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Lofty Goals behind Marriage in Islam


By Fars News Agency

Apr 23, 2015 

And God does wish to lighten your difficulties.

“And Allah wants to lighten for you [your difficulties]; and mankind was created weak.” (Quran: Nisaa 4:28)

An Honorable Household

Marriage is a way of staying out of corruption for young Muslim adults. It is a difficult problem to find one out of millions, not married, yet be chaste and sinless. If we find a youth who is truly chaste and not married, then we may say she/he is one of God's Saints. Avoiding commitment of sins, remaining immune from corruption, being safe from the outburst of the instincts, and not being married at the same time is something only the Prophet Joseph could do.

Marriage is a natural and divine law. It makes some problems easier to solve in concern with keeping the youth chaste and pious. The establishment of a household in society must be founded on a healthy and peaceful basis. The couple lives together by marrying and respecting each other's rights. Wherever a Muslim household is established it must be based on God's revelation and in the remembrance of Him day and night.

“[Such niches are] in mosques which Allah has ordered to be raised and that His name be mentioned therein; exalting Him within them in the morning and the evenings” (Quran: Nur 24:36)

In such a house, with such attributes, one finds a household of believers in which worshipping God flourishes. God has ordered a marriage to take place there and the couple obeys all divine, humane laws.

In such a house, the couple are real servants of God and their offspring are the fruits of virtue. Their behavior and morality are signs of divine etiquette and the traditions of the Prophets. When a believing couple get married, they both feel responsible to follow the divine laws. If a difficulty should arise, they solve it easily and confront it with the arms of patience and fortitude.

The Worst People

Living in seclusion and not having a companion leads to many difficulties. It causes depression, despondency, nervous disorders and all types of mental and physical disorders. Being alone causes one to enter the world of imagination and vain thoughts and succumb to mental and moral illnesses. The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Most of the People of the Fire on the Day of Judgment are those who refused to marry and start a family."

Also the Prophet (PBUH) said: “The worst of your dead ones are the celibates.”

The Noble Prophet of Islam interprets that those who do not marry are forced into corruption, sedition, sin and make problems for their society and the family. In all aspects of life, they cause a lot of trouble.

According to the Quranic verses and Prophetic traditions, marriage endows humans with nobleness and respectfulness. Marriage keeps man safe from wickedness and God's punishment. It protects him from falling into the clutches of Satan. Marriage protects man from becoming a source of vice and corruption and he will be safe from God’s Wrath. All of this results in his comfort, peace and safety, righteousness and piety making life easier. This is why in the Holy Quran the lawful, Islamic marriage has been pointed out.

“And Allah wants to lighten for you [your difficulties]; and mankind was created weak.” (Quran: Nisaa 4:28)

Striving for the Well-Being of the Household and Home

In addition to positive worldly gains, marriage and maintaining a spouse and attending to the children have serious spiritual benefits. Working and striving to provide sustenance for the wife and children are considered to be a wonderful form of worship being equal to engaging in war in the way of God. The following has been narrated from the Immaculate Imams:

“One who works really hard to provide for his family's sustenance from what is lawful is similar to one who fights in a war in the way of God.”

Raising a good generation with children who are good-doers and excellent offspring is essential and satisfies God, it is also considered to be worship and deserves the rewards of the Hereafter. It is of utmost importance to keep the household safe from corruption and to provide the means for growth, education and development of the family. This is the best type of worship of God.

The Fourth Imam (PBUH) has wisely stated: “Whoever provides the best means for the spiritual and material needs of his wife and children is closer than others to attaining God's gratitude.”

Anyhow, the society is the product of the family. All people who serve a nation, whether it be the president, minister, or a Member of Parliament have their roots in the house and the family.

Man's success or failure is primarily originated from parent’s conduct. If they strive for their children's success, they have performed a major act of worship and will eternally benefit from marriage. If, however, they are the cause of their offspring's failure, they have not only benefited from the holy tree of marriage but also they have practically prepared the means for their own loss. It is for this reason that the Prophet (PBUH) stated the following in different Islamic traditions: “The roots of anyone's failure exist within their mother, and so does their blessed fortune. “

The home and those who manage it are the main factors in their education and development.

And as the great Persian poet Kalim Kashany said: “The only thing that comes out of the jug is what's inside it.”

Now it is up to the parents to fill the hearts, the minds and the brains of their children with whatever they have.

Establish the Loftiest Goal for Marriage

One's goal for marriage should be spiritual, holy and pure. One must marry in order to obey God's order and the Prophets' manner and to provide for the prosperity of his/her spouse as well as divinely raising children. Both men and women should prepare themselves for engaging in a great act of worship when they marry. They must know that the child is only God's trust which is the guest of the father's loin for a short time.

Do not let your eyes be the judge for marriage. Do not let lust be the matchmaker for marriage. Do not let the goal for marriage be getting wealthy by either family. Do not let the goal of marriage be seeing a beautiful face or a deceiving look. It has been proven that if these are the goals for marriage, such marriages do not have a good ending and bear little or no fruit.

Let spirituality, God and worshipping Him, striving to respect your spouse's rights, raising good children and attaining God's pleasure be your goals in marriage so that it bears eternal fruits. If two individuals are divinely joined, their marriage will last forever since divine marriage never ends in divorce.

It is a religiously lawful requirement to protect the spouse's honor in front of the children and their relatives. And it is divinely forbidden to belittle one's spouse. Muslim men and women must consider the marriage of the Commander of the Faithful (Imam Ali) and Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (PBUH) as their model. This lofty marriage, which was contracted for God's sake, was based on heavenly goals and resulted in immaculate and divine offspring.

The family structure must be purely divine and Islamic so that it can attract and absorb God's benevolence. If undesirable and ungodly customs, Satanic conditions or that part of the culture of the Age of Ignorance which the Prophet (PBUH) had ordered to be abolished be not avoided in marriage, then evil will appear in the marriage and this tree will bear sour fruits. The Prophet (PBUH) ordered: Everything should be abolished from the Age of Ignorance except the Islamic traditions.