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Islam, Women and Feminism ( 1 Jan 2017, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Islamic Law in Nigeria: Women's Rights Banned By Quran, Top Muslim Cleric Argues

New Age Islam News Bureau

1 Jan 2017 

Photo: The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’adu Abubakar, called on the National Assembly to protect against a religious crisis by upholding Islamic law


 Iran Proposes Muslim Women's Basketball Kit to FIBA

 Afghan Migrant Attack Bible-Reading Woman with Knife in Austria

 Modesty Brings A Muslim Fashion Website, Founder 'One to Watch' In 2017

 Why Should Western Governments Terrorize Islamic Women!

 PKK Women Fighters Claim Killing 160 Turks In 2016

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau




Iran Proposes Muslim Women's Basketball Kit to FIBA

Afghan Migrant Attack Bible-Reading Woman with Knife in Austria

Modesty Brings A Muslim Fashion Website, Founder 'One to Watch' In 2017

Why Should Western Governments Terrorize Islamic Women!

PKK Women Fighters Claim Killing 160 Turks In 2016

Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau




Islamic Law In Nigeria: Women's Rights Banned By Quran, Top Muslim Cleric Argues

12/29/16 AT

Shiites In Nigeria

Nigeria's most senior Muslim cleric called on Nigerian lawmakers to shun any legislation that contradicts the teachings of the Quran. The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’adu Abubakar, called on the National Assembly to protect against a religious crisis by upholding Islamic law.

“Our religion is our total way of life; therefore, we will not accept any move to change what Allah permitted us to do," he said. “Islam is a peaceful religion; we have been living peacefully with Christians and followers of other religions in this country. Therefore, we should be allowed to perform our religion effectively.’’

His remarks came during a Quranic recitation competition organized by the northwestern state Zamfara. He said Muslims would not accept any legislation that would stroke religious controversy.

His warning coincided with a debate in Nigeria's Senate over a gender equity bill that would have allowed women to share in their family's inheritance and ensure a widow could retain custody of her children even if she remarried. He said the proposal was banned under the Quran and urged Muslims lawmakers to oppose the bill. Christian lawmakers had advocated for the change to end discrimination against women.

Nigeria has over 270 ethnic groups and is roughly half Muslim and half Christian, with northern states generally referred to as the nation's Muslim region and Christians living in the south.

Nigeria's Senate previously rejected an earlier version of the bill in March because it was not consistent with Nigerian culture. But human rights activist Bukky Shonibare said opponents of the bill showed "how backward we are," BBC News reported. 

Zamfara Governor Abdul’aziz Yari Abubakar praised the sultan for his remarks and for being a strong leader for Nigerian Muslims. He said the state would work with religious leaders to promote peace among Muslims and other religions in Nigeria.



Iran proposes Muslim women's basketball kit to FIBA

December 31st, 2016

Female Iranian basketball players (Photo: Press TV)Female Iranian basketball players (Photo: Press TV)

The Islamic Republic of Iran Basketball Federation (IRIBF) has a proposed an apparel to the sport's international governing body which would allow Muslim athletes to attend official games while observing the Islamic dress code.

The IRIBF submitted the proposed outfit, which covers the hair and limbs of athletes, to the Fédération Internationale de Basket-ball (FIBA) on Friday after FIBA authorities set a deadline of December 31 for Iranian basketball officials to present the kit that would suit their personal and religious preferences.

“We set out to take proper measures to finalize the kit for veiled sportswomen to participate in various tournaments soon after receiving a letter from FIBA. The apparel for female Muslim basketball players was prepared and proposed to FIBA, having taken FIBA rules and cultural values for Muslim women into consideration,” IRIBF President Mahmoud Mashhoun said on Saturday.


He added that Iran’s proposed Muslim women's basketball dress will be debated during FIBA’s meeting in late April.

Mashhoun further noted that IRIBF officials will continue negotiations with FIBA authorities to ensure their efforts will come into fruition.

“To this end, IRIBF officials even wrote a letter to FIBA authorities and elaborated on the aim and essence of the talks in it,” he stated.



Afghan migrant attack Bible-reading woman with knife in Austria

By KHAAMA PRESS - Sun Jan 01 2017

An Afghan migrant attacked a Bible-reading woman in a refugee camp in Austria, it has been reported.

The 50-year-old woman was reportedly attacked by a 22-year-old Afghan migrant whose identity has not been disclosed by the authorities yet.

