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Sharia For India?

By Aiman Reyaz, New Age Islam

Sharia For India: sounds intriguing? Read on. Many in India may not know who Sheikh Anjem Choudhary is.  He is the founder of the radical Islamist group ‘Islam4UK’. His main aim is “to convince about the supremacy of Islam thereby changing public opinion in favour of Islam in order to transfer the authority and power [...] to the Muslims in order to implement the Sharee’ah”. He was behind what earned notoriety as some areas in London being designated as “Shariah Controlled Zones”. His group was proscribed for his extreme views. Now he is bringing the same ideology into India with ‘sharia4hind’.

He along with Omar Bakri Muhammad, former spokesman of Osama bin Laden in Europe, is asking “the Muslims to rise for Islam”. Omar Bakri is an Islamist militant leader who was instrumental in developing Hizb-ut-Tahrir into a major organization in the United Kingdom. Later he headed another radical Islamist organisation, Al Muhajiroun. The goal of this group, before it was officially banned, was to establish public awareness about Islam, to prove its “supremacy”, to influence people in favour of Sharia, to unite Muslims on a global scale and to re-establish the Caliphate. It was under the influence of these groups that Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) used to organise Khilafat (Caliphate) conferences in India to promote the idea of a world-wide caliphate of Muslims before it was itself banned in 2001.

Omar Bakri founded Al Muhajiroun in Mecca on 3 March 1983, long before the world witnessed the catastrophe of 9/11. The Saudi government banned the group in 1986. This forced Bakri to arrive in Britain, where he worked as part of Hizb ut Tahrir. In 1996 he was dismissed by the group’s global leadership. In March 2001, Britain Union of Students banned the group after they received complaints from Muslim and non-Muslim students about the group distributing hate literature and the organization training members in militant camps.

Abu Ibrahim, an Al Muhajiroun leader said:

"When they speak about September 11th, when the two planes magnificently run through those buildings, OK and people turn around and say, 'hang on a second that is barbaric. Why did you have to do that?' You know why? Because of ignorance. ... For us it's retaliation. Islam is not the starter of wars. If you start the war we won't turn the other cheek. ... According to you it can't be right. According to Islam it's right. When you talk about innocent civilians, do you not kill innocent civilians in Iraq?"

New Delhi, 3rd March 2012: A New Spring Waits, this is the warning that sharia4hind is giving. “India is now ruled by the most incompetent, unqualified and wicked individuals who have no clue about their purpose in life let alone how to rule a nation.” They further say “Indian political parties have preyed on the Muslim community, as the wolf preys a lamb; they have divided us with nationalism and poisoned us with democracy but most significantly have made us forget what the final Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) was sent down for i.e. the total domination of the world by Islam”.

On 22nd February 2012, an organisation by the name of ‘Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena’, will attend the Delhi High Court appealing for a ban of organisation Shariah4Hind. They will also be demanding that the planned rally for Shariah on 3rd March 2012 outside Sansad Bhavan be outlawed and that visas for Anjem Choudhary and Shariah4Hind representatives be rejected. After knowing about this the sharia4hind reacts in one of its articles entitled ‘A Response to Delhi High Court Hearing’: “How ironic it is that supporters of the so called 'biggest democracy in the world' suddenly turn dictator when the truth becomes unpalatable; why has President Tajinder Bagga not called for the banning of misogynistic industries like Bollywood or the removal of blasphemous idols from the public arena? Why has he not called for the eradication of alcohol, the number one contributor to domestic violence in the country? The answer is that he like countless others in India sees no problem with it because they have become drunk with man-made law and reject the true guidance of Islam.” In the end it says “any banning will never stop the rise of Shariah in the Indian subcontinent, for the seeds of revolution have already been planted and it is only a matter of time before the black flag of Islam flies high over Sansad Bhavan.”

People have a tendency to move forward and march ahead in life with the needs of the time but Anjem Choudhary and his colleague Omar Bakri want pre-British era to be established which, according to them is “glorious golden period”. They write in one of the articles, “The recent history of the Indian sub-continent is fraught with hardship, poverty, racism and oppression. We are not calling for people to go back to 1971 or 1947 or even 1857 but rather to before the British occupied India and to the example of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) on how to govern the affairs of Muslims and non-Muslims.” Of course, these enemies of Islam and Muslims do not want to recall that the very first Islamic State Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) founded in Medina was a secular State. It was based on “Meesaq-e-Medina”, the first Islamic constitution and probably the first secular, multicultural, plural constitution in the world that was based on tolerance or even acceptance of all religions as well as atheism, as ways of life that had to be accorded equal respect by all citizens . Many common Muslims have not even been allowed to become aware of these facts by the Madrasa-based theological education available to them. This is the main problem of the Muslim community; they do not know about their religion and hence they follow those enemies of Islam who “claim” that they know and thus get misguided in the process.

