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Does Quran Differentiate Between Momin And Muslim?


By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

4 Sept 2012

As is the physical contrast recognised between males and females, so it seems that Quran recognises between Momin and Muslim, by addressing them as separate people on their “belief based actions’ in this world, hence there is a differentiation.:-

33-35- Indeed for Muslim men and Muslim women, Believing men and Believing women, devoted men and devoted women, truthful men and truthful women, steadfast men and steadfast women, humble men and humble women, charitable men and charitable women………God has readied forgiveness and huge rewards.

One therefore comes to the conclusion that ALL Momins -Believers -ARE Muslims but NOT ALL Muslims are Momins. Only a few more quotes are given from the Book as the basis of understanding of this issue for argument’s sake.

The definition of a Believer-- a Momin, is given simply at the very beginning of the main body of the Book, that is, the Chapter two named as Baqura. This is given in response to the ‘desires’ expressed by those who want to be guided on the right path,—a sort of ‘Lords prayer’ named Fatiha, the first chapter.

2-4- and those who believe—uminoon—in the guidance that has been revealed to you (O Messenger), and to those before your (distant) time

(Anyone with a little vocabulary of few words of Arabic would know the difference between haazaa meaning ‘this’, which is nominative, in presence, and dhaalik meaning that which is at a distance of space or time, or out of sight. The Book at the beginning uses the later though it talks of its own message of guidance.

As is with many other issues, where is advisable to deduce the real meanings by delving further in to the Book with references to any particular issue, here it becomes quite clear that the guidance is based on the divine revelations of all the previous-distant- Messengers, hence the word dhaalik):

And that this Book is only a ‘confirmation’ of all the previous originally revealed Books, as referred to at 10-37, further down in the context of this argument.

The Book, on the basis of the use of human faculty of intelligence, demands from its reader exclusive ‘following’, for example:

25-73- Those who when informed of the verses of their Lord, do not accept them as if they were deaf and blind.

17-36- And you shall not follow any information of which you have no knowledge, for in the judgement of your Lord you will be held accountable for (the gift to you of) hearing and sight—meaning intelligence.

And for obtaining guidance, any other prop or dependence on a source of guidance external to Quran is rejected outright and amply argued as:-

10-35- Say (ask them) of your associates is there any who can give any guidance to the truth?

Say (tell them) it is your Lord who gives guidance towards the truth…. It then proceeds to argue with intelligent people and questions---Is then HE (God) who gives guidance to the truth worthy to be followed, or he (the other source) who finds not guidance unless he is guided? …..The Book’s annoyance at humans not using the gift of intelligence bestowed to them, shows vividly as it asks…. What then is the matter with you? How do you conclude?

This demand is further argued for instance in:

39-3 Is it not for God only that sincere obedience is due…?

The reference to the other source is given in the very next verse referred to previously:

10-36- But most of them follow nothing but conjectures, for conjectures are not sufficient to establish the truth. Indeed your Lord is aware of what they do!

10-37- This Quran could not be attributed to anyone except God. Indeed it is a confirmation of the (the previous original) truth. Without doubt this book is from your Lord of the universe.

In this context it further asserts that;-

2-62- Indeed those who believe, and those who are Jews, and Christians and the Sabians; whoever earnestly believe in God and the last day and acts beneficially, their reward is with their Lord. For them there is no fear nor shall any grief touch them.

Similarly in Chapter 72 at verse 13 this is referred to as:

72-13- And some amongst us are Muslims-Muslimin- and there are those who seek compromise….

Therefore in the definition of Muslim, meaning one who ‘submits’ yuslimu completely to the commands of God; let alone them contradicting the commands of Quran, even seeking slightest compromise ostracises them from the bond of Brotherhood of Believers, that is, one who breaks the Code ad-Deen that is Islam;

31-22- Who ever submits completely to God and is a benefactor (to humanity) has grasped the strongest bond and God’s laws determine the reaction to all actions.

It can be deduced that, in addressing human kind  (some people now do not like to use the word ‘mankind’ as it is considered sexist, and it is so; for example we use Chairperson and not Chairman now a days)  bestowed with intelligence, for them the Book is ‘argumentative’ and not generally ‘prescriptive’ except in very few mundane issues so it may appear to be prescriptive, but expects Believers to use the God given faculty of intelligence and act beneficially-amanu wa .a’millus-Salihaati-Believe and act righteously.

2-12- Indeed it is they (who do not use intelligence) are the disputers, for they fail to use intelligence

It can be concluded that those who so brand themselves as Muslims, but act completely contrary to Gods given commands and cause mischief and disharmony are NOT Momins but in fact are Munafique-hypocrites!:

9-64- The hypocrites are scared that a chapter might be revealed exposing what is in their hearts. Say (oh Messenger) Go on mocking, God will expose really what is your hearts. Please refer to subsequent verses also.

This argument cannot be complete without giving at least one currently and commonly perpetrated example of the hypocrites. The cruel and wanton act of killing innocent and non-combatant people, even their own kith and kin for all sorts for vested interests but giving it the name of Quranic command that they following Islam:

17-33- Nor take life, which God has made sacred, except for Just cause….  And many more of such verses which makes life sacrosanct 5-35, and of which commands are broken on daily basis and blatantly now!

From 49-14, which says to such people- you only say ‘we have submitted our wills to God’ for not yet has belief entered your hearts. That is to say, they are Hypocrites and two faced in the language of the Book, for they break the commandment;-

16-90- God commands JUCTICE and doing of good and liberty to kith and kin….!!

A regular contributor to New Age Islam, Rashid Samnakay is an Indian-origin Engineer (Retd.) based in Australia for over forty years.