According to the local media reports, citing the police authorities, the man has confessed he attacked the woman and described ‘personal issues’ as the motive behind the attack.

The woman was invited to read Bible by some residents of the Asylum center which apparently angered the migrant.

The authorities have said the woman sustained minor injuries and was apparently saved by her thick clothes after attacked with the kitchen knife.

The latest incident involving knife attack comes as the Afghan refugees are already facing numerous problems in the European countries besides thousands of them are stranded in eastern European countries.

Earlier, a court in Sweden awarded jail terms for a group of five Afghan teens after they were convicted with gang rape of a fellow refugee.

The prosecutors had earlier urged the court to deport the convicts but the request was overturned considering the deteriorating security situation of Afghanistan.



Modesty brings a Muslim fashion website, founder 'one to watch' in 2017

31 December 2016

The co-founder of a fashion website aimed at young Muslims is on a list of ten London entrepreneurs under 30 to watch in 2017.

Nafisa Bakkar launched the website, Amaliah, with her sister Selina to address the difficulty Muslim women can face looking for clothes that are modest yet fashionable.

The site picks out items from retailers’ collections that have full leg and arm coverage, and states: ‘We aren’t here to tell you what is or isn’t modest, we are just here to make the journey a little easier’.

Now Nafisa has been put on a list of top entrepreneurs by experts from Royal Bank of Scotland, mentoring group Capital Enterprise and Google Cloud Platform.

Since launching in September 2015, the brand has evolved to also become a forum for Muslim women in the UK, with a platform for bloggers.

Sir Martin Sorrell, the chief executive of advertising giant WPP, has described ‘Generation M’ – young Muslim consumers – as ‘one of the 21st Century’s most important economic forces’.

Amaliah, which raised £1,800 via crowdfunding site Seedrs for 20 per cent equity in July and is based in Shoreditch, East London, is targeting a growing market.

The number of Muslims is expected to increase from 1.6 billion in 2010 to 2.8 billion by 2050. A third of Muslims today are under 15.



Why should western governments terrorize Islamic women!

January 1, 2017

Muslims who seriously practice Islamic faith, uphold Islamic values and follow practices are known as Islamic Muslims.

While anti-Islamic nations terrorize Muslims with terror goods the Muslims who practice Islamic way of life are being terrorized by denying them basic religious rights. The trend is devastatingly very acute in so-called western democracies where Islamic women face state restrictions of serious nature with regard to religious practices.

It is most unfortunate as western countries, claiming to be democracies, speak very high of women rights and unnecessarily shed crocodile tears about the poor fate of Muslim women and Islam not treating well the women folk.

The powerful anti-Islamic forces both in the west and east that operate against humanity globally impose their terms on Muslims. Islam and its elders are unable to satisfactorily defend Islamic faith.

Denial of basic rights

Sept-i1 hoax gave the enemies of Islam enough stuff to spread Islamophobia and target Muslims, their resources, especially in energy rich Arab world. Already millions of Muslims have been slaughtered by these anti-Islamic forces led by Americans and Europeans in Islamic world on fake pretexts.

Most Muslims world over, targeted by Islamophobia and terror forces of fascism, do not wish to hide their faith and other Islamic identity but anti-Islamic regimes do not appreciate that as they Islamic faith being against their own regions.

For quite some time now, the Western governments and media networks shamelessly continue to target Islam and forcing the Islamic women to give up Islamic practices. Islamic women are being denied the right to practice life in Islamic way and forced to imbibe uncultured semi-dress patterns of life making exhibitionist trends their way of daily life.

Excessive dosage of anti-Islamism from the side of the regimes has harmed the genuine interests of global Muslims, especially the women who are eager to live according to Islamic faith. Western powers try to control Muslims by restricting their religious practices.

Consequently, Islam, Muslims and Islamic faith are under siege and attack for years.

Following Sept. 11, 2001 hoax, engineered in USA to gain legitimacy to invade an Islamizing Afghanistan by blaming it for the Sept- hoax and, destabilizing the nation of brave Afghans, and invade Iraq to kill a brave President of Iraq Saddam Hussein for his anti-American stance and hi efforts to protect Arab oil to flow into USA and EU freely. USA achieved its objectives- Afghanistan has been destabilized and President Saddam Hussein was assassinated in a cold blooded manner. Not just that. USA and NATO destabilized many Arab nations, killing Libyan President Col. Qaddafi.

