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Unitarianism of Scriptures as Preserved in Quran and Separatism as Practiced by Manmade Religions



By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

April 07, 2013

Any faith system based on the unity of God, the Creator of the universe, is preserved in Quran by the phrase al-Kitaabim-maknoon, which says: 56-77, 78“this is honourable Quran in which the Book (the ‘word’) is well-guarded”.

Any source book therefore, of a faith-system that proclaims this ideology of unity of God the Creator as its Creed must be the kitab, the word and the idea the message, because the Book is “where in are authoritative scriptures 98-3”affirms that the Creator has “revealed the same message”, not only to the addressee messenger “but to all the previous messengers2-34”, named and un-named therein 40-78,thus constructing the “thought process” of mankind’s unity through series of inspiration-Wahi that Messengers express in their own words.

Quran states that some religions levied a charge on it of borrowing from other scriptures and accuse the deliverer-Messenger as having plagiarised their ancient books!

Close Examination Shows That The Book Refutes This Charge As It States:

37-37: “Of course! He (the Messenger) has come with the very truth, and he confirms the message of the apostles before him”. On further investigation one finds that in 5-51,10-371; and most notably in 46-9: “Tell them, I am no bringer of new-fangled doctrine among the apostles…”thus giving full credit where credit is due to the previous Messengers and their message.

In this context, the Judeo-Christian faiths which levied the said charge also have their core “Belief” as the Unity of the Universal Creator. The first two commandments of the famous Ten Commandments common to them both, derived from the Bible’s Deuteronomy 5 and Exodus 20 states:-

“You shall not have any other god except God” and “you must not carve graven images to worship”, stressing reverence to just one God.

The question then remains to be answered as to whether the ‘practices’ of the followers of these faiths stand up to the Message or not? The question also of God’s ‘Fatherhood’ however, in terms of siring a human Son as god to be worshiped, through a human female remains as a burning issue!

The Hindu scriptures-Vedas, generally accepted as from over 1200 BC must be the many previous ‘books’, when one considers the following statements given in them:-

Rig Veda 6/36/4 “He is the sole sovereign of the universe”2

Atharva Veda 13/4/20 “Verily He is one single, indivisible, supreme reality”2-

And too:-

“I am the Father, the Mother, the Supporter and the Grandsire of the universe”2.(Bhagavad Gita, 9:4, 6, 17).

Is it that in practice people worship attributes of the one God –there are infinite numbers of these attributes - and not the many gods?

It therefore similarly remains to be asked if Hindu scriptural “Creed” and Hindu religion as practiced are two different entities.

A similar message of Unity of the Creator occurs as the main theme, verbatim given in the Quran as: “there is no god but only God”. That is, the essential Message emphasising Unity of the Creator equalising the status of mankind, in all scriptures prevails. But why then is there such an emphases on, “oneness” of the Creator?

It is this question and emphases on unity, it appears that mankind has ignored ever since Adam and Eve sired their children. Is this conflict therefore instinctively maintained? It seems that from the earliest times ‘truth’ when presented by Messengers was always denied by the majority

Let us consider this quote -"Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires surrender unto demigods and follow the particular rules and regulations of worship according to their own religions."2Bhagavad Gita 7:20

Quran too reiterates the above. 10-19- “Mankind was but one Nation, but differed later. ...” and condemns the perpetrators of separatism soundly: “woe to those who write the book with their own hands and then say ‘this is from God’. To traffic with it for miserable price! Woe to them for what their hands do write and for the gains they make from it”2-79.

A very apt description of all evolved man-made religions, propagated by vested interests of their operatives, the elite, the masters, the priests the guides, and their indoctrinated followers’ who put them in practice!

The gains are not only material but an amalgam of vested interests in the name of Religious separatism. Not only religions are very lucrative industry but also a permanent one at that. Its permanency based on perpetuation of religions.

So Where Do These Charges Come From?

