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Islam, Women and Feminism ( 19 March 2018, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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11 Muslim Women Married Off In Collective Wedding Ceremony by Hindus

New Age Islam News Bureau

19 March 2018 

The mass wedding function was organised by the Hindu in the area. The girls and their families were hit by communal riots of 2013.



 Women Scholars Conduct Sharia Law Awareness Camp

 Nahdi Campaign Celebrates Saudi Women

 Saudi Arabia opens Women Economic Forum today

 Indian Cops Claim Zakir Naik Speeches Used To Radicalise Girl for Syria Mission

 Iran: Fresh warnings against women’s bicycling

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11 Muslim Women Married Off In Collective Wedding Ceremony by Hindus

Mar 18, 2018

Muzaffarnagar: Eleven women from financially-weak Muslim families took marriage vows at a collective wedding ceremony on Sunday in a village in UP's Muzaffarnagar district. The mass wedding function was organised by the Hindu in the area.

The girls and their families were hit by communal riots of 2013.

A Hindu social worker from the area, Mukesh Bansal, took the initiative for the mass marriage to help poor Muslim families.

The ceremony took place at a primary school in Charouli village.

The cost of wedding was covered by monetary contributions Bansal had collected from the local community. He is said to have facilitated the marriage of 41 women from financially-weak weak families over the years.



Women scholars conduct Sharia law awareness camp

Mar 19, 2018

Hyderabad: With an aim to create awareness about ‘Sharia law’, the AIMPLB’s women wing started holding camps across Telangana.

Women scholars from the board are explaining the correct perspective of the Islamic laws to the women who are turning up in large numbers to attend the meet.

The AIMPLB has taken up the initiative to clear misconceptions in the minds of the community. The board felt the need for creating awareness about the Sharia after a few women approached the Supreme Court over the recent ‘triple talaaq’ issue.  “There is confusion or ignorance about Islamic laws in the community, especially among women. They are not aware of the rights or about the procedures pertaining to several issues including talaaq. To help them understand the Islamic laws such programs are being organised at grass root level,” said Sabiha Siddiqui, AIMPLB executive committee member.

Apart from the Islamic laws, the board is also promoting the concept of simple marriages. “Families are spending a fortune on organising lavish weddings which are against the basic tenets of Islam,” she said.



Nahdi campaign celebrates Saudi women

19 March 2018

Nahdi pharmacies has launched a campaign, “You’re the Most Precious Gift,” to celebrate the International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day this March.

Over 45 popular brands participated in the campaign that was held in five cities across the Kingdom, including Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Abha and Madinah.

Throughout the campaign, women enjoyed great deals and offers on cosmetic products across all Nahdi branches.

“The Nahdi campaign is a culmination of the Saudi woman’s involvement and a recognition of the positive impact she has on the community,” according to a press release.

Yasser Jaoharji, CEO of Nahdi Pharmacies Group, said: “We are delighted to launch this campaign which reflects our growing appreciation for the roles played by Saudi women in many fields and their active support to their families.”

“The International Women’s Day or the Mother’s Day should be seen as an opportunity to appreciate the women that are close to us for the nurturing, loving and supporting roles they play in our lives. The women in our lives — our mother, sister, daughter, or wife — help shape the people we are today. It is important for every woman to have a positive, powerful presence through dedicative performance, effective contribution to the community’s development, or by simply being nice to everyone around her.”

About 140,000 text messages and social media invitations were sent out to women as part of the campaign, in which 25 beauty bloggers had participated.

Nahdi also surprised its 5,160 female customers with pink roses, balloons and gifts to mark the special occasion.

A series of interviews was held with women who talked about their experiences with different makeup products from Nahdi, giving tips and advice to other women. Women were also asked about the inspiring women in their lives who had a great impact on them.

In a heart-warming video shot by Nahdi, women shared some of their hopes and aspirations for the future.

“Nahdi would like to remind women to see the beauty in themselves, appreciate other women, and understand that their power lies from within. A woman is a valuable gift, a never-ending giver who never expects anything in return. It is time to take stock of these women, and tell them how grateful we are to have them in our lives,” the press release said.



Saudi Arabia opens Women Economic Forum today

March 19, 2018

Manama: Saudi Arabia is holding is first Women Economic Forum, which opens in Riyadh today.

The two-day forum entitled “Lets talk about tomorrow” aims to promote positive change, facilitate discussions and foster cross-sector partnerships.

Panelists will discuss Saudi Arabia’s economic transformation amongst an audience of business leaders, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, NGOs, artists and youth.

The forum comes at a time where the country is witnessing the rapid diversification of its economy, and reinforcement of investment opportunities, organisers said.

Tremendous pro-women changes have been recorded in Saudi Arabia as the country is moving ahead with an ambitious drive to overhaul society and empower women politically, socially and economically.

Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, has pushed through a number of other reforms to relax some of the country’s ultraconservative rules, including allowing women into stadiums to watch sports, bringing back musical concerts and promising a return of movie theaters this month after a more than three-decade ban.

The reforms are aimed at improving Saudi Arabia’s image abroad, attracting foreign investors, increasing women’s participation in the workforce and boosting local household spending as lower oil prices force the kingdom to undertake sensitive austerity measures.

The inclusion of women and youth is crucial to driving a sustainable economy in Saudi Arbaia and authorities they will be able to play leading roles going forward.

Empowerment is also seen as the strongest factor in stimulating any national economy and increasing a country’s competitiveness.

Economic Empowerment, Innovation, Saudisation, Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and Entrepreneurship will be addressed during the forum that comprises a broad range of panel discussions and talk shows as well as hands-on workshops.

First Saudi female boxer Halah Al Hamrani, Shura Council Member Mody Al Khalaf, Director Center for Career Development (CCD) at Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) Nahlah Al Jubeir and former editor-in-chief of Saudi Gazette Khalid Al Maeena will be among the Saudi speakers to address the forum.



Indian cops claim Zakir Naik speeches used to radicalise girl for Syria mission

March 18, 2018

PETALING JAYA: Police in the Indian state of Kerala have claimed that videos of speeches by preacher Zakir Naik were shown to a local girl to radicalise her.

The girl had recently left her husband who police said had wanted to use her as a sex slave for the Islamic State (IS).

The Times of India (TOI) quoted a police spokesman as making the claim in a remand report filed in court against Muhammad Riyaz over his alleged attempt to send the unnamed girl to Syria.

However, the report said that despite Naik’s salafi leanings, he was not an inspiration for the cadres, and his style of preaching to non-Muslims by calling them “brothers” contrasted with IS teachings.

Police had slapped the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) against Riyaz.

In October last year, Indian authorities charged Naik, who currently lives in Malaysia, with heading an “unlawful association” and inciting youths to commit acts of terror and join global outfits such as IS.

Naik, whose Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) is banned in India, has denied the allegations.



Iran: Fresh warnings against women’s bicycling

18 March 2018

Women’s bicycling in public has been declared as “unpermissible” and even “unlawful” by edicts of religious scholars in Iran.

The Commander of the State Security Force of Isfahan (central Iran) added, “According to article 638 of the Islamic Punishment Law, (women’s bicycling) hurts the public conscience and can be legally dealt with. Therefore, women’s bicycling in public is banned.”

Ali Khamenei, the mullahs’ supreme leader, has declared a ban on women’s bicycling in public, but Iranian women have continued to cycle, and even buy their own bikes and participate in Asian tournaments.





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