In doing so, the western governments and media lords derive dirty sadistic pleasures and care a damn about the rights of minority religions.

There could be some women who are under state-private surveillance throughout who seeks favors form the Christian governments and officals, might go out without wearing hijab. But the media make this a big show to force all Islamic women to walk in the street without minimum cloth on them, showcasing their body in ways that please the perverts.

It has become a practice for the governments and media outlets scorn Islamic practices and try to link the practices with terrorism, thereby terrorize those who practice Islamic way of life. The governments are keen to make as many Muslims as possible the anti-Islamic people to aid the Islamophobic elements.

Most Islamic women have has worn a headscarf, both as an expression of her traditional Muslim faith and her commitment to its requirements for public modesty. They wear it throughout their years as professionals like doctors in cities. In Colorado, Dr. Elmadhun, for instance, proudly wears hijab as the chief surgical resident at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a top trauma center and affiliate of Harvard Medical School. But media outlets resent the Islamic practice as “uncivilized”.

Dr. Elmadhun was wearing it on April 15, 2013, when her husband texted her. A bomb had exploded near him at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. That day marked a turning point, however. Though she had been acutely aware of the fact that her headscarf made her stand out, Elmadhun says, she always felt confident and strong wearing hijab, both as a Muslim and as an American who felt, in a deeply personal way, her country’s promise of liberty and religious freedom – even after the difficult days following Sept. 11, 2001.

Instead of second glances, she became the object of America’s angry stares. Instead of folks assuming she’s from another country, or expressing surprise she speaks without an accent, they began to openly associate her with the Tsarnaev brothers, who perpetrated the Boston bombings, or other Muslim extremists.

American media lords and their state bosses are so cool- they plant terror moles and coolly blame their terror attacks on Islam and terrorize global Muslims.

Very cool anti-Islamic guys. Interestingly, these are highly educated with backing of intelligence wings.

Drone attack on Islam

The US drone war routinely kills thousands of noncombatants in Syria and Iraq, most recently this week, when “at least 36 civilians, including 20 children, in a village in eastern Syria” were killed. “Do Americans notice? Of course not!

The US government has conducted war by remote-controlled drones since 2001 in a variety of places, including Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan. Do Americans have a clue what it must be like to live under the drone threat? You know the answer is no. But many Muslims do, and many others can sympathize,” he continued.

Obama has claimed that the drone war kills few noncombatants, but this is rejected by many authoritative sources, including a team of NYU and Stanford law students who found that “CIA-operated drones were nowhere near as discriminating toward noncombatants as the agency’s leaders have claimed.”It’s the US foreign-policy makers, whose daily atrocities make targets of Americans at home.

It is also true that Islam has, since its founding around 1,400 years ago through the Holy Prophet SAS, been continually under attack by all anti-Islam forces, led by Jewish-Christian varieties to destroy Islam and kill Muslims and the trend continues even today. They resent any counter move by Islamic nations. Today, the failed anti-Islamic forces led by NATO and Israel-India twins, and they defend themselves by saying that Muslims are waging a “jihad” war against all other people in an attempt to spread that religion by force.

No religion can survive for centuries if it grows by forceful conversions. Other religions are shaky that notwithstanding all their joint operations against Islam and Muslims, Islam has survived to stay forever, though some Muslims have been weaned away for Islamic faith and spread the word of anti-Islamism

Anti-Islamic jihad has spread by violent conquests through the Islamic world, especially energy rich West Asia following regions in chronological order: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt the Middle East, North Africa, and the Near East.

Faith vs. hatred

It’s a theology that is shared by some Orthodox Jewish women, who often wear wigs to cover their heads in public. In some Orthodox Christian, Roman Catholic, and Protestant traditions, too, women are sometimes required to cover their heads in places of worship – a practice common in the USA just decades ago. “It would be a tragedy to us here in the USA if Muslims felt like they had to hide their faith, if Muslim women felt like they had to take off their hijabs, or Sikh men their turbans, or anyone who felt they could not identify who they are in public,” says Imam Omar Suleiman, president of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research in Irving, Texas. “So I think that it’s important that we collectively challenge these attacks on people that are identifiably Muslim,” he continues. “It’s important for us to challenge all of that, and to stand tall and firm, because at the end of the day, bigotry is not something that can be reasoned with. And bigotry should not force us to change the way we live our lives Islamic way.”

