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Islam, Women and Feminism ( 18 Nov 2013, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Sharia Vs Male Dominance


By Tayyaba Paracha

November 19, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - Lately, the debate on imposing Sharia law had been set up by Taliban and other religious groups but their definition of Sharia is nothing but male dominance. By supporting Sharia, these religious groups want oppression of women that makes the meaning all wrong. The thing which all Sharia supporters must learn is the difference between Sharia and male domination.

Wearing Burqas, sitting in home, not allowed to speak, think or standup for their rights. Is this Sharia? Or are these the ways of living taught to us by our Prophet (PBUH)? Where in Sharia is mentioned to kill the one who does not agree with you? This no tolerance policy isn’t at all Sharia law, but sheer extremism. Lets us revise the definition of Sharia that is the law Allah described in Quran and what our Prophet (PBUH) imposed. In the light of Quran and Sunnah all those brutal laws are not only unacceptable but punishable.

If the fatwa specialists here just once try to look into the teachings of Quran and Sunnah keeping aside their rigid minds, may be they get to understand what Islam is about. Islamic teachings promote tolerance and peace and Quran and Sunnah have never mentioned force and pressure. If molding people into unconditional obedience of self imposed law was an Islamic practice, how come our Prophet (PBUH) never used this approach?

While looking into the strict Sharia law of Saudi Arab, one not only gets disappointed but shocked to know how easily will they let a woman in prison or die but not allow her to walk alone to a market or get out without Hijab. In 2002, 15 girls were burnt alive in a school fire as the religious police didn’t allow them to get out due to un-Islamic dresses. This ruthlessness is not and was never a part of Sharia. This can be Taliban’ definition of ideal law but not Sharia. The Ulema’s of Saudia have given their verdict against women driving cars. For years social activists are fighting to give driving rights to women but to this day their efforts could not get any benefit to women. This foolish law can never be said to be made under Sharia but male dominance.

A woman’s fate is to bow before what her father, husband or brother impose on her. A boy can marry according to his choice and no one opposes, but if the same act is seen done by a girl it becomes a matter of life and death. While in Islam, the right to marry by personal will is given to both men and woman. Same goes education.

When the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has declared it compulsory for men and women to acquire education, how come Taliban- the so called followers of Islam- ban girls school and restrict them to homes. The illiterate women in a society never express a Shariat following but a male dominated society. To build a society without violence, we must give respect to our women and protect their rights. If a society fails to give equal rights to women, it should not do that in the name of Sharia but simply declare it male dominance else it must follow the real laws of Sharia.