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Half-Truth is Falsehood and Falsehood is Fraud


By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

16 August, 2014

Half-truth is not the Truth; if it is not the truth then it is falsehood and falsehood used deliberately as a strategy to misguide others is deceitful and deceit is fraud.

With the above contention it is argued that the religious zealots often innocently, in ignorance and misguided acceptance of the fraud, use it to propagate what they think is their Creed, a religious Oath Kalimah for Muslims.

They are therefore committing a fraud upon themselves and their community as a whole.

The argument is made here for Muslims in the context of Quran, the Book from where the following Creed is taken, that is laa Ilaha Illallah and Muhammad ur Rasullullah as depicted on some Muslim countries’ flag, head bands, worn on sleeves or enunciated as declaration of belief in the faith of Islam. This is half-truth and therefore false.

The Creed is made up of two distinct sentences, firstly laa Ilaha Illallah– there is no god but God and secondly Muhammad ur Rasullullah - Muhammad is the messenger of God. This Kalimah or oath is given as one compound sentence with no separation between them to indicate two separate entities which they are in the Book.

The Book is replete with the first part, as obviously that is the essential primary message given to Muhammad and all previous messengers, named and un-named (40-78) in the Book. The message appears in that exact form as given above and in other forms imparting the same meaning with more emphasis, such as in the short chapter 112.

The Book is a monologue between God inspiring His messenger Muhammad and him listening to it in order to transmit further the message on to humanity.

The second part, that is, with the title Muhammad, appears four times only in the whole Book, but never conjoined with the first one.

One does not have to be a master of science of languages to appreciate that any “associate” attached to God negates the essentials of the first part of the message.

The laa and Illa emphasise the “only-ness of God” which is the real Creed of the Faith, and any dilution and pollution of it with an associate- god or human, should therefore is never acceptable!

Having cleared the table so to speak of all peripherals and clatter such as lesser gods, son of god and demigods and other object of worship, then to construct a compound sentence out of context, of a human being associated with God is illogical if not absurd.

Dr Yar Khan Azhar has put it succinctly and simply in an Urdu poem:

“Mai Khuda Toe Nah Thaa Aye Kalmahgo”—I was not a god Oh the taker of Oath,

“Mujh Ko Kissay Mila Diya Tunay”—with whom have you joined me ( in association)?

“Main Kahan’ Or Kahan’ Who Zaat-e-Paak” –where-for I and that pure being?

“Aasman’ Par Charha Diya Tunay” – that you raised me to the heaven (with Him)

The fact that Muhammad was the messenger of God goes without saying and is confirmed in the Book: 63-1: “…Yes, God knows that you are indeed His apostle…..”

The four verses where the title Muhammad appears is quoted below in part for brevity are from Y. Ali’s translation:

·         3-144: “Muhammad is no more than an apostle. Many were the apostle that passed away before him. If he died or were slain will you then turn back on yours heels?”

·         33-40: “Muhammad is not the father of any of your men but he is the apostle of God and seal of the prophets….”

·         47-2: “ But those who believe and work deeds of righteousness and belief in the ( revelations) sent down to Muhammad for it is the truth from their Lord-…”and

·         48-29: “Muhammad is the apostle of God and those who are with him are strong against the unbelievers…”

Note – In the above it is said ‘the title of Muhammad’ and that is deliberate, for in 61-6 the Messenger’s name is given:“name shall be Ahmad”.

Close scrutiny of the above and many others too make it amply clear that the annunciation of the Creedas constructed by people is incomplete and therefore false since the important continuation of 1 above is left out.

For example in the very beginning of the Book in the main body of Chapter 2, where the Belief is defined as in verse 4, says: 2-4: “And who believe in the revelations sent to you and sent before your time, and in their hearts have the assurance of the Hereafter”.

·         4-162: “and the believers believe in what has been revealed to you and what was revealed before you”.

·         4-152: “and make no distinction between any of the apostles”. Also in 15-10

To add an appendage to laa Ilaha Illallah and then to proceed to delete the important part of the Belief in the community of brotherhood of apostles: 23-52 to 54 all the previous apostles, some named and others not named 40-78; is compounding the felony, which can only be described as a criminal fraud against the Faith system that is Islam.

This is not a trivial omission on the part of those who profess to the faith. For one thing, it insulates the previous apostles from Muhammad and thus gives a legitimate poker in the hands of detractors to brand the universal faith as a cult; a personality cult of Muhammadanism. Any wonder then that Muslims are generally considered as ‘Muhammadans’, as worshipers of a person called Muhammad!

The followers of this cult are therefore treated separately and as being insular from the “nation of humanity” that the Book wants to mould it into as shown at 10-19.

The other essential feature that the fact, the pluralism of the faith in accepting all previous Messengers sent to every nation is abrogated by this fraud.

And that there is no compulsion in Deen 2-56and your Deen with you and mine with me109-6 and also you have no responsibility in what I do… 10-41 is negated completely when in fanaticism the flag bearer of this fraud enforces their dogma on to others.

Thus they are committing a grave sin Fitna in the Muslim world, and indeed the whole world!

Whereas the true Believers implore All Mighty and ask: “Our Lord make us not a trail for those who practice oppression 10-85”.

Those who practice oppression, the ordinance is to fight them as they are the declared enemy of peace 2-191;but not to murder innocent, unarmed non-combatant people of other faiths, ironically their own people. That is a grave sin indeed!

It is a great sin by the Book to drive innocent helpless people out their home and hearth and into refugee camps by the thousands and thousands! An unforgivable crime committed against humanity of unlimited proportion.

To disturb this peace and cause Fitna– oppression, then also negates the very essentials of oft repeated ordinance of Amanuwaa’millus-Salihaati—very significantly given in 4-124: If any do deeds of righteousness, be they male or female and have Faith they will enter heaven. The heaven here on earth and Hereafter, that the Believers proclaim to believe in implicitly. To do the opposite is not be a Believer and therefore it is to commit Kufr!

The Book has ordained upon those who claim to be the custodians of the Faith to maintain peace and harmony in the world, hence their greeting of Salaam un Alaikum- peace be on you. To do the opposite is to declare ones denial of faith!

And that is what the Jihadis are wrongfully committing in the name of their faith, they is Islam! They have chosen their own people as the “soft target” instead of carrying their jihad to the oppressors!

A regular contributor to New Age Islam, Rashid Samnakay is a (Retd.) Engineer