Such incidents led Aguilera, the daughter of a former professional boxer, to organize a self-defense class for women who wear hijab. She and her colleagues expected 50 or so women to respond for a class scheduled after the election. Posted on Facebook by her sponsor, New York’s Muslim Community Network, the self-defense class got about 2,700 people expressing interest in a class accommodating 40.

For Elmadhun, wearing hijab for most of her life was “a positive and powerful message, allowing me to recognize that I am not just what I appear to be, but I’m a human being who should be valued for who I am and what I have to offer.” And though she does feel relieved in many ways, and feels safer with her son outside, “I’m also sad that I was driven to this,” she says. “I’m sad about what it means about our religious freedoms in general in our country, I’m sad that I had to give it up. I was kind of forced into this. It wasn’t really a choice.”

The class includes a time for women to share their experiences and fears and discuss how to respond, both physically and emotionally. “Our knowledge about how to manage that fear is very vital,” says Aguilera. “Eventually these are going to take a toll, because once you start denying who you are, that takes a toll on your personality, and that’s not healthy.”

The attack on the Christmas market in Berlin that killed 12 brings more unease as Muslims are the target of angry officals. . Both women say that anytime a Muslim terror attack occurs, they feel they are being held personally responsible for actions occurring hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away – and which they emphatically deny represents the religion they hold dear. “Last year, after the Paris attacks, it was like every time something like that happens, there’s the aftermath, and people who have nothing to do with it, we have to take the heat for that,” says Aguilera. “And the first people targeted, the most vulnerable, are Muslim women.”

At the same time, however, many advocates have been frustrated by recent fabrications. In November, police discovered a student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette lied about having her hijab ripped off. And in New York, a young woman who lied to police and the media, alleging that two white Trump supporters attacked her on the subway, was arrested and charged with filing a false report. In the young woman’s court appearance, she was uncovered, and her head had been shaved.

What do “Barack Obama and Donald Trump have in common?”—and then answered the question by saying that “Among other things, they have—or pretend to have—no clue why some Muslims hate us.” Most of the world’s major religions are made up of multiple sects or denominations, and Islam is no different. Islam’s two major sects are the Sunnis and the Shiites, and the division and interplay between the two is a major factor in the geopolitics of the Middle East.

Donald Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim immigration to the US “until the country’s representatives can figure out what’s going on,” is little more than a deliberate cop out by almost all the “mainstream” political figures as to the real cause of the “clash of civilizations.”

The real dual reasons for the conflict—which even Trump dares not broach—is the inherent nature of Islam and its adherents, and the ubiquitous Israel/Jewish lobby which serves to incite the entire Islamic world against the West.

The CIA’s subversion of Iranian democracy in 1953, the US government’s systematic support of compliant autocratic and corrupt Arab monarchies and dictatorships, its empowering of Iraqi Shi’ite Muslims, and its “unconditional backing of Israel’s brutal anti-Palestinian policies.” US ‘experts’ dare not mention Israel, and, of course, in an omission similar to the one of which he accuses Trump, he also pretends not to know why the US government “unconditionally” backs Israel—or at the very least, just ignores it completely.

In the ten years prior to the September 11 attacks, the George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations bombed Iraq while maintaining an embargo, especially on equipment for the water and sanitation infrastructure the US Air Force had destroyed during the Gulf War.

Half a million Iraqi children died as a result, something which the then Secretary of State, Jewish Madeleine Albright, said on TV was “worth it” just to get at Saddam Hussein for his mere anti-Americanism stance

Democracy means anti-Islamism, Islamophobia, hatred for Islam and Muslims?

Many western people who hate Islam oppose the Muslim women covering their head by wearing hijab. A court in Europe even stipulated Muslim women from not wearing hijab or any other cover over the face.

“Over the last several years, the trend has been growing, causing unease, feeling uncomfortable Elmadhun a female Muslim surgeon living in USA, world’s highly democracy, says. “And that is something that’s new…. I was feeling less and less welcome in my own community, and more and more like there was a target on my back.”

And so, like a number of Muslim women, Elmadhun made the wrenching personal decision to stop wearing her headscarf. “You feel fear, its human nature,” says Mariana Aguilera, who converted to Islam 10 years ago and now runs The Demureist, a Brooklyn-based website that celebrates conservative lifestyles and fashion, especially for Muslim women wearing hijab. “But this is more than about our fear,” says Ms. Aguilera, who has decided to keep wearing her headscarf, despite receiving verbal threats this month. “There’s a reason why we have this religious freedom in our country, and if we don’t do something – this climate is destroying our values, and that’s dangerous.”

