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The Real Problem for Muslims is Being Unaware of the Contemporary Age

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

15 August 2016

In the contemporary age, the actual problem of Muslims is not any external conspiracy. Their actual problem is that they have become unaware of the contemporary age. Muslims think that the contemporary age is an age of problems for them. But the reality actually is just the opposite. The contemporary age is an age of opportunities for Muslims.

 According to a Hadith, the Prophet of Islam said: “Wise is he who knows the age in which he lives.” (Sahih Ibn Hibban, Hadith no. 361) In other words, for the wise person it is necessary that he be aware of the age in which he lives. If you are unaware of your times, your thinking will be wrong, and so will your planning.

 Most educated Muslims think that America is an enemy of Islam. They think America is a font of what is referred to as ‘Islamophobia’. But this supposition is completely baseless. If you travel in America, you will find that Muslims there are prospering. There are many mosques and Islamic centres in America. In terms of religion, there are no restrictions at all on Muslims. Hence, it would be true to say that Muslims themselves are engaged in ‘Americophobia’, and not that America is engaged in ‘Islamophobia’.

 A special feature of the contemporary age is the decline of prejudicial thinking. The culture of the modern age is based entirely on just one principle—and that is, the principle of competition. The formula of the Western world can be summarized in this short phrase: compete or perish.

 In line with their traditional pattern of thinking, Muslims think that the West is engaged in a conspiracy against them. They think that in the West they are subjected to discrimination. But all this is entirely baseless. Muslims should do just one thing—and that is to acquire excellence in the field of modern education. After that, no will have any complaint against them. 

May God guide us.


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