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Takfirism Violates Islam: Refutation Of Taliban Magazine Nawa-e-Afghan Jihad’s Article Titled ‘Kufr And Apostasy United Against Islamic Mujahedeen’ - Part 1



By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi, New Age Islam

October 18, 2014

The Taliban ideologue Mr. Kaashif Ali al-Kheri, in the July 2014 issue of “Nawa-e-Afghan Jihad” magazine, vehemently applied the labels ‘Kufr’ and ‘apostasy’ to nearly all Pakistani Muslims. This was deliberately in the wake of Zarb-e-Azb mission which received widespread support from the Pakistani civilian, political, defence and Islamic clerical sectors. Ignoring the irrefutable Islamic fact that Takfir of any Muslim unless he himself openly declares his unbelief is forbidden, Mr. Kaashif mendaciously and ridiculously titled his write-up “Kufr and Apostasy united against Islamic Mujahedeen”.  Based upon none other than Wahhabi-styled statements, he rendered force-fitted legitimacy to kill all non-Wahhabi Muslims and non-Muslims. Thus, he shamelessly violated not only the divine commands of the Qur’an and Hadith in each of their different miraculous meanings; metaphorical, literal, specific and general etc, but also of all the four major schools of thoughts in Islamic Jurisprudence.

Excerpts From Taliban magazine Nawa-e-Afghan Jihad accusing Pakistani Muslims of being Kuffar and apostates

The Taliban ideologue, Mr. Kaashif Ali al-Kheri writes, “After the Zarb-e-Azb operation was launched by Pakistani Army in the North Waziristan, the secular-minded groups look as if they were on the top of the world. The deviants like Musharraf, Kayani and Zardari could not jump into this “blind well”, Sharif has, however, decided to do that. Rafdhi and Mushrik groups are ready to sacrifice their souls to sell their religion. Overwhelmed by enthusiasm, the Rafdhi leader of the organization ‘Ittehad Bain al-Murtadeen’ (Leader of Unity among Apostates), Raja Nasir exaggerated so much that all Pakistani people could not help enjoying the moment. Just three hours after the Zarb-e-Azb operation was announced, he said “I announce to render hundred thousands of Shiite volunteers to the Pakistani Army to fight against the Takfiris”. The matter has reached a point that the productions of Mu’ta and bastards have got ready to volunteer for the Pakistani Army. It is amazing that hundred thousands of products of Mu’ta will go along with the unclean Pakistani Army. In this state who will be able to save the Pakistani Army from the curse of Allah Almighty?

“Subsequently, another group of polytheists (Mushrikeen) appeared. On the 19th June, the Sunni Tahreek leader Aejaz Qadri announced in Mansehra, saying “If the Pakistani Army orders me, I will render hundred thousands of Mustafawi soldiers for Jihad to fight against Tahreek-e-Taliban in Afghanistan”….We should say “Bade Miyan to Bade Miyan Chote Miyan Laanatullah! (Meaning- May God curse upon both big and small brothers!)”.  So, it means that these hundred thousands of soldiers will be sent for Jihad against Taliban! …Yes, of course, against the same Afghani Taliban who, having defeated the Kuffar soldiers of the world and Mushrikeen of the east and the west sent them back their homes. But this time Fatiha reciters, Halwa eaters, practitioners of Teejah and Chaleeswan (Conveying reward of virtues to the dead) will fight against Taliban! This is that Aejaz Qadri who is terrorized so much that he peeps out his head through the behind closed doors to see if there is any “terrorist” to kill him.

“Another group of this tribe (i.e. polytheists) which, after earning US dollars, continued to protest against Mujahideen, chanting loudly that hundreds of “Ulema” (clerics, ulema is plural of Aalim, scholar or cleric) have issued fatwas on June, 22 that “the Zarb-e-Azb operation is a Jihad against ‘terrorism’”! It was not explained in the fatwas to why the US congress is tolerating the expenditures of this “Jihad”. This is the faith of these ulema selling their religion. Tahir Canadian was not behind in this race and issued fatwa that “I describe the Zarb-e-Azb operation as the greatest Jihad against ‘terrorism’, thus, it is obligatory on the entire Ummah to support this Jihad”. To please Crusader leaders, not only these groups of Mushrikeen supported this Army operation but “the group of Muwahhedeen” led by Hafiz Saeed was also on the fore front.

“However, all these groups should remember that Allah will support and bless Mujahideen. If the Pakistani Army continues this operation till the decisive end, Mujahideen are also ready for that. God willing, they will defeat the Pakistani Army in this war. Then what will happen to the supporters of the Pakistani soldiers.”