Elmadhun and Aguilera point to 2015, when armed protesters were marching in front of mosques and candidate Donald Trump was calling for a ban on all Muslims entering the country. That year, hate crimes against Muslims were becoming more and more common – up 67 percent, according to the FBI. That also was the year Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was convicted and sentenced to death for the Boston Marathon bombings. During the trial, Elmadhun says she was walking her son in a stroller in Brookline when a man stopped his car, got out, and yelled, “Go back to your expletive country, you expletive terrorist!”

American officals crate ugly scenes to insult Muslims. Earlier this month, a man at Grand Central Terminal in New York pushed a New York City transit worker down a staircase, yelling “You’re a terrorist, go back to your own country!” In Brooklyn, another man threatened an off-duty police officer with his pit bull, also telling her and her son to “go back to your country.” On the steps of a municipal court in New Jersey, too, a man spit in the face of an advocate with the Muslim American Society’s Immigrant Justice Center, after she testified in a domestic violence case, according to the Religious News Service.

Indeed, if Muslim women wearing hijab across the country have been feeling especially vulnerable during the current political climate in which few can recall such open hostility, for many of them harassment and violence has also cut to the core of their faith – a chill on their freedom to remain true to their visible acts of worship and what they see as a theology of modesty.

President elect Trump’s anti-Islamic rhetoric essentially to w woo the Christian votes in the presidency, caused problems for Muslims, including the women. However, Trump revised his anti-Islamic thoughts.

Islam means peace

Ideology behind targeting Muslims for blood and insult is to unite the majority nation by dividing and punishing the hapless minority Muslims. The state and media lords justify attacks on minorities by legitimizing the situations created by anti-minority miscreant.

Anti-Islamic nations consider the existence of Muslims and Islam a serious threat to their own religions and they encourage the media lords and fanatic majority sections. They fail to gauge a simple fact that even after 1400 years, Islam could not replace Christianity and there is no possibility now that the weakened Islam or terrorized Muslims could do it any time in future as well.

Islam is one of the world’s great religions. Islam has brought comfort and peace of mind to countless millions of men and women. It has given dignity and meaning to drab and impoverished lives. It has taught people of different races to live in brotherhood and people of different creeds to live side by side in reasonable tolerance. It inspired a great civilization in which others besides Muslims lived creative and useful lives and which, by its achievement, enriched the whole world. As a religion of peace and tranquility Islam never inspired in its followers any mood of hatred and violence. And when Islam was under attack, Muslims may have resorted to retaliatory measures angering the enemy of Islam but never preach violence or terrorism. And people from other faiths and non-faith have embraced Islam on the strength of Islam and what it stands for. A lot of propaganda – as a perfect mischief to fool and mislead the world – is being circulated by the anti-Islamic forces and media that people have come to Islam forcefully. If so that were the case, they should have renounced Islam but that never happened, but on the contrary, they strengthened Islamic faith. Also, notwithstanding the strenuous efforts by other religious leaders to wean away Muslims to their side, Muslims have remained steadfast faithful. However, politics have converted some Muslims into unfaithful to the religion.

US led NATO terror war have complicated the life of Muslims and their faith. It is our misfortune that, though most of the Muslim world is now going through such a traumatic period, instead of compassion, hatred is directed against Islam. Fear for anti-Islamic governments and media forces cannot force Muslims change their religion because their faith is unshakable.

Muslims share certain basic cultural and moral, social and political, beliefs and aspirations but there is an imposing Western presence and influence — cultural, economic, and diplomatic — in Muslim nations, some of which are Western allies. Certainly nowhere in the Muslim world, in the Middle East or elsewhere, has American policy suffered disasters or encountered problems comparable to those in Southeast Asia or Central America. American position is weak in Islamic world, however. Target of Islam and Muslims resulted in hatred from Muslims and the surge of hatred that distresses, alarms, and above all baffles Americans. Pakistanis who were pro-Americans are now anti-Americans because NATO operations destabilized the nation, killed thousands.

