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Allama Iqbal and Maulana Maududi


By Bani Umer

December 1, 2017

Maulana Maududi and Allama Iqbal are those two personalities who contributed a lot for the awakening of Muslim Ummah. Allama Iqbal was born on 9th November 1877 in Sialkot town, in British India (which is now in Pakistan) and on 21th April, 1938 he left this world forever. Maulana Maududi on the other hand was born on September 25, 1903 in Aurangabad, a well-known town in the erstwhile princely state of Hyderabad, Deccan and after the partition he migrated to Pakistan. He died on September 22, 1979, at the age of 76.This means that Maulana Maududi was 26 years younger than Iqbal and there was a gap of one full generation between the two.

Allama Iqbal was a poet and the philosopher. It is thought that he was convener of the Idea of Pakistan that is why he is known as the National poet of Pakistan. He was an Urdu and Persian poet. He is nevertheless remembered as the poet of east and he was one among those Islamic personalities whose aim of writing was to rouse the Muslim world. As a poet and philosopher Allama Iqbal addressed Ummah through various thoughts, of all the fine philosophical thoughts that Iqbal gave, “Khudi” has come to be known as the pride of his philosophy. Khudi, to Iqbal, is the inseparable soul and spirit of humanity. It is this very concept which when awakened in someone, not only does it revolutionise the person but through this it provides the human society with the true essence and meaning of existence.

Now the question here arises, how to develop Khudi and I think Iqbal rightly answers this query through this verse,

Tu Shaheen Hai Basera Kar Paharoon Ki Chatanoon Par

You are an eagle and should live on the rocks of mountains

Iqbal is giving an example of falcon who never feels tired while flying in the air that make your standard on the peaks of mountains and never feel tired and keeping on struggling so that one time you will reach to your destiny. When they develop a confidence like falcon then they look their destiny above up the sky then there is nothing impossible for them.

Now have a look on this personality. Maulana Maududi was an Islamic scholar and a multi talented personality and some Islamic scholars state that he confronted the same challenges which Ibn Taymiyya faced during his century. In 1930 his first major and monumental work was” Al-Jihad Fil Islam.

Maulana Maududi was the first person who ushered in the concept of political Islam and Nadeem Paracha, a prominent cultural critic associated with Dawn Newspaper had stated that Abul Ala Maududi is to Political Islam what Karl Marx was to Communism. He also quotes British Journal states that the impact of Maududi’s ideas can be found in modern Islamic movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood (first formed in Egypt) and although his own organisation failed to gain majority of votes in several elections in Pakistan, but one can’t deny this fact that idea of Political Islam was successfully adopted by Turkey’s Rajab Tayyab Erdogan.

Maulana Maududi also challenged contemporary ideas of Secularism, Socialism and Capitalism. He supported what he called “Islamisation from above “through an Islamic state in which sovereignty would be exercised in the name of Allah and Islamic law would be implemented.

Shanawaz Farooqi a well known columnist of Pakistan writes Maulana not only challenged the ideas of Marx through writing, but he also challenged his ideas in the practical world by creating groups and organisations, for example, in Urdu literature when progressive writer’s movement was formed by implementing the ideas of Marx, it was none other than Maulana who created the Islamic Adab movement against that Progressive writer’s movement. Meer Mohammad Shamsi writes in the Urdu column titled as “Faiz Ka Saat Aik Yadgar Mulaqat” Faiz Ah Faiz once acknowledged that Maududi and his organisation was the biggest hurdle for us when we attempted to change Pakistan into Communist state and it was none but Maulana Maududi who dashed our dreams.

Maulana also tried to awaken and unite the Muslim Ummah through his writings. He penned down 120 books and pamphlets and made over 1000 speeches and press statements. He was the first recipient of the Saudi Arabian King Faisal International Award for his service to Islam in 1979. Dr Israr Ahmad writes these words about Maulana Maududi that “Following the pattern set by Iqbal, Maulana Maududi challenged the dazzling manifestations of the dominant Western civilization and culture, criticizing its principles and refuting its foundations in a most confident manner. Simultaneously, he also explained the fundamentals and ideals of the Islamic way of life in an easy to comprehend and perspicuous style. His celebrated works on the social, economic, and political dimensions of Islamic teachings include, respectively, Purdah, Sood, and a small pamphlet entitled Islam ka Nazaria-e-Siyasi, all of which are still widely read by the educated Muslims. By writing extensively on these and other related topics, Maulana Maududi succeeded in elucidating, in a rational and logical manner, the ideas and themes which were previously expressed by Iqbal in his poetry.

It is said that what Allama Iqbal did through Poetry, Maulana Maududi did the same thing through prose. It was none but Maulana Maududi who referred Iqbal as his Spiritual Guide. Iqbal himself was one of the earliest subscribers to Tarjuman al-Quran(A monthly Journal founded by Maulana Maududi) and it is averred that he held Maulana Maududi in highest esteem sought his cooperation in the task of reconstruction and development of Islamic jurisprudence. Allama Iqbal also said these words after reading the book of Maulana Maududi titled as Al-Jihad Fil Islam “Al-Jihad fil Islam is an excellent treatise on the Islamic law of war and peace”.

Their messages resonate in the subcontinent, particularly Pakistan, but far beyond it. Iqbal’s poems are regarded as the eternal gift to humans of the world and his importance as a Muslim thinker is rising. Iqbal has a partial relevance even in India. On the other hand Maududi has been re-discovered by Western academia along with Sayyid Qutb and Hassan al-Banna. Presently, he is seen as a pan-Islamic thinker whose influence has gone beyond the geographical confines of the subcontinent.

The dimness of the stars is evidence of the bright morning

The sun has risen over the horizon; the time of deep slumber has passed.

This book of the Radiant Community is receiving a new binding

The Hashimite branch is once more ready to bring forth new leaves and fruit.

For thousand years the narcissus was lamenting its lack of lustre

With great difficulty the one with true vision is born in the garden

Bani Umer is studying at university of Kashmir and can be mailed at