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Theological Rituals Are Part of Our Complete Religion, We Must Practice it to Curb Rising Islamophobia in the West

By Syed Sadruddin Hussain, New Age Islam

03 July 2019

Due to rising Islamophobia, we non-Arabic Ajami Muslims should practice moderation as Ummath Wasth (2:143) and become part of the mainstream society in the West to end all sort of discrimination. There is no need to wear Arabic dress with uncut and heavy beard to impress others nor there is a need to wear 'coffin type' Burqa by some of our women as Hijab is enough on a modest dress.

Some years ago, a Pakistani woman created a big stunt in Toronto by refusing to show her face to the Judge administering oath of allegiance on becoming Canadian citizen. The other Muslim women present there did show their faces. The Judge rightly refused to give citizenship status to this woman. She made an appeal to the court to create a propaganda stir and the Judge finally ruled that her Pakistani passport and NIC and immigration papers did contain her photos and when she appeared for an interview before the Canadian Embassy official in Islamabad, she showed her face fully and answered the questions. Hence her plea was rejected and she had to show her face to the Judge later to obtain Canadian citizenship.   

Our theological Madrasas are promoting Mulla generation instead of well educated and knowledgeable generation as per Quran (96:1-5). This should be curbed. The Madrasas should be upgraded into schools with Holy Quran and its translation/explanation as one of the subjects. There is no need to read, recite and do memorization/Hifz of Holy Quran without understanding as being promoted by our Mullas/priests to dominate, rule and divide us to make money. Nor this is supported in Holy Quran.

Memorization of Holy Quran was being practiced in early days of Islam when paper was not invented and to protect it from manipulation by vested interests. Now printed copies of Holy Quran in hundreds of thousands with translation/explanation are available everywhere. Hence there is no sense in memorization of Holy Quran and that too without understanding being promoted by our Mulla community to make a living.

The Holy Quran contains such specific Guidance/Mohkmaath (3:7) of Allah on all matters of life with solution to problems like marriages, sex, pregnancy, child birth, suckling the baby, family quarrel, mediation, divorce period up to three months (not instant three times pronouncing of divorce against Quranic edicts), divorce without touching a woman, Iddah period, re-marriage after Halala, avoiding woman during menses, inheritance issues, care of parents, performing good deeds, helping the poor and the needy, good behavior etc.   

Tilawat in Arabic means to read, understand and follow/practice all the specific Guidance/Mohkmaath mentioned in the Holy Quran. Hence being a Universal Deen not Mazhab only, we should all read Quranic translation to understand Islam correctly and entirely to follow it completely to achieve Allah's Blessings. 

The Mullas particularly Masjid Imams never promote and project in their Jumma and Eid speeches/Khitabs all Quranic Mohkmaath/specific Guidance of Allah (3:7) on all matters of life with solutions to problems. Islam is a complete way of life/Deen (5:3) not Mazhab/theology to corner it to rituals only. The Masjid Imams avoid holding Dars-e-Quran session daily to promote and project Quranic Guidance to our ignorant Ajami Muslims. Instead they project a 'fairy tale' type Islam based on weak and fabricated Hadiths, sayings, traditions, tales, stories etc. to keep us religiously backward and dependent on them for guidance instead of Allah and HIS Holy Quran.


Allah is not Arabic knowing only. HIS previous three Holy Books i.e. Torah, Psalms and Bible were bestowed in different languages of the time to warn and guide the then deviated humanity to HIS Right Path. Allah is above languages and dialects and can understand all languages, dialects, movements, actions, Duas, requests etc. of sane and insane persons, sick and disabled persons, deaf and dumb persons along with those of Angels, Satan, animals, fish, insects etc. being the Creator and Founder of the Universe, humans, non humans etc.    

Mr. Masood Khaddar, a retired ICS officer started Namaz in Urdu in Bagh-e-Jinnah (Lawrence garden), Lahore in 1960 and he openly said that we should understand what we are saying and praying as Allah is not Arabic knowing only. Maulana Ghulam Murshid, Khatib of Shahi Masjid, Lahore in the course of Eid Khutba said that sacrifice of animals other than Makkah need not be performed as sacrifice is linked to performance of Hajj only. Please read P/149-150 of book 'From Jinnah to Zia' by late Muhammad Munir, Retired Chief Justice of Pakistan.

We wrongly think that Arabic is a holy language of Allah where as it is the common language of Arabs: Muslims, Christians, Jews and others and contains as usual good and bad words, songs and dances, scolding etc. as in any other language. Arabic Quran was basically meant to warn and guide the then deviated and Kafir Arabs to embrace Islam and follow Allah's Right Path. Please read: 12:2/ 19:97/ 41:2-3,44/ 42:7/ 43:3 /44:58 to know how far we have been misguided since generations by our Mullas to treat Arabic as a holy language of Allah and cornered Islam more to Puja Pat rituals of so-called five Pillars only. They have been misguiding us to touch and read/recite the Holy Quran only after 'Wudhu' whereas the Arabs don't do it.

But our Mullas have been misguiding us since generations to learn Arabic language with correct pronouncing and also to simply read, recite and memorize/Hifz the Holy Quran without understanding to depend on Mullas for 'guidance' instead of Allah. Actually there is no 'Order/Hukum' of Allah to learn Arabic language and do memorization/Hifz of Holy Quran. The memorization of Holy Quran was common in early days of Islam when paper was not invented and to protect it from manipulations. There is no theological Madrasa system in Arabia to promote Mulla generation with memorization of Holy Quran.

The Arabs don't practice 'Aitaykaf' as we do during Ramadan. Please read P/35-37 of book 'Haqaiq Aur Afsanay' by Hussain Amir Farhad of Idara Soothu lHaq, Karachi. Due to lack of Quranic knowledge, we get easily exploited and deviated by our Mullas who dominate us in religious matters and rituals. That is why Allah has strictly priesthood/Mullaism (57:27/ 9:31,34) as all are equal before HIM and equally accountable and answerable for their deeds and misdeeds, Shirk and Bidah, sins and evils, un Islamic customs and practices etc. 

Hence Islam being a universal Deen now, we should all read Quranic translation to understand and follow Islam correctly and entirely to end all exploitation, deviation, extremism, excesses and over-acting in religious matters and rituals, Shirk and Bidah practices, un Islamic customs and practices, rule of Pirs, Faqirs and their Taweez, Ganday, Jadoo, Tona and special Dua business, near 'Mazar worship' of dead saints and asking for help instead of Allah etc.

Hence follow Allah and his holy Quran not Mullas and their exploitation of Islam through projection and promotion of weak and unauthentic Hadiths etc. To keep us religiously backward on all matters of life, and cornering Islam, a complete way of life/Deen (5:3) into a theology/Mazhab thus giving more importance to 'Puja Path' rituals.


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