The idea that God has enemies, and needs human help in order to identify and dispose of them, is a little difficult to assimilate. The Zoroastrian devil, unlike the Christian or Muslim or Jewish devil, is not one of God’s creatures performing some of God’s more mysterious tasks but an independent power, a supreme force of evil engaged in a cosmic struggle against God. Muslims have to view their misfortune as being one of these. The Holy Quran is of course strictly monotheistic, and recognizes one God, one universal power only. There is a struggle in human hearts between good and evil, between God’s commandments and the tempter, but this is seen as a struggle ordained by God, with its outcome preordained by God, serving as a test of mankind. since God is in principle the sovereign, the supreme head of the Islamic state — and the Prophet and, after the Prophet, the caliphs are his vicegerents — then God as sovereign commands the army. The army is God’s army and the enemy is God’s enemy. The duty of God’s soldiers is to dispatch God’s enemies as quickly as possible to the place where God will chastise them. The struggle of good and evil very soon acquired political and even military dimensions. The ISIS is supposed to fight for God on these lines.

The leaders of a widespread and widening religious revival in Islam sought out and identified the enemies of God as their enemies and vice versa. Anti-Islamic media nuts call the Muslim believers who wear Islamic dress and caps as Mullahs, as a degrading human dignity. Now in place of using the term mullahs, Muslims are called the terrorists.

War is not an option for Islam but only in retaliation for attacks on Islam and Muslims – and not a voluntary policy, Repeated attacks on Muslims and Islam breed the radicals among Muslims.. Planned attacks on Muslims have led to a situation that the faith of Islam has been undermined and the law of Islam has been abrogated.

The advent of Islam in the seventh century has continued virtually to the present day. For a long time now there has been a rising tide of rebellion against the Western Paramountcy, and a desire to reassert Muslim values and restore Muslim greatness. Since anti-Islamic nations and forces are stronger, naturally the Muslims have to suffer successive stages of defeat. The first was his loss of domination in the world, to the advancing power of Russia and the West. As Arab world was quietly advancing its economy and security, the West enacted the Sept-11 to invade and destabilize Afghanistan and energy rich Arab nations. Then the undermining of his authority in Muslim nations by coups and west sponsored anti-Islamic movements, and through an invasion of foreign ideas and laws and ways of life and sometimes even foreign rulers or settlers, and the enfranchisement of native non-Muslim elements.

The Second World War, the oil industry, and postwar developments brought many Americans to the Islamic lands; increasing numbers of Muslims also came to America. Cinema and later television brought the American way of life that contradicted Islamic faith and way of life. The Islamic faith and practices, as a result, got weakened.

At first the Muslim response to Western civilization was one of admiration and emulation — an immense respect for the achievements of the West, and a desire to imitate and adopt them. This desire arose from a keen and growing awareness of the weakness, poverty, and backwardness of the Islamic world as compared with the advancing West. Muslim writers observed and described the wealth and power of the West, its science and technology, its manufactures, and its forms of government. Several generations of reformers and modernizers tried to adapt these and introduce them to their own countries, in the hope that they would thereby be able to achieve equality with the West and perhaps restore their lost superiority. But now the West expects Islamic anions to disown Islam.

In our own time of state terror operations targeting Islam and Muslims, this mood of admiration and emulation has, among many Muslims, given way to one of hostility and rejection. In part this mood is surely due to a feeling of humiliation — a growing awareness, among the heirs of an old, proud, and long dominant civilization, of having been overtaken, overborne, and overwhelmed by those whom they regarded as their inferiors. Islamic faith gets eroded.

All infidels are not enemies of Islam as many Muslims are not faithful. But those who target Islam and Muslims are indeed the enemies of Islam. Like every other civilization known to human history, the Muslim world in its heyday saw itself as the center of truth and enlightenment, surrounded by infidel barbarians, polytheists and idolaters whom it would in due course enlighten and civilize patiently.

Though most Muslim countries promote capitalism and fund NATO fascist operations in Islamic world, the western imperialist world hates Islam. West now denies secularism and democracy for Muslims. Destructions, genocides and destabilizations have become order in Arab Mideast.

How far anti-Islamic attempts to go on in Europe and USA?

Muslims are in minority in USA and Europe, except in Turkey. Muslims are in minority in India and Israel. So, these anti-Islamic majority communities in the West and Indo-Israel do exactly with Muslims what pleases themselves- even against their own Constitutional guarantees for the minority communities.

That is shameful. In order to hide their ugly sides of fanaticism and racism, they always insult Islam, target and inure Muslims.