At the end of his article, the Taliban ideologue, Mr. Kaashif says, “God willing, Mujahideen will kill the desires and dreams of the united Kufr and its supporters. Thus, there will be nothing but darkness for these groups of devils!”       

To my great horror, the Taliban ideologue, Mr. Kaashif described all non-Wahhabi Muslims of Pakistan as the groups of Mushrikeen (polytheists), posing a severe threat to do more future attacks on the majority Muslims of Pakistan. He mainly targeted Shaikhul Islam Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, Maulana Sarwat Aejaz Qadri (Sunni Tahreek leader), Shiite scholar Raja Nasir Abbas Jafri (General Secretary Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen) and scores of Sufi-minded Muftis and scholars. This is simply because all of them openly supported the Zarb-e-Azb mission, calling it a Jihad against Taliban terrorism.

It should be noted that Jihad according to Taliban terrorists means to kill all those who are non-Wahhabi/Sufi-minded/Sunni/Barelvi/mainstream Muslims along with Shias and Ahmedis. Taliban/Wahhabi ideologues like Mr. Kaashif believe these Muslims to be polytheists (Mushrikeen) and apostates. Describing Sufi Muslims “as group of polytheists” and Pakistani Shiites as “productions of Muta and bastards”, the Taliban ideologue, Mr. Kaashif mockingly said that Taliban terrorists had defeated all polytheists of the world. Therefore “Fatiha reciters, Halwa eaters, practitioners of Teejah and Chaleeswan (Conveying reward of virtues to the dead)” could not withstand these terrorists.

Given the virulent propaganda of Taliban ideologues detrimental to all Sufi-minded Muslims across the world, it is the pressing need of our time to keep our fellow Muslims abreast of the totally distorted meanings of the Quran and Hadith. It is also necessary to tell them how the words like Kufr, apostasy, Jihad, Mujahid are being misused in order to kill non-Wahhabi Sunni and Shia Muslims.

Feeling my moral and humane responsibility I must not live without rebutting the Taliban/Wahhabi ideology of killing non-Wahhabi Sunni and Shia Muslims under the pretext of Kufr, apostasy or shirk. First we should know what the legal value of Islamic Jurisprudence is for such Wahhabi ideologues using words like Shirk, Kufr for Sufi-minded Muslims who I think follow the true version of Islam. Let us deeply study the following Qura’nic verse and the sayings of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him۔

Unlawfulness of Takfirism in the Qur’an

 “O believers! When you set out (to fight) in the way of Allah, carry out a careful probe, and do not say to him who greets you (as a Muslim): ‘You are not a believer.’ You seek goods of the worldly life (in the shape of spoils of war, after killing a Muslim declaring him a disbeliever). So, (rest assured that) Allah has gains and booties in plenty. Before this you (too) were the same. Then Allah conferred on you His Favour (and you became Muslims). So investigate and confirm the truth (about others as well). Surely, Allah is Well Aware of what you do”. (4:94) 

This verse goes so far as to say that a person who greets “Assalamu Alaikum” to show that he is a Muslim cannot and should not be called Kafir (unbeliever). During the era of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, when some Muslims suspected that such a person who greeted was not sincere, our holy Prophet said to them: “He (the Holy Prophet) observed: Did you tear his heart in order to find out whether it had professed or not?” (Muslim Shareef)

Various Ahadith Strictly Prevent From Accusing Any Muslim of being Kafir

The messenger of Allah Almighty, Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: If a person says to his brother, O’ Kafir (disbeliever)! Then surely one of them is such. (i.e.; Kafir) (Sahih Bukhari Volume 8 Book 73 Number 125)

The same Hadith is narrated with slightly different words in Muslim Shareef:

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Any person who calls his brother: O Unbeliever, (then, the truth of this label) would return to one of them. If it is true, (then it is) as he asserted, (but if it is not true), then it returns to him (and thus the person who made the accusation is an unbeliever). [Sahih Muslim Book 001, Number 0117:]

"Whoever attributes Kufr [unbelief] to a believer, he is like his murderer". (Narrated by Tirmidhi and Bukhari)

"Withhold [your tongues] from those who say "There is no god but Allah" --- do not call them Kafir. Whoever calls a reciter of "There is no god but Allah" as a Kafir is nearer to being a Kafir himself”. (Tabarani, reported from Ibn Umar)

"Three things are the basis of faith. [One is] to withhold from one who says "There is no god but Allah" --- do not call him Kafir for any sin, nor expel him from Islam for any misconduct". (Abu Dawud)

