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Two Evils of the Society, the Clergy Representing Monasticism and Monarchy Representing Materialism Are Blurring the Islamic Definition of a Government

By Mirza Shahnawaz Agha

June 6, 2018

WHEN religion was viewed for a definition what came out of the research was a ‘science for managing societies’! The hell and heaven and the good and bad were really common sense as a consequence. Common in all religions and all societies termed as a ‘value system’. From this does stem morality and causes people live by. Primarily there are two religions on the planet Monotheism and Polytheism. These are poles that attract ‘for harmony’ or ‘disrupt’ social order respectively. It is also evidenced amply over time that Monotheism is a divine recipe whilst Polytheism is a man made craft however intended. ‘However intended’ implies that man made craft can be based on love or hate, politically engineered. Once we get this basic reality straight and choose to adopt this as faith we will have little left to go wrong in philosophizing the making of laws or sifting good from evil.

The Islamic societies in the following of the Dictum should have been the model for mankind presenting the most equitable social order based on material justice and with liberties that guarantee the ‘exercise of free will’. This has not happened and the way things are the chances are nowhere in sight for decades ahead of us. We are like bonsai plants whose growth has been restricted or stunned by containing the exercise of free. The two evils in society are the clergy representing monasticism and monarchy representing materialism.

These have been the two principle ailments of any society in the history of human civilization. Ironical boring as it may seem, the making public of this definition repeatedly is a social obligation! We need to subdue that drumbeat of the Islamic mantra worshipping the religion instead of Allah by all that is in denial of inquisition and in the exercise of free will. One learns and innovates only when one climbs out of a contained cast for thought and actions and this monarchy or the institution of the official clerics do not ever allow.

The theory of bi-dimensional-ism for instance in Islam is unique to the structures of societies as they ought to be. One has a God that is all merciful, kind and His Holy Prophet (PBUH) is mercy for the worlds, the principal witness to all of creation. His book, the final message, is a book of knowledge and you see it being used for sorcery; His religion ‘Din Al Islam’ is a road with two destinations hell and heaven with us his thinking analysing creatures left on this road with free will to tread either way. Then comes our story of creation, now clearly evidenced over time, is also a union of two opposites. Putrid sand and the spirit of Allah! This is thought provoking for any jurist when it comes to first believing the reality of religion and then addressing the making of laws based on good and bad. The lesson to learn when structuring laws is, declining the adoption of certainty or permissive limits at the same time. It is best to go by the manufacturers’ manual! One must be aware of the opposing poles that inflict all human actions. So when the immature atheist declares that man made God instead of the other way around he is in effect declaring his ignorance on half-baked research. He has not gone deep enough into causes and effects.

What has to be understood by all and very clearly, is that if societies need law then a religion is the absolute hub to draw the principles of law from and that for Islam is articulated and documented without errors. Worshippers of the religion are worse than those who deny it altogether. All human values stem from a code for social management and this is primarily based on a belief system unquestionably deniable. That is the miracle of the Quran and it is amply acknowledged over fifteen hundred years. The consequent effect and requirement in the management of societies is the social roles of people and the assertion of leadership from amongst them with the main job description being to shepherd the lot. This is the role of a scholar of theology and not a cleric. Clergy is a recent borrowing in Islam from Christianity a redundant faith in the evolution of religion and human civilization.

Let us view the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for the leadership in place. The core denial is in the Islamic definition of government itself. Governments and all those who constitute it are there to serve and not rule. The ‘value systems and causes’ we represent are therefore in unity and collective good based on equality, equity and brotherhood. Being just is the corner stone of the image, as it ought to have been. What has eroded in following the institutionally and ethnically divided political fabric based on some western doctrine of democracy for the third world is the creation of bandits in the leadership roles?

The country has been robbed of a social value system and the role models now are lawbreakers, cheaters, and manipulators who pride in their inept craft of connivance and subjugating their own people for a revenue stream made up of the most intangible value in printed paper called money. The entire system is a hogwash and not worth a dime. It has to be scraped and replaced by those who hold sway over the country, as they are the real culprits before Allah. Pay heed!

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha is an entrepreneur and author based in Karachi.