In the context of Muslims today too, is it not true that in practice they too have religions, separate within and from others? They are steeped in differences of their own Brother-hood; with various religions, denominations and sects, contrary to the script of the book. In other ways, their different practices too resemble close to idolatry. Yet how many idols, in myriad forms, are there “under their own sleeves3”, asks a poet?

Even violence is used as a tool to further this agenda and even justified by interpreting the Book to suit. Feature of that is commonly applied is, the promise of eternal reward in its worldly image. Blowing themselves up in this world for martyrdom-Shahadat-and murdering innocent people in the process for the sake of their minders’ agenda; laced with the promise of infinite sexual gratifications in heaven, must be exhilarating to testosterone filled Muslim youth.

Never in the sermons of the minders it is asked as to how many idol-worshipers and infidels in Makkah did Messenger Muhammad slaughter even when subjugating the city, a year before he died?

Irrespective of historical precedence set by Messengers and their scriptures command, conflict is maintained as if it is a hallmark of mankind. It seems that there is no solution to this problem of manmade fetish of religious conflict.

Of course there is a solution, however a revolutionary and drastic one. Perhaps it is also required and must be implemented to bring the required Unity.

Let us deconstruct all religious thoughts, demolish (figuratively speaking) all mother-churches, banish the confined gods therein and retire their keepers who are ever so busy in fragmenting humanity. For until then it seems mankind will not become one community, as required by the Universal Creator. No doubt the revolution will cause a huge unemployment in the religious industry.

The good Book says in 30-32- “Those who split up their faith and become mere sect, rejoicing in that which is with itself.”Thus it seems that wallowing in that condition is instinctive. Perhaps this is a generalisation of a sort.

Utter ignorance – ‘stolen intelligence’–is the main cause! There is no logical reason to dwell in ‘religions’ for mankind to learn to evolve a social life-system within the frame work of natural justice, ethics and morality. A huge task therefore lies ahead!

Along with deconstruction; practical actions are required on many fronts but the one task that requires priority is to eliminate worldwide poverty- “distribute your wealth freely”, as ordained in 2-3, and followed closely by enlightenment that comes with secular and scientific education. For only then it would be possible to wean the young away from the clutches of the religious guides who in their worldly image promise material rewards as well as heavenly Hoories!

It is revealing to watch a child, even in a war torn and poorest of the poor countries being asked –“what would you like to be when you grow up?”Invariably the answer is ‘doctor’, ‘engineer’, ‘scientist’ or a ‘teacher’. Never would one hear it said ‘a priest’!

It suggests that even for a child, instinctively, the institutions of knowledge are other than religious teachings, to be of any use for mankind.

No surprise then thatin35-27,28is stressed; ‘knowledgeable people-Ulema–are those who contemplate the workings of the universe—“Have you not seen how God causes rain to fall (etc.)……” and “…among those his Obedient people who are conscious of God’s workings, who have knowledge…”who’re capable of understanding the supremacy of the Creator and so, through that knowledge the unity of His creation. To them the Universe is THE house of worship!

As A Sufi Saying Which Echoes The Above Is:-

“You can study God through everything, because God is not confined in a mosque, synagogue, church or temple. …there is only one place to look for Him: in the heart of a TRUTH lover… Let God and only God be your guide4. …Learn the Truth, my friend, but be careful not to make a fetish out of your truths”.

1--10-37, “…On the contrary it is a confirmation of revelations that went before it”

5-51, “To you We sent the scripture in truth, confirming the scripture that came before them by what God has revealed…”

2—Quotes obtained from various websites

3--agarchey buut hain jama’at kay aasteenon’ main’.—although there are idols under the Community’s sleeves

Mujhhey hai hukm-e-azaan, laa-ilahaa-illallaah- Iqbal.—I am but ordered to proclaim, ‘there is no god but God’.

4—10-35, Say “Of your ‘partners’ is there any that can give any guidance towards Truth? Say it is only God who gives guidance. …….and argues that these Partners need guidance themselves”!

A regular contributor to New Age Islam, Rashid Samnakay is an Indian-origin Engineer (Retd.) based in Australia for over forty years.