against violence. Violence has become a Hindutva thing. And untouchability is a Hindu thing, no matter who practices it.
    What Hindus and Muslims want to glorify is not always the best thing. Glorify peaceful co-existence, brotherly love and respect for the religions of others, then I will call you a good Hindu or a good Muslim.

    By Ghulam Faruki - 5/26/2020 12:54:36 PM

  • Aayena,
    Dalits are neither your property nor ours. And Ambedkar was seriously considering whether to convert to Islam or Buddhism for a long time. The only thing he was sure of was that he wanted to get out of Hinduism.

    By Ghulam Faruki - 5/26/2020 12:39:38 PM

  • Is it your are babble of hearing that Dalit is. not your property, you guys think they are your property, they are starting to realise you too are evil. Read Baba Abedkar, you will come to know your truth, he understood your false love hood,,it's same like Slawar Jihad( love Jihad),,use love and than convert and keep getting harsh by us Muslims if yiou had enough of Hindus.
    By Aayina - 5/25/2020 10:41:02 PM

  • Mohyudin to Faruki and Faruki to Fakeury, you do not like Dalit fight back, is it you are afraid of them now because crime list of Muslims is full of hate, violence and killing, you have not spare Dalit too.

    They have full right to fight both Hindu and Muslims , use of violence is also valid, you Muslims have not came as their survivors so should be spare, Muslims too do untouchability but make big noise of untouchility on name of Hindu.

    I know Afzal Muslims who called themselves Sayed who do not drink, eat or go to house, it's time to open up that pondora box of untouchability and cast discrimination in Muslims too, sick go and live in your dream world.

    We Hindus are proud of our tradition, we are the people who gave natiyashastra where Demons were also given right of speak and freedom of expression, we lost is for while beacuse you invader and rapist breed came form Arab thought by your paigmaber, Dlaits have full right, what you cannot comprehend is Hindus enligtment and moving forward and correcting past.

    What you want to gloryfy your paigmabers did and kill everybody on the name of Apostphy and blasphemy. If your life is based on one book and one person who is paigmaber for you, actions generating from that, their is nothing wrong to critisce him.

    By Ayina - 5/25/2020 10:34:49 PM

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