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There Will Be Mosques of Deobandis, Barelvis and Ahl e Hadeesi, but There Will Be No Mosque of God across the Islamic World: Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

By Javed Ahmad Ghamidi


June 6, 2015


( Transcribed and translated from Urdu by New Age Islam)

This is a transcription of a part of Mr. Javed Ahmad Ghamidi’s interview, a well-known scholar of Islam. This was taken on June 6, 2015 in Dallas (Texas) US and hosted by a famous author and Islamic scholar Dr. Shahzad Salim.



Mr. Javed Ahmad Ghamidi’s interview

Question: What is the basic cause of Jihadi terrorism? And how can we get rid of it?


Answer: The main reason behind incidents of terrorism being carried out by the radical Muslims is the religious thoughts that are being taught in Madrasas and what are the teachings being delivered to them in their political movements. And there are four things that every Madrasa teaches and every religious thinker preaches, if not in front of you, but he certainly preaches it. And what are those four things, Listen, I will tell you.


1   First thing is, if polytheism, disbelief or apostasy happens anywhere in the world i.e. if a person leaves Islam his/her punishment is death, and it is our rightful duty to enforce this punishment.

2. Second thing, non-Muslims are born to be ruled.  No one except the Muslims have a right to rule the world. Therefore, all the non-Muslim governments are illegitimate governments. And we will overthrow them when we will be in power.

3. The third principle, which is taught everywhere, is that there should be only one government in the entire world, which is called caliphate; hence there is no justification of there being different governments in the world.

4. The fourth point is that these modern states are embodiment of Kufr (disbelief), and therefore this has no place in Islam.

These four elements define our religious thinking.


Now, you please tell me what would you do if you are brainwashed with these fanatic observations?


That's why I keep, constantly, telling my government and even to the people of Pakistan that, as long as a rightly guided counter-narrative is not brought out against these fanatic religious thoughts, such people will keep raising their heads, one after another.


I have written scores of articles in Pakistan. A few months ago, I wrote an article in Pakistan on “Islam and the state – a counter-narrative” which was much debated and discussed. All the religious scholars across the country severely criticized it.


I responded to them. In my response too, I have greatly emphasised the fact that, we need to accomplish these three much needed reformatory initiatives, otherwise the situation that has arisen in the world will turn the Middle East into a hell.


 I'm telling this to you and the same thing once I had told about the Afghan Jihad that was ignored by all. But ultimately the whole nation accepted it. And today I am warning all of you also that, all these three reformatory initiatives must be accomplished, in order to defeat Jihadi terrorism. It is very important that Muslim masses get educated about Islam’s counter-narrative. I have outlined as to what is Islam’s genuine narrative and what is not in the form of 10-Point Guidelines. You all can read what it is. And it is necessary to educate Muslims about it.


And second thing is that, the current education system of Islamic Madrasas is against basic human rights. In any branch of knowledge, specialization cannot be given to a small child. Every child has a right to first get broad-based education for twelve years, after that one can become a scholar or a scientist.


Our religious seminaries work on the principle that they start teaching Islamic sciences to a five- to seven-year-old child. No one has right to do that, at that early age, no one has the right to make someone even a doctor or an engineer. After twelve years of broad-based education, you can make them whatever you want to. Therefore, this education system must be done away with; and for that, civil society must be actively engaged with these reformative initiatives, and also, people must get trained for that cause. They must put pressure on Muslim governments to not allow establishing any religious institution for specialisation in Islamic sciences, without providing the children a broad-based education for twelve years.  After that, whoever wants to build Deobandi madrasa or Barelvi madrasa, can build such madrasas, and Muslim children can get enrolled in these madrasas, only after attending broad-based education of twelve years, and this stand is uncompromising.


Tell me do you give anyone the right to get a 5-year-old child enrolled in a college for Doctoral Programs, absolutely not! Hence, Twelve years broad-based education is a basic right of every child.


The third point is that the podiums of Friday sermons are not for the Islamic scholars. Rather, it belongs to the state governments. And it should be returned back to them. If it does not go back to the state governments, there will be mosques of Deobandis, Barelvis and Ahl e Hadeesis, but there will be no mosque of God across the Islamic world.