European target of Islamic women and forcing them to shed the Islamic practices like regular prayers and wearing veil, etc, and imbibe degraded western culture is shameful to humanity,

Efforts are afoot form the anti-Islamic forces to reduce Islamic populations and deny them even minimum rights, let alone Islamic practices.

The enemies of Islam say Islam in Spain and the Ottoman Turk Empire (Turkey) were defeated and driven out after centuries of war and resistance by Europe. That is exactly anti-Islamic, Zionistic, Hindutva forces in India say how “cleverly” they destroyed Islamic Mosque Babri Mosque by way of defeating Islam. They want to destroy Islam and Muslim nations if they don’t promote Christianity. For the time being they have been operating along with Judaism and Israel to defeat Islam. Once Islam is routed fully, the Christian militaries would raze down Israel in a matte rof hours. A entirely Christian empire would be established without any other religions surviving to challenge ti prowess

Unless it not disproved the stated views are real and going to happen.

The chief objectives of anti- Islamic jihad include slashing the Islamic populations to promote rise in Christianity, loot the energy and other valuable resources from Islamic world, forcefully convert as many Muslims and nations into Christianity. The leaders of both Judaism and Christianity believe arrival of Islam cut into their conversion operations globally as Islam became very popular and a religion of the poor.

When Spain was finally liberated in 1492 from the last of the Moors, the Jews were expelled from that country along with the Moors—and large numbers fled to Istanbul, the Ottoman capital. It was only with the advent of Zionism—when the Jews demanded Palestine as a homeland—that the Muslim-Jewish alliance against Europe finally fell apart.

In summary then, the real reason why Muslims hate the West can therefore be traced to two factors: the long-standing order to jihad contained within Islam, and the Jewish lobby’s control of US and Western foreign policy which incites Muslims across the world through its unconditional support of Zionist atrocities in Israel.

These are the reasons which Trump, the mainstream politicians, and far leftists like Richman, all ignore, either unconsciously because they really are ignorant, or, even worse, consciously because they do not want to admit the true nature of the threat facing the West.

Islam is not against secularism and modernism but they cannot be allowed to overrun the faith, cannot derail Islamic values. The so-called Islamic fundamentalism has given an aim and a form to the otherwise formless resentment and anger of the Muslim masses at the forces that have devalued their traditional values and loyalties and, in the final analysis, robbed them of their beliefs, their aspirations, their dignity, and to an increasing extent even their nations and livelihood, peace prosperity.

Pseudo secularism and ultra modernism are not healthy trends. There has been a dangerous trend world over to a new phenomenon of the seizure of Mosques in the name of an imagined clash of civilizations. The Babri Mosque in India by state sponsored Hindu criminal elements and the Great Mosque in Mecca stand as examples.

It should by now be clear that we are facing a movement far transcending the level of issues and policies and the governments that pursue them. It is crucially important that we on our side should not be provoked into an equally historic but also equally irrational reaction against the rival, weak or strong.

It should by now be clear that we are facing a mood and a movement far transcending the level of issues and policies and the governments that pursue them.

No Muslim today is safe, no Muslim feels free to live even in Muslims nations because of anti-Islamic regimes and their faithful media controlling the freedoms of Muslims.

Muslims are under severe surveillance systems.

UN should debate the issue of Islamophobia and anti-Islamic conflictual situations and wars elaborately and undertake punitive measures against the arrogant anti-Islamic nations and parties.

Meanwhile, USA and Europe, the leaders of cultural and civilizational standards should behave as truly democratic and civilized, treat the fellow Muslims as humans; respect their religion, faith, practices.



PKK women fighters claim killing 160 Turks in 2016

Jan 1, 2017

Baghdad ( The women fighters command at the Kurdistan Worker Party (PKK) have claimed they had killed 160 Turkish government soldiers during 2016.

The female combatants command said in a statement that it had carried 115 “military” operations during that year. It vowed to “proceed the struggle during the new year for a life of freedom and until victory is achieved”.

The group, branded a terrorist organization by Turkey and several Western countries, has fought for an independent region for Turkey’s Kurds since the 1980s.

PKK and Turkish military encounters resumed in July 2015 for the first time since the militia announced a pullout from Turkish territory in 2013. The battles resumed after PKK accused Ankara of failure of protecting Kurds following an Islamic State attack that killed 32 Kurds at a town near the borders with Syria.

PKK’s involvement in the fight against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq has further stoked tensions with Ankara.




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