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First Time In Its Entire History, Darul Uloom Deoband Comes Out Openly Against the Tablighi Jamaat and Its Chief Maulvi Sa'ad Kandhaulvi

By New Age Islam Special Correspondent

10 December 2016

Perhaps first time in its age-old history, the largest Islamic seminary in India Darul Uloom Deoband has issued a categorical fatwa against the Tablighi Jama’at.

Accusing Tablighi Jamaat's chief Maulvi Sa'ad Kandhaulvi of perversion, misinterpretation of Islamic texts and desecration of prophethood of the messengers of Allah, , Darul Uloom Deoband has come up with a fatwa declaring him "misguided" and "deviant" (Gumrah). The Deoband seminary also asked the Tablighi Jam’at chief to repent in the court of God.

In a brazen fatwa, the Deoband clerics have accused the Tablighi Jamaat India chief Maulvi Saad Kandhaulvi of aberration, debauchery, misinterpretation of Islamic Shariah, insulting and demeaning prophets and messengers of God. The concluding text in this fatwa issued by the Darul Uloom states:

“It is our religious duty to warn Muslims particularly those with the Tablighi Jam’at that Maulvi Sa'ad Kandhaulvi, the current chief of the Jam’at, is misinterpreting Quran and Hadith.

The fatwa, originally drafted for muftis and Islam jurists, was officially made public by the Darul Uloom Deoband and was posted on its website after it was leaked by Roznama Sahafat, an Urdu daily. Afterwards, several messages and comments were circulated in the media.

The Darul Uloom has alleged that Maulvi Sa'ad Kandhaulvi in his speech at recently held Bhopal Ijtema said that "Markaz Nizamuddin is the most sacred place on the earth after Makkah and Madinah – the two holiest sites revered by Muslims across the world.

The Darul Uloom Deoband also cited the statements attributed to Tablighi Jamaat chief charged with hurling insults against Islamic prophets and messengers. The Darul Uloom said the seminary has received complaints regarding the perverted views of Maulvi Saad Kanadhalvi from various sources including those in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

The Darul Uloom has also informed that Islamic clergy across the Indian subcontinent have expressed concerns over the way Maulvi Saad Kandhaulvi is propagating his perverted and distorted views among the Muslims. “We can’t remain silent and a mute spectator when Maulvi Saad Kandhaulvi continues to disseminate his perverted views and wrong interpretations about Islam in large gatherings”, the Darul Uloom said.

“After a close analysis of his speeches we have come to the conclusion that Mualana Saad Kandhaulvi has gone astray and he must repent without any delay”, the fatwa said appealing to the Tablighi Jamaat seniors to take immediate corrective measures to save the group from going astray.

“If corrective measures are not taken immediately, we fear that a large chunk of Muslims associated with Tablighi Jamaat will also go astray and off the track”, the decree said.

Questions and objections over Tablighi Jamaat and its preaching style have been raised in the past as well. It is also alleged that Fazail-e-Amaal - the book Tablighi Jamaat advises its followers to read during gatherings, contains many things which do not have any basis in Quran and Sunnah.

Recently, Maulvi Saad Kandhaulvi has got much notoriety as he made a flimsy and untenable comment in a speech held at Bhopal Ijti’ma (annual congregation), that Markaz Nizamuddin is the most sacred place on earth after Makka and Madina – the two places revered by Muslims across the world.

Going by the news report published in Inquilab, dated December 6, 2016, the Deoband seminary claims to have received complaints regarding the ‘perverted views’ of Maulvi Saad Kanadhalvi from various places including Bangladesh and Pakistan. The Darul Uloom also said that scholars across the Indian subcontinent should express their concerns over the way Maulvi Saad Kandhaulvi is propagating his perverted and distorted views among the Muslim masses.

 “After a close analysis of his speeches we have come to the conclusion that Maulana Saad Kandhaulvi has gone astray and he must repent without any delay”, the decree said also appealing to the Tablighi Jamaat seniors to take immediate corrective measures to save the group from going astray.”

It’s perhaps, first time in its entire history that Darul Uloom Deoband has come out openly against the Tablighi Jamaat and its chieftain.

According to Roznama Sahafat, Maulvi Sa'ad is reported to have expressed a vulgar view in an earlier statement leaked by the Urdu daily. He said:

"Using Mobile phones with an Islamic app or Qur'an app is worse than fornication (Zina). Thus, those even the Ulema and Islamic clerics who enter washrooms with such mobile phones in their pockets are worse than the fornicators (Zinaakaar)".

