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Islam, Women and Feminism ( 30 May 2015, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Radical Islam and the Invisible Feminists





By David Rubin

May 27, 2015

I rarely use the term “Radical Islam”, even though it seems to be the term favored by most of the world to describe the Jihadist oppression and abuse of women and children, as carried out in much of the Islamic world. I think it far more accurate to describe the danger of the Jihadist, oppressive philosophy that lies at the core of Islam, and which is certainly radical.

However, it is true that are varying levels of intensity and levels of abuse of women and children in the Islamic world, but any objective observer has to wonder where the liberal feminists are on this issue. Indeed, why are they in hiding? Where is their outrage about the abuse of women in the Islamic world, which far outflanks anything that occurs in the West?

Verbatim from the Washington Post (May 22, 2015):

Zainab Bangura, the U.N.’s special representative on sexual violence in conflict, recently conducted a tour of refugee camps in the shadow of the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, war-ravaged countries where the Islamic State commands swaths of territory. She heard a host of horror stories from victims and their families and recounted them in an interview earlier this week with the Middle East Eye, an independent regional news site.

“They are institutionalizing sexual violence,” Bangura said of the Islamic State. “The brutalization of women and girls is central to their ideology.”

Bangura detailed the processes by which “pretty virgins” captured by the jihadists were bought and sold at auctions. Here’s a chilling excerpt:

After attacking a village, [the Islamic State] splits women from men and executes boys and men aged 14 and over. The women and mothers are separated; girls are stripped naked, tested for virginity and examined forbreast size and prettiness. The youngest, and those considered the prettiest virgins fetch higher prices and are sent to Raqqa, the IS stronghold.

There is a hierarchy: sheikhs get first choice, then emirs, then fighters. They often take three or four girls each and keep them for a month or so, until they grow tired of a girl, when she goes back to market. At slave auctions, buyers haggle fiercely, driving down prices by disparaging girls as flat-chested or unattractive.

We heard about one girl who was traded 22 times, and another, who had escaped, told us that the sheikh who had captured her wrote his name on the back of her hand to show that she was his “property.”

Estimates vary, but there are believed to be somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 women enslaved by the Islamic State. Many are Yazidis, a persecuted minority sect that the extremist Islamic State considers to be apostate “devil-worshippers,” in part because of the Yazidis’ ancient connection to the region’s pre-Islamic past. The jihadists’ treatment of Yazidi women, in particular, has been marked out by its contempt and savagery.

The West has seen the notorious beheadings, but the above report about the abuse of women and children illustrates, perhaps more than anything else, the vast mentality gap between the West and its Islamic terrorist enemies. To Israelis, it may be less of a surprise, as this is what we have seen Muslim radicals carrying out in the Middle East since the days of Mohammad, the founder of Islam who had 31 wives and unlimited sex slaves, some of whom weren’t even physically mature.

Terrorism and sexual abuse, including the abuse of children, doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It has a specifically Islamic context and justification. If Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and even Egypt, are surprised by the rise of ISIS, they shouldn’t be. Yes, the violent acts of ISIS are shocking, but unless it’s understood that these acts arise from the broader, Islamic historical and societal context, it won’t be confronted properly – and that’s why the West has failed miserably. ISIS is simply a wildly popular, albeit the most extreme manifestation of Muslims imitating Muhammad, who is known as “the Sunna” or the example to be followed by all Muslims.

Given the horrible abuse of women that was so graphically described above and that is spreading wildly in the Islamic world, when can we expect that the Left and the vocal feminists in the West will raise their voices in protest? Will we hear from Hillary Clinton? Will we hear from Oprah Winfrey?