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Islam, Women and Feminism ( 8 Sept 2016, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Prophet’s Wife Khadija Challenges Stereotypes about Muslim Women

By Génesis Román Melgar

September 6, 2016

We have come to live in a world were many people rather rely on assumptions than to actually seek the truth or see the truth for itself.

Among these assumptions are those surrounding Muslim women. Commonly they are perceived as submissive, weak, and with less rights than men or no rights at all.

The fact is that these assumptions are way far from reality. Nowadays Muslim women have proven to be at the level of men in many fields from education to work, without losing sight of their roles as wives and devoted mothers. This is not just now; strong Muslim women exist and existed since Islam came to existence. Take the example of the first Muslim woman, Khadija.

Khadija, an example of love, modesty, and strength. A hardworking and independent business woman, who was self-sufficient to raise her children well, if she had to. A caring and loving mother, and a devoted and loyal wife through all her marriage. Her love to Mohammed (PBUH) was pure and unconditional, through