They claim that the problem of Kashmir, Babri mosque, riots in Gujarat, slums of Mumbai, drugs, alcohol etc will be solved once Shariah is imposed on India. They intend to give non-Muslims a zimmi (second-class, though “protected”) status. “Some of the many problems that a united Indian sub-continent will resolve are the troubles in Kashmir, the problem of Babri mosque, the discrimination in Gujarat, the inner cities slums as in Mumbai, exploitation and widespread bribery, the presence of foreign forces (as in Afghanistan), public idolatry, the inhuman caste system, drugs, alcohol, promiscuity and pornography, the use of men and women's gender for monetary gain, usury, gambling, the boom and bust of the capitalist economic model etc.. Moreover all non-Muslims will be given the Zimmi status where their life and wealth will be protected in return for obeying the divine law of the land who will never be asked to be part of the Muslim armies whose job it will be to expand the frontiers of the Islamic State (into China, Indonesia, Malaysia etc...) and protect it from its enemies.

They want to expand their wings around the neighbouring countries of India like China, Indonesia, and Malaysia etc. A superpower is what they want to create which will be unparallel in the history of the world. “With a united Indian sub-continent and with the annexation of the Muslim-majority regions around it, from China, Indonesia, Malaysia etc... we will have united together over a billion Muslims, creating a superpower unparallel in the world. It being obliged for every mature, sane and capable Muslim man to be part of the armies of Jihad, this will be the beginning of the end of man-made law on the Earth Insha’Allah and could fulfill the prophecy of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) i.e. Izhar ud-Deen, the complete domination of the world by Islam.”

No matter how ridiculous these visions may appear and these ideas may sound to a normal person, it would be foolish to think that there will be no takers for them in India. Insanity is no monopoly of Britain or Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. It should not surprise us if some people here may start being beguiled by these ideas regardless of the chaos and violence they may cause. Indeed followers of SIMI have already organised Khilafat conferences in India before. They are openly repudiating Hindu gods, Muslims are being asked to boycott elections, “Bollywood gets the axe” etc. They intend to replace “India’s public idols and statues with mosques, symbolising the transformation from polytheism to monotheism, from darkness to light”. Similarly, they say “The people of Uttar Pradesh and the whole of India must be aware that their politicians are tyrants and that voting for such men or women to legislate man-made law is an act of polytheism (shirk). Muslims in India must steer clear from all electoral polls and place their trust in Allah alone by adhering strictly to the traditions (Sunnah) of the final Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him)”. About Bollywood they say: “polytheism, interfaith and promiscuity and all of the other various ills of the Bollywood industry would be replaced with Islamic monotheism (Tawheed) and righteousness, providing a healthy environment for Muslims and non-Muslims to live under.”

Mr Upananda Brahmachari of ‘’ says “..this open declaration for denouncing the Indian Constitution by the Indian Muslims (fomented by their Pan Islamic counterparts) through an official permission from Government Of India to uphold Shariah for Muslims and the others afterwards under pressure is an unprecedented one. We should stop ‘Shariah for Hind’ at any cost.”

The clock is ticking in as if some strange thing is about to happen (now as I am writing this the counter-clock reads ‘4 days, 18 hours, 3 minutes). This will be a tough test for our Indian democracy, with the rise of radicalism in recent times; it will be difficult to soothe all the communities. Sharia4hind may have put Indian Muslims in the awkward position of being on the same side as those Hindutva goons who beat up reputed lawyers and activists against corruption like Prashant Bhushan in their Supreme Court cabins, but we have no choice. It would have been far better if someone like Zafaryab Jilani, the Babri Masjid activist lawyer had filed this case against Sharia4hind. But we can depend on our so-called leaders to always fail us. Anjum Choudhary says ‘Muslims must rise for Islam’; I say ‘Indian Muslims must rise for India’.