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Don't cite Quran in terror mails: Darul Uloom, Deoband

By Zia Haq

Hindustan Times, New Delhi, September 14


THE INFLUENTIAL Islamic seminary Darul-uloom, on Sunday said it did not agree with the concept of jehad as espoused by the Indian Mujahideen and objected to the use of Quranic extracts in chest-thumping terror mails sent by the outfit.


"If what you say is true, the verses quoted were Allah's responses to address questions arising out of specific contexts posed by the Prophet, who was being hotmded by enemies at that time. Even his right to pray was being taken away No such condition exists today," Darul's vice-reetor Abdul Khaleque Madrasi told HT in an exclusive interview.


He said there was a distinction between jehad and fasad (mischief).


The Indian Mujahideen, which claimed responsibility for Saturday's blasts in Delhi among other such attacks across the country, has been quoting from the Quran's so-called "jehad verses" to justify its actions.


In Saturday's mail, the outfit had quoted Quran's verse no. 47, that commands "believers" to "slice their (enemies') necks; and, when you have overcome them...and bind fast the fetters". Madrasi said the outfit did not mention the line preceding this para, which is: "And when you meet in regular battle..." "Bomb blasts, which kill innocents, are not regular battles, are they?" Madrasi asked, adding one should always understand a Quranic verse within its context.


MP Mahmood Madni, a Darul scholar who had pushed for Darul's widely reported anti-terror fatwa, said the Quran prohibited taking on non-combatants.


Madrasi, however, claimed innocent Muslims were being harassed by the police, desperate for leads into recent attacks.


The "normative concept" of jehad or a holy war is being distorted, Madrasi said. "Jehad cannot be declared against a government elected by Muslims themselves. The 'war' being waged by terrorists does not fulfil any of the conditions laid down for jehad," the top cleric said.


Darul-Uloom, 90 miles north of Delhi, is one of Islam's two most important seats of learning.


The senior cleric said killing of innocents was not compatible with Islam and this was the basis for its February fatwa (edict) against terror


Source: Hindustan Times, New Delhi