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Islam, Women and Feminism ( 30 Nov 2018, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Muslim Women Voice the Right of Women to Pray Inside ‘All Mosques’


By Qutub Jahan Kidwai

30 November 2018

On Sunday 25th November, 2018, one of the pioneer and largest women’s organization held a mammoth assembly of its 10,000 members in Poovanjina, Kottakal, Mallapuram District of Kerala from 4pm to 11 pm. The assembly was organized by Muslim Girls and Women’s Movement (MGM) and their umbrella organization Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen Markazu Da’wa (K.N.M). The Women members who were attending the assembly were also from other branch of K.N.M organization namely Ithihadul Shubbanul Mujahideen (Youth wing of K.N.M) other local organizations.

The MGM have been working in Kerala for the last four decades to spread education, economic welfare and eradicate superstition. The activities of the movement includes publications of magazines, books, public speeches, charity works, care of orphans and specially abled, campaign against terrorism, dowry, alcohols, drug abuse and AIDS. Also they have been providing relief work during natural disasters.

The introductory remark was given by Dr. Khadija Nargese, President of MGM, she in her speech highlighted that women should come out and demand their rights to make a society equal place for both men and women. She seeks support of all women in Kerala state to demand access to all Mosques. The assembly inaugural address was given Ms. Qutub Jahan Kidwai highlighting the significant role of women in the History of Islam. In her address she asserted to achieve economic independence by achieving higher education and joining various professions. Women were urged to take step forward by contributing to the welfare of the community in every possible way. By gaining expertise in various fields, applying for positions in male dominated fields, political leadership and to be a Peace builder. Also inaugural session highlighted the issue of radicalization among the youth, intra-religious conflict, and sectarian ideologies and urged for reforms.

The following subjects were covered during the entire program. The significant role of women in the history of Islam from being Political adviser to Experts of Legal Sciences of Islamic Jurisprudence. The other topics were:

1.      Women- Customs, Freedom and Security

2.      The fundamentals of noble family.

3.      Eradication of Superstition

4.      Protect your youth by teaching values of Peace and Compassion

5.      Women empowerment with ideological unity.

There were recitation of poem and songs based on revolutions in the history of Kerala. They also showed a documentary film highlighting the works of MGM. There were media personnel’s in large number to report this mega event.

Finally the MGM Presidents and District General Secretaries along with Leaders of other NGO’s endorse the message of women empowerment and the assembly was concluded by passing a resolution demanding Muslim women’s entry in all Mosques.