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Fatima Sheikh: Google Doodle Honours 1st Indian Muslim Woman Teacher On Her 191st Birthday

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09 January 2022

• Fatima Sheikh: Google Doodle Honours 1st Indian Muslim Woman Teacher On Her 191st Birthday

• 'Sulli Deals' Auction App Creator: Idea Was to Defame Indian Muslim Women

• Sana Khan, Pakistani Actress Gets Emotional After Umrah: 'Allah Gives Us So Much'

• Trafficked Fifteen Bangladeshi Women And Six Kids Sent Back From India

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 Fatima Sheikh: Google Doodle Honours 1st Indian Muslim Woman Teacher On Her 191st Birthday




By Dipaneeta Das

9th January, 2022

Google is on Sunday celebrating the 191st birth anniversary of educator and feminist icon Fatima Sheikh with a meticulously-crafted doodle. She is widely known as India's first Muslim woman teacher. Hailed as "lifelong champion" in her field, Sheikh, alongside social reformers Jyotirao and Savitribai Phule, co-founded one of India's first schools for girls in 1848 and named it the Indigenous Library.

The beautiful Google Doodle in a combination of white, blue and yellow adds an illustration of Sheikh along with two open books in the background. The doodle is simple yet presents Sheikh's career at a glance.

Born on January 9, 1831, in Pune, Fatima Sheikh is hailed for her resilience and pioneering role in supporting the idea of education for all. As a young girl, she lived with her brother Usman. The siblings opened their home to Jyotirao and Savitribai Phule after they were evicted for attempting to educate people from the lower castes. Eventually, Sheikh, alongside her fellow pioneers and social reformers Jyotirao and Savitribai Phule, co-founded the Indigenous Library in 1848.

At the library, Sheikh taught communities of marginalised Dalit and Muslim women and children who were denied entry to conventional schools on the basis of caste, creed, religion and gender. The combined efforts were recognised as Satyashodhak Samaj (Truthseekers' Society) movement. "As a lifelong champion of this movement for equality, Sheikh went door-to-door to invite the downtrodden in her community to learn at the Indigenous Library and escape the rigidity of the Indian caste system. She met great resistance from the dominant classes who attempted to humiliate those involved in the Satyashodhak movement, but Sheikh and her allies persisted," Google said in a statement, explaining today's doodle.

Her life stands as a testament to social reforms that were championed by Indian women in the pre-independence time, despite social criticism. As per Google's blogspot, Sheikh's story had been "historically overlooked" until 2014 when the Indian government highlighted her achievements in Urdu test books alongside other trailblazing Indian educators. Her work is also of the greatest significance for the oppressed Dalits and Muslims, as she was among the firsts to launch the joint struggle to make their voices heard.

Source: Republic World


'Sulli Deals' Auction App Creator: Idea Was to Defame Indian Muslim Women


Aumkareshwar Thakur has been arrested by the Delhi Police (Photo: ANI)


JANUARY 09, 2022

Delhi Police on Sunday arrested a man from Madhya Pradesh who is allegedly the creator of the application ‘Sulli Deals’ which listed Muslim women for ‘auction’ with photographs sourced without permission and doctored.

The accused, Aumkareshwar Thakur, was apprehended by the Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) of Delhi Police in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore.

“Aumkareshwar Thakur s/o Sh. Akhilesh Thakur r/o Newyork City Township, Indore has been apprehended from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. He was born on 17/01/1996. He has done BCA from IPS Academy, Indore. During preliminary interrogation, he had admitted that he was member of a trad- group on twitter and the idea was shared to defame and troll Muslim ladies. He had developed the code on GitHub. The access of GitHub was with all the members of the group. He had shared the app on his twitter account. The photos of the Muslim women were uploaded by the group members," DCP KPS Malhotra, Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO), Delhi Police Special Cell, said.

‘Sulli Deals’ and the recently created ‘Bulli Bai’ applications allegedly uploaded photos of Muslim women without their consent and inappropriate remarks were passed against them. Both the apps used the hosting platform ‘GitHub’ to auction the stolen photos.

Police identified and detained Thakur on the basis of the inputs they received during the questioning of ‘Bulli Bai’ app creator Niraj Bishnoi. Other than Bishnoi, three other accused have also been arrested in the Bulli Bai app case.

Twenty-one-year-old engineering student and ‘Bulli Bai’ app creator Bishnoi, who was arrested by the Delhi Police from Assam, has owned up to creating the platform for Muslim women and putting them for fake auction, but has shown no regret for his actions.

He is highly radicalised, police said. “He speaks fluent English and accepts his crime. He said he has no remorse," the police said.

During interrogation, he disclosed that he is the person who created the Bullibai app on Github. He had also created the Twitter handle @bullibai_ and other handles. He further disclosed that the Github account and app were developed in November 2021 and finally updated the app in December 2021.

Source: NEWS18.COM


Sana Khan, Pakistani Actress Gets Emotional After Umrah: 'Allah Gives Us So Much'

By Web Desk

January 08, 2022

Sana Khan is tearing up amid her visit to Saudi Arabia.

The star, who went along with her husband to perform Umrah, later sent out a general message to her fans, requesting them to be more grateful.

"Today is my last Maghrib Namaz at the Roza-e-Mubarak. When you think about it, Allah gives us so much, we can never thank him enough." begins Sana. "Even after we don't thank him enough, he keeps us showering with his blessings," says the former actor.

She added, "And we are very ungrateful. When people give us things, we thank them so much. But when Allah gives us so much, even after we do many things to disappoint him, we do not thank him as much."

Sana left her career in acting to follow a religious journey in 2022. She later married Anas Sayed to follow the path of Allah.

Source: The News


Trafficked Fifteen Bangladeshi Women And Six Kids Sent Back From India

Subhasish Chaudhuri 


The team of repatriated Bangladeshi nationals, included 15 women and six boys, who were languishing at various safe homes in Bengal. They were sent back home to Bangladesh through the Petrapole border in North 24-Parganas, where first secretary (political) & head of chancery, Bangladesh, Shamima Yeasmin Smrite was present to complete the repatriation process.

A battery of senior officials of the ministry of foreign affairs of Bangladesh, police and administrative officials of Jessore district administration were present at the border to receive the repatriated Bangladeshi nationals. On behalf of the India side, senior officials of the state and central government as well as Border Security Force officials were present.

A communication issued by the Bangladesh Deputy High Commission in Calcutta stated that it came to know about many Bangladeshi women and children, who are victims of trafficking and unlawful border-crossings, were stranded at various safe homes in Bengal.

“Later with the support of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Bangladesh, the nationality of those trafficked women and children were verified and accordingly, the Deputy High Commission in Calcutta issued travel permits and initiated necessary processes for repatriation,” the communication stated.

The Bangladesh Deputy High Commission has also welcomed the initiative taken by the Bengal government and the central government agencies to curb the menace of trafficking.

BSF and Bengal home department sources claimed that a few hundred Bangladeshi women are trafficked to India every year through the porous borders. Most of these women, who are trapped by agents back home with the promise of jobs in malls, salons, shops in Calcutta, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, eventually end up joining flesh trade.

A senior officer of the BSF’s South Bengal Frontier in Calcutta said: “Every month we intercept Bangladeshi women, most of whom are victims of trafficking. In many cases, we as a goodwill gesture hand them over to our Bangladeshi counterparts so that they can return home safely.”

Source: Telegraph India




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