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Islam, Women and Feminism ( 1 Sept 2016, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Lifting the Burqa off the Burkini

By Tarek Fatah

August 30, 2016

In their hysterical reaction to the “Burkini ban” in France, bleeding-heart liberals in the West demonstrated again how gullible they are and how easy it is for the worldwide Islamist movement to manipulate them.

In carefully staged theatre, the Islamists pulled off a stunt by making Muslim women out to be victims of white, male, armed police.

They tugged at our outrage whenever we see the state trampling on individual liberty, especially if the victim is a female.

Thus a video of a woman being beaten by a gang of Muslim men, somewhere in Europe or North Africa, barely raised an eyebrow, and didn't make it to the front pages of any newspaper or TV network.

However, the sight of a middle-aged Muslim woman napping in full body attire in 35 Celsius heat, with cameramen, being asked to leave the beach, or take off one layer of her Burkini wrap, was enough to raise cries of racism, misogyny, bigotry and every possible human rights violation in the UN Charter.

One image, circulated on the micro blogging and social networking website Tumblr, best captured the logic of the left.

It showed two women in almost identical full-body swimsuits, with the title:

“French Muslim in Burkini French Catholic in Wetsuit.”

Below the picture, the caption read:

“Only one will be asked to remove her swimming gear at gunpoint.”

To the defenders of the Burkini, the picture illustrated Western racism and double standards.

To me, the picture raised a question:

“If both swimsuits provide head-to-toe cover, why don’t these Muslim women wear the wetsuit? Why do they insist on the Burkini?”

After all, the wetsuit would meet all the silly requirements imposed by man-made Sharia laws that have forced the Muslim world to be permanently anchored in medieval times.

That is when I had a eureka moment in understanding why the Burkini is being pushed upon Muslim women, when for a good 1,400 years, we Muslims had no use for it.

The Burkini is supposed to be many things, but above all it is a tool to “slut shame” western women, and Muslim women, who wear traditional beach wear, be it bikinis or a single piece swimsuit.

The objective is to project devout Muslim women as pious and pure females who are the guardians of the family’s honour, and to contrast them to non-Muslim or non-observant Muslim women who are of “loose character”.

As this twisted logic goes, the latter are sexually bound to a culture of immorality, cursed by Allah to, as infidels, burn in hellfire, for exposing their skin to entice men and trigger their sexual arousal.

American Muslim reformist Shirin Qudosi made a scathing attack on the Burkini in a Fox News column.

She wrote, the Burkini is an extension of the Burqa, which was “a totem of feminist oppression”.

The Burkini, she said, was the result of “an abusive cultural conditioning” of Muslim women.

As for those who believe in the notion of “choice”, well, I’m sorry, but nudists should not have the choice to roam naked on Toronto’s lakefront or Vancouver’s shores; white supremacists should not have the choice to wear KKK bath wear while sun tanning, and neo-Nazis should not have the choice to have swastikas stitched on to their briefs or bikini tops.