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In Search Of Believers in the House of Islam

By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

26 April 2016

Although there are reputedly some 1.7 billion people who claim to be Muslims (Who and how they were counted?) but are there any Believers-Momins in the House of Islam today?

It is important therefore to establish how the Book Quran defines Momin and Muslim.

Believer-Momin is a Quranic term. The definition of a Believer is given in the first few lines of Chapter 2, which is the actual beginning of instructions; for those who had sought guidance and had proclaimed Unity of the Creator of the Universe and pledged obedience to Him in the first and opening Chapter.

The Book therefore proceeds to define Believers in the following two verses as those:-

2-3: Who believe in the Unseen (that which is given herein and of which they are not aware as yet), and establish the system of Code and keep open their sustenance for others (on equitable basis).

2-4: And who believe in the divine Revelation sent to you (Muhammad), and sent before your time (to other Apostles), and have the assurance of (reckoning of) Hear-after.

Hence These Verses Precisely Define The Believer.

A Believer-Momin undertakes to conform to the Code and to obey all Commandments from here on. The element of Faith-Iman summarized as ‘There is no god but God’ and the system- Salat for human behaviour is to maintain Unity of mankind in the one-ness of the Creator, to maintain Peace on earth and to preserve the sanctity of human life and its dignity.

These Are The Primary Duties Of A Momin.

As is given in the Book, all Momins are Muslims but it says not all Muslims are Momins. God instructs the Messenger to warn the Muslims that mere utterance of Faith does not make one a Believer 49-14. Obedience to God’s commands is an essential part of Muslim’s Iman-Belief to be classified as a Momin:

So today, in the so called Islamic world - the “House of Islam” as some would have us say, we search for the Momin. What we found is:

Firstly: The professed Creed- There is no god but God. The ‘uniqueness’ of God is negated universally by associating a human person placed on the same pedestal as God- Muhammad the Messenger of God; significantly at the  exclusion of all other Messengers contradicting 2-4.

This is an important omission when Islam is claimed to be Universal, as given in 2-213 for mankind to be one nation receiving the one message!

Is There A Momin In The House Of Islam?

Secondly: One of the most important commandments against causing schism in the brotherhood (including sisters, 33-35) of the nation of Muslims is manifestly rejected by adding a qualifying and acrimonious description of Sunni or Shia and many of their offshoots.

This sectarian schism is forcefully forbidden in the Book, yet the Muslims States, Churches, groups and individuals have no qualms in expressing it and even shedding their brothers and sisters blood to maintain their separate sectarian identities as Muslims, all in the name of Islam;

6-159: As for those who divide their Faith and breakup into sects, you (oh Messenger) have no part in them in the least.

Since this is an instruction to the a Messenger that all of them profess to follow and it is he who is commanded by the Lord to break all relation with them in their schism, then it begs the question as to who is left to be a Momin-Believer?

Are There Any Believers In The House Of Islam?

49-10: The Momins-Believers are brotherhood, so make peace between your brethren, and keep your duty to God (that you have pledged) that mercy may be had on you. A brother should never kill a brother- or a sister for that matter!

Also it is the Book which has been revealed to judge the differences in various religions 16-64. Yet, the Muslim world is torn apart in different religions!

Are There Believers In The House Of Islam?

Thirdly, as a result the carnage that is taking place … the slaughter, the beheading and murder of not only the combatants but the non-combatants, innocent men, women and children, whether Muslim or not, that is expressly forbidden and yet it is being carried out as jihad in the name of Islam.

Sanctity of life 5-35 and reconciliation is the key stone of the God’s commandments on war, which in the Muslim world is being rejected on daily basis.

8-55: For the worst of the beasts in the sight of God are those who reject Him, They will not believe—the Book says!

Are there any Momin-Believers in the house of Islam?

And as a result of the above, millions of their brethren are driven out as refugees. War is to be waged against such who initiate these crimes and commit such sins against humanity 60-8, 9!

Are There Any Believers In The House Of Islam?

Fourthly, compulsion in religion, even by waging wars to convert others is considered as a meritorious act and part of some sort of Jihad. There is no such thing in the Book of Islam 2-256.

18-29: The truth is from your Lord so let him who wishes to believe and let who wishes to disbelieve; says the Book!

Are There Any Momins In The House Of Islam?

Fifthly: The scourge in many Muslim countries is ordained by Churches to punish blasphemy and apostasy by death, is too common. Freedom of choice based on intelligence is the hallmark and demand of Quran. There is no such punishment specified in the Book. The retribution is the prerogative of the Lord,

 88-21 to 26: So remind them, (Oh Messenger) you are only to remind, you are not a warder over them, but whoever turns back and disbelieves the Lord will chastise them with greatest chastisement, surely to Us is their return, then it is for Us to call them to account—and nobody else!

Are There Any Momins In The House Of Islam?

And there are many more criminal practices perpetrated by Muslim States, Churches and sectarian groups, priests and individuals in the name of Islam. The list is too long.  However some of these must be pointed:

Wanton destruction of mankind’s heritage of historic sites and monuments is so intellectually depraved that it defies description. The Book extols mankind to preserve these so as to acquire knowledge of history, of those nations that have passed on, 12-109.

The most shameful, degrading, insulting and religiously savage indignities and injustices inflicted on females are the scull and bone flag of Muslim religions. To name a few: Divorce by three utterances, heinous insulting conditions for remarriage, religious prostitution by temporary marriage, death penalty for adulteress only, and honour-killing of girls. All completely and utterly contrary to Quran!

Are There Any Believers In The House Of Islam?

These corruptions are obvious to anybody who has ever opened the Book with open mind and read it with understanding that the scripture has inherent in it the universal truths for the benefit of mankind. It is therefore Muslims, their churches and operatives who are guilty of misinterpreting the commandments to suit their ulterior motives and misguide the hearsay-followers that give the Book and Islam a bad name!

The Muslim world is engrossed in the self-destruction of its Faith and the nation. All to the delight of “others” that are waiting in the wings and adding fuel to the fire. There is plenty of fuel out there. Alas, Muslims don’t see it being used against them!

Only those that follow the commandments of the Book and have pledged to obey will prosper:

 24-51: The response of the Believers, when they are invited to the Lord and His Messenger that he may judge between them is only that they say: ‘We have listened and we obey’. And these it is that attain prosperity.

Are there any Momin-Believer left in the house of Islam today that listen and obey the Lord, and read the Book as it is meant to be studied and followed 2-121?

A regular contributor to New Age Islam, Rashid Samnakay is a (Retd.) Engineer


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