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Islam, Women and Feminism ( 9 Oct 2017, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Men Abuse Their Power to Control Women

By Nefeen Abbas

07 October 2017

Men are the main cause of half the problems of the world. Let us imagine a world without men for one day. Women would walk in streets with comfort and ease and, more importantly, with a strong feeling of freedom. They would swim in seas and in swimming pools, and would walk in parks late at night without the fear of being attacked. No woman would cry. In fact, life would be a bed of roses. However, if a woman were to be asked if she wanted to live in a world without men, she would emphatically answer: “No, of course not!”

Men are the reason why many women continue to suffer today. The courts receive hundreds of cases in which women complain against their husbands. Even single women complain about them. Take a look at social media websites and you will see many unmarried young women complaining about men.

I do not understand why men think they are stronger than women and have to fight and defeat women all the time as if they were wrestlers in a ring. I really do not know why and wish someone would explain that to me. Women are weak while men are supposed to protect them. Unfortunately, 70 percent of men are constantly fighting with women to prove that they are stronger than them. Do men not know that they came into this world because of women and that they were carried for nine months inside a woman’s womb?

Men need to improve their distorted image and need to learn how to treat women better. They need to view women as partners and as their other halves. The best gift a man can give a woman is to show her how much he loves her and cares about her. Men are supposed to protect women and give them security. Men should, therefore, not abuse this power.