All the Ahadith (plural of Hadith) mentioned above obviously formulate a legal value not to describe a believer or a Muslim as Kaafir. The law is so strict that if the accusation is not true, the accuser himself will be considered a Kaafir. Hence, the Taliban ideologue, Mr. Kaashif has violated the divine commandments and all the above-mentioned sayings of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Classical Islamic Jurists and Scholars Disapproved Attribution of Takfirism towards Any Muslim

The standard and classical scholars of Islamic law (Fiqh) prohibited the use of Takfiri ideology for any believer. The following are the excerpts that refute Taliban-Wahhabi ideologue, Mr. Kaashif who has done Takfīr of all Pakistani Muslims:

“One of the doctrines of Ahl as-Sunnah (the people of Sunnah) is that none of the people of the Qibla can and should be called Kafir” (Sharh ‘Aqai’d al-Nasafiyyah by Allamah Sa'ad al-Din al-Taftazani, p.121)

“A ruling of Takfir should not be offered to a Muslim if there is possibility of interpreting his words in a favourable manner” (Rad al-Mukhtar, Book of Jihad, Chapter on Apostasy)

Pointing out to Imam Abu Hanifa the founder of Hanafi School of thought, It has been said, “He did not describe anyone from among the people of the Qibla as Kafir”. (Sharh al-Mawaqif, 5th part)

Imam Azam Abu Hanafi RA said: “Nothing expels a man from faith except the denial of what brought him in it (faith)”. (Rad al-Mukhtar, Vol 3, P.310)

Allama Mulla Ali Qari said, “It is extremely serious to drive a Muslim out of the faith” (Sharh al-Shifa, vol 2, p.500)

Allama Jalaluddin RA said, “Takfir of people of the Qibla is itself an act of disbelief”. (Dalail al-Masail)

“Various Imams have clearly said that if there is any ground for not enacting Takfīr, The Takfiri ruling should not be issued, even if that ground is weak”. (Raf al-Ishtiba an Ibarat al-Ishtiba, p.4)

 A widely known Sufi saint, Khwajah Mir Dard RA (1785), one of the three major poets of the Delhi School said: “We do not call the people of the Qibla Kaafir, even though they may be following false and different beliefs in most matters. This is because of the very fact that faith in oneness of Allah Almighty, the prophet-hood of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and turning to towards the Qibla do not drive them out of their faith. Thus, they would be among such Muslims who follow later inventions (evil inventions) and falsehood. The holy prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him said), “hold back in the matter of the Qibla people that you do not call them Kafir”. Ilm al-Kitab, p.75) 

Besides, there are more of the great Islamic theologians and Jurists who unanimously agree that none of the people of the Qibla can and should be called a Kaafir. (al-Mawaqif, p. 600)

Summing Up

After pondering over the Qur'anic verse, Ahadith and classical works of Islamic law which is based on the holy Quran and Sunnah, one can say without hesitation that it is a clear violation of the Islamic spirit to label a believer with Kufr or shirk. But the question arises why do Wahhabis falsely describe Sufi-minded Muslims as Mushrik and Kaafir? The reply is, ‘activities of Sufi-minded Muslims like Shrine visiting, celebrating the birthdays of holy prophets, reciting Surah Fatiha in front of sweets, having faith in Waseela (intercession, source) and the hidden knowledge given by Allah Almighty to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) etc’. Based upon unbiased study of the Quran and Hadith, I find these spiritual, devotional activities of Sufi-minded mainstream Muslims as pious. On the part of the Wahhabi ideologues, it is nothing but assumption of their force-fitted rhetoric and false illusions and theories. This way, I believe that Wahhabis accusing Sufi-minded Muslims of being Kaafir or apostates are the worst sort of people who themselves are denying the legal values set by the holy Quran and Hadith and hence, they should worry about the consequences of their act on the Day of Judgment. As for the majority mainstream Muslims, they do reject their violent Takfiri ideologies.          

(To be continued)

A regular columnist for New Age Islam, Ghulam Ghaus is an Alim and Fazil (Classical Islamic scholar) with a Sufi background. He has completed the classical Islamic sciences from a Delhi-based Sufi Islamic seminary Jamia Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Zakir Nagar, New Delhi with specialization in Tafseer, Hadith and Arabic. He completed his Alimiat and Fazilat respectively from Jamia Warsia Arabic College, Lucknow and Jamia Manzar- e- Islam, Bareilly, U.P. He has graduated in Arabic (Hons) and is pursuing his M.A in Arabic from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.


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