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Go Back To Your Country Dr Debra; We Muslims Consider Vaccine Haram and Polio Halal; We Cannot Protect You, We Are Tyrants, Oppressors

By Javed Choudhary

Translated by New Age Islam Edit Desk

25 April 2015

She was born in a small town in California called San Fernando. She was inclined toward religion in her youth. She studied Bible and decided to serve the ailing humanity. She earned the degree of Medical Doctor from University of California Los Angeles and came to Pakistan in 1985. Why she came to Pakistan is also an interesting story.

The decade of 1980 was the period of Afghan war. News and analyses about Pakistan, Afghanistan-Russia war came to the US every day. She would see reports on Pakistan and Afghanistan in newspapers and television reports. She was drawn towards Pakistan after seeing this news. One day she packed her bag and arrived in Karachi. Karachi became her second home where she married a Pakistani.

God blessed her with two daughters. In 1996, she started teaching in Jinnah Medical College. She was a professor in the college and also in-charge of student affairs. In 30 years, she became a total Pakistani. She could speak and understand Urdu. She ate Pakistani food and wore Pakistani dress. Terrorism is at its peak in Pakistan for the last ten years. American and European citizens are main targets of terrorists. The American embassy contacted her a dozen times and advised her to go back to the US. American diplomats also instructed her to make necessary security arrangements for herself but she did not listen. She used to attend college and return home as usual. She also ran various small welfare programmes in different areas of Karachi. She would also treat poor patients without cost, give them medicine free of cost and would also financially help them.

This continued until 16th of April arrived. She was going home from college. When she got to Shaheed-e-Millat Road, two youth came on motorcycle and open fire on her. She received two bullets, one on her cheek and other on her arm. The youth threw a paper towards her on which was written “We will burn America.”: ISIS. The Police came, ambulance came. She was taken to hospital. She was saved but is injured.

She has three wounds: one on cheek, the other on her arm and the third on her soul. The wounds on her cheek and arm will heal but the wound on her soul will perhaps remain fresh forever and will keep asking her why she sacrificed a large portion  of her life for a country that considers her an enemy even after thirty long years. I believe Dr Debra Lobo’s life would pass in finding the answer to this question.

This was the story of Dr Debra Lobo. Now listen to the story of Bergretta El Mibai. She was born in Sweden, was brought up there and then came to Pakistan. She worked for the welfare of orphaned children there. She lived in Model Town in Lahore. She used to teach orphaned and destitute children in the slums and Christian colonies. She also became a total Pakistani. You may recall the earthquake in 2005.This earthquake affected the entire world. Bargretta went to Sweden, begged for donations from her relatives and well-wishers and collected 3 crore rupees and came back to Pakistan. In 2012 she turned 71 years and would often remain ill. Her relatives, friends and well wishers asked her to come back. Sweden embassy too advised her to take care of her safety but she did not listen to either the embassy or to their  well wishers. Finally, 3 December 2012 came. Bargaretta came out of her house in Model Town. She went a little ahead when she was shot. Bargaretta fell down and lay in a pool of her own blood. The bullet was a misfortune but even a greater misfortune was the attitude of the people. Bargaretta was lying on the road but no one came forward to pick her up, to help her and to take her to hospital. People watched the fun of an injured person crying for help, blood streaming from her body.

The police and the ambulance came. Bargaretta was taken to hospital. News were run on the television, Sweden embassy was informed; the embassy contacted their government. The Sweden government sent an air ambulance for Bargretta. She was taken to Stockholm. Her treatment began but since the wound on her body was small and the wound on her soul was grave, she could not recover. She passed away in a few days. Her family buried her in a beautiful and peaceful graveyard. She was a Pakistani but the Pakistanis did not value her as they did not value Doctor Debra Lobo. She also mixed with the soil along with her dreams.

These are only two stories of our ruthlessness, heartlessness and ingratitude. These stories and are not the first or last. Hundreds of people like Dr Debra and Bargretta came to our country, served us but got brickbats, stones and bullets from us and went back. Why? I could not find the answer till today. Perhaps the answer lies in our attitude. We are a tyrannical people.

If you don’t believe, go through your own history. From the state of Madina to Yemen crisis now, 129 states of ours were terminated during the last 13 hundred years. From the martyrdom of Usman Ghani to the ISIS attack in Jalalabad a few days ago, we never put our sword in our sheath. We have been slaying our own people for the last 1350 years. We do not have peace. During the last 1350 years we only have had 13 islands of peace spanning not more than three or four years. Why? Because we are a tyrannical people.

God had given us a religion of peace but we could not get peace.  As soon as we enter any Islamic country, we get oppression, anarchy and fear whereas outside the borders of Islamic state, we find peace, stability, justice and equality because we are tyrannical people. When people like Debra and Bargretta leave the atmosphere of equality, peace and stability of their own country and come to our country, we give them the gift of bullets instead of thanks.  These foreigners embrace our orphans whom we forgot after giving birth and did not give them equal rights despite their being Muslims.  These foreigners treat our sick whom we 1.8 million people cannot even provide a pill, a nurse and a bed in a hospital. These foreigners teach these Muslim boys in our Islamic country and come to preach humanity in our country, where even today girls are married to the Quran, in a country where the custom of Wani and Sawara are practiced, and where mosques are the places of worship of Wahhabis, Sunnis and Shias, not Muslims. But what do we do with them. We kill them. Aren’t we oppressors? Just sit back and think for a moment why are we against the world? First, we are against America, then we are against Europe, then against Eastern countries and then against Central Asia and then against ourselves.

 We do not recognize even Islamic countries nor do we recognize our own country. Iran is against Kuwait, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia cannot recognize non-Arab world. Yemen feels threatened from Qatar and UAE and UAE is afraid of Shia revolution. We are also against Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists and as Muslims, we are against Muslims. If we are Sindhi, we see muhajirs with fear; if we are muhajirs, we are afraid of Punjabis, Sindhis and Balochs. All the states have differences with Punjab and Punjab is disgruntled with other states. We are Sayyids, they are Arain, you are Gujjar, Jaat and Rajput.

We consider other Muslims kafir and believe that they deserve to be killed. And if we have dealt with all of them, we are against ourselves. Tell honestly, if we had not been against ourselves, would we have closed the doors of learning on ourselves. How many of us want to learn new things and respect our body and soul?

From the skies to the earth, from Obama to Naqvi, from Yemen to Sindh and from Sayyids to Rajputs and from our wives to our neighbours, we are against everyone. And when man becomes against everyone on this large scale, he does not remain man. He becomes an oppressor, an oppressor who cannot see Dr Debra or Bargretta or their favours or services.

I request people like Dr Debra and Bargretta to go back to their countries. We cannot protect your lives in our country. We are a people who consider vaccine haram and polio halal and respect for benefactors cannot be expected from a nation that considers diseases halal and medicines haram.

URLof original Urdu:جاوید-چودھری/we-can-not-protect-you--ہم-آپ-کی-حفاظت-نہیں-کر-سکتے/d/102623