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  • Hats Off,

    The agenda of Islamophobes is to defame Islam and to vilify Muslims by rehashing the worst aspects of Islamic history while ignoring similar atrocities in the history of other religions as well as the history of atheistic despotisms.

    The agenda of moderate/progressive Muslims is to bring liberalism and rationality into Islamic discourse, to condemn intolerance, violence and supremacism and to harmonize relations with other communities.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 12/13/2016 12:57:38 PM

  • what was mr. hajjaj's "agenda"? why did he collect and collate "garbage" so carefully?

    why did the succeeding muslim "agendas" retain the "garbage" without getting rid of it?

    what was the prophet's agenda? what was abu bakr's agenda? what was bukhari's "agenda"? what was ibn ishaq's "agenda"?

    what is the "agenda" of the "moderate muslims"? what is the agenda of "immoderate muslims"?

    why is an "agenda" such a heavily coded word?

    what is the "agenda" of the "islamophiles" as against the agenda of "islamophobes"?

    why is endorsement of sex slavery and jizya moderate while pointing out hateful hadees is not?

    what in fact IS an "agenda"?

    By hats off! - 12/13/2016 8:54:01 AM

  • Dear hats off!

    I have a broad idea of what you find in the u-tubes. I never access them. They are the counterparts of triple x sites - that is morally as vulgar. I now better appreciate your outbursts....

    By muhammad yunus - 12/13/2016 8:43:43 AM

  • As I understand Islamic theology, prophets did not have predictive powers. All theories about the schedule of end-days or Qayamat are idle speculations.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 12/13/2016 2:13:00 AM

  • I have heard that the Qayamat will come when not a single Muslim will be left. A Muslim could be any believer in God and the Last Day which includes the Jews.
    If the Muslims had believed in the hadith cited by Hats Off, the experience of the Jews under Islam as brought out by scores of Jewish historians  would not have been good.
    It is only an Islamophobe or an extremist who searches for such garbage and puts it across as mainstream belief to further their respective agenda.

    By Naseer Ahmed - 12/13/2016 1:41:00 AM

  • Hats Off, Everyone condemns acts of terrorism and extremism. However Islamophobes' target is not Islamists but moderate Islam. They do not waste much time writing about jihadis or Salafis. Their bete noir is progressive/liberal/moderate Islam. They visit progressive Islamic websites to interrupt the conversation there. Their aim is disruption and sabotage of progressive dialogue. While they have a right to their opinion and a right to express themselves, their intrusion in moderate conversations is simply bad manners.

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 12/13/2016 12:46:36 AM

  • dear mr muhammad yunus

    about your question about if i have personally heard muslims say this.

    among my friends (as well as my enemies) my stand on the various religions, their nonsense and their polluting effect on human minds well known. they probably will never say or tell these in my earshot.

    i assure you, if i ever hear such nonsense from among my friends, they will get such a tongue lashing they will never forget it for the rest of their lives.

    there are literally hundreds and hundreds of toxic youtube video khutbas that say even worse. i am sure if you saw them, you would weep for the ummah - given your concern for it.

    among the more hair-raising khutbas is on the vexed topic of ghazw-e-hind. this is the favorite topic among the ulemas of pakistan. the middle-eastern khutbas is mostly about the jews.

    now that we have a google god, he helps us by instantly producing whatever we are searching for with the help of just a couple of keystrokes.

    i urge you to search the youtube channels. i am sure you will find even more horrific things from ulemas.

    each one of these khutbas (i am talking about) is delivered by trained ulemas. there are amateur ulemas as well as self taught ulemas, but i do not generally bother with khutbas from the freelancers and amateurs. i only bother about well known popular ulemas.

    these ulemas hail from all over the middle east, the europe, the americas and pakistan.

    by the way i have never claimed any infallibility. so i am afraid you have either imputed infallibility to me or you have misread my comments.

    on the other hand, i explicitly stated that i do not claim any infallibility. infallibility is the crutch of religious bigots by the way. not skeptics.

    with many regards

    By hats off! - 12/13/2016 12:10:18 AM

  • Dear hats off! I was truthful when I said, “I am 70+ and have lived among Muslims of diverse background. I swear by Allah, I never heard that “that qayyamat will not come until the last of the jews is killed? My memory failed me in claiming that I did not find it in any of the four compilations. Kindly, please tell me truthfully have you personally heard any Muslim quoting the referred hadith. If so how many times?
    By muhammad yunus - 12/12/2016 9:22:16 PM

