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Islamic State Is Responsible For Financial Misery of Its Minorities

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April 6, 2013

Islamic World News section of New Age Islam on Friday carried a news about a couple who indulged in pornography by offering live sex shows apart from massage for money as the husband did not have a steady source of income. They have two small children and were finding it very hard to make ends meet. So they had started the immoral trade. However, the police sniffed it and arrested the husband leaving the wife on human grounds. The couple‘s name is Kevin and Devi. Probably they are non-Muslims.

A reader of New Age Islam raised the question why the news was reproduced in New Age Islam as the people involved were not Muslims. New Age Islam only reproduces or publishes news of happenings in Islamic world, particularly, acts of terrorism, sectarianism, human right violations etc by Muslims and persecution of non-Muslims by the majority Muslim community in Muslim dominated countries. So though the country in question is Indonesia, an Islamic country, the accused were not Muslims, is the argument.

Our argument for including the news is: an Islamic country which boasts of the Shariah as the basis for all legislature is responsible to ensure not only religious, physical and human rights of its citizens including the non-Muslim minorities, it also has the obligation of ensuring the economic rights of its non-Muslims who are legally called the dhimmies. Dhimmy, in Islam is not a derogatory word but it connotes special legal status of the minorities in an Islamic country. (In India, we have SCs/ STs and Other Backward Classes but no one considers them derogatory, rather people proudly assert their belonging to these classes to get government benefits). The Islamic country has to be on guard constantly against any violations of the rights of minorities. In an Islamic country, forceful conversion of minorities to Islam, kidnapping of non-Muslim girls and forcefully marrying them and then converting them to Islam, damaging their places of worship (temples, Imambargah, churches, synagogues etc) etc is not only strictly prohibited but also declared an act of Kufr and the Muslims committing those or any of those crimes are, according to a Hadith, transgressors.

That the non-Muslim couple was driven by extreme poverty to indulge in an immoral practice or trade speaks of the fact that the Islamic country in question has not taken care of the financial well being of its non-Muslim citizens. During Hadhrat Umar’s caliphate, Hadhrat Umar once saw a very old and infirm Jew who was in a very wretched condition. He said to one of his officials, ”It is not fair on our part that we collect Jizyah from them when they are young and leave them to die in misery and poverty when they are old and poor”. He, therefore, commanded that the Jew be paid a monthly allowance (Old Age Pension, in modern legal parlance) from the state treasury till his death.

How many of the Muslim countries have this provision of old age pensions for non-Muslim elders or poor non-Muslims while they pay the income tax and all the other civic taxes during their heyday. So if a non-Muslim takes recourse to any immoral means to earn money to sustain his family, the Islamic state cannot shrug its responsibility. Hence the involvement of the non-Muslim couple resorting to immoral means has wider implications. Not only they compromised with their own honour and dignity in extreme circumstances but also their act was likely to affect the Muslim society at large. Therefore, the incident only demonstrates the failure of the Islamic state to fulfil its responsibility of its minorities which is the main issue here.