  • Dear hats off!
    It only shows I am not infallible – never did I claim to be.
    Your last remark also shows that you are not infallible – for I had said in my previous comment to you:  “I have read the Qur’an, the four major compilations of hadith and the Sira back to back – never found such a statement.,” but you are saying that I had claimed to have read all the above books four times.
    So we quit.
    The truth is I read Imam Bukhari compilation – each narrative and identified those that contradicted the Qur’anic message. That’s why I quote only from this Imam. I read the other three compilations cursorily. So when you read something cursorily – as you did my last comment – you goof up.
    Anyway, your detailed answer to my two fundamental questions were enlightening and I will reply after I am finished with an important article.
    By muhammad yunus - 12/12/2016 9:15:40 PM

  • dear mr muhammad yunus

    can you please go through the hadith no 6985 in sahih muslim book number 41?

    i wonder how you missed this. you said you have read all the hadees back to back four times. then how come you missed this?

    i am providing the link below to spare you the bother.



    By hats off! - 12/12/2016 5:28:27 PM

  • dailymail.co.uk/wires/reuters/article-4025660/Protestors-attack-Ahmadi-mosque-Pakistan-prophet-Mohammads-birthday.html

    mr ghulam mohiyuddin probably thinks islamophobes are behind this? or a well financed anti-islam brigade is behind this?

    another faithful blew himself up at a coptic church in egypt dispatching about twenty unbelievers. another one somalia dispatched about twenty believers the other day. another faithful dispatched about thirty believers in nigeria.

    may be islamophobia and enemies of islam did this? or a well financed campaign against islam is behind this? or some conspiracy by zionists? or the raw or cia?

    his pseudo-outrage should probably be displayed here as well.

    islamophobes and enemies of islam seem to be harmless in comparison to moderates who pretend outrage at comments while the world is being torn apart in the name of the religion of peace and love of the prophet. what moderateness? and he has the gall to vent his inanities on this site against my comments.

    his pretended-indignation at comments on this site doesn't do a thing except perpetrate his pseudo-victimhood couched in pseudo-moderate praseology while literally all over the world muslims (or pseudo-muslims) are doing the unimaginable in the name of love for there prophet and in the name of islam. wound collectors have already damaged any prospect of coming to grips with the problem at hand.

    and he thinks that contempt for the dunya and love of the aakhirat does not have any role in the casualness with which the believers are able to kill themselves and take others with them.

    islam-has-nothing-to-do-with-this argument is the most insidious tacit support believers can give to murderous religious goons all over the world.

    theo van gogh died as a result of some muslim's love of his prophet. i can list others, but mr ghulam mohiyuddin is so allergic to comments that i will rather not.

    and he thinks my comments are immoderate.

    the so-called moderates are probably the biggest stumbling block in the path to islamic reform.

    apart from pretending outrage, screaming islamophobia, or enemies of islam, the peaceful moderate majority is completely irrelevant. and when they come they are going to get the moderates too.

    his sense of perspective is incredible!

    its time for pseudo-moderates to pack their pseudo-concern for islam and muslims and face the fact that islam has at least something to do with this or do some customary ranting here as well.

    if mr ghulam mohiyuddin wants to safegaurd his pseudo-sensitivities, he should stop visiting the site rather than fake his outrage here.

    By hats off! - 12/12/2016 4:14:32 PM

  • Hats Off,

    The editor can make his decisions himself, but you should try getting your Kanchan Ilaiah or Periyar views on Hinduism published in Hindunet.com! See what happens.

    And asking me to read an Islamophobe's definition of Islamophobia should go against your own oft repeated admonition against using the Quran as evidence while arguing with an agnostic!

    By Ghulam Mohiyuddin - 12/12/2016 1:10:39 PM

  • dear mr muhammad yunus
    could you kindly follow the link i have provided below regarding your comment that in your seventy years of life you have not come across anything like what is wrote?



    By hats off! - 12/12/2016 9:15:25 AM

  • mr ghulam mohiyuddin should lobby the editor to block comments by pseudo-scholars.
    he should not get himself into a bind.
    he should also take the trouble to go through the following link.

    By hats off! - 12/12/2016 2:33:01 AM

  • The advantages of a good secular education in understanding the Quran better should be obvious from the following articles:

    By Naseer Ahmed - 12/12/2016 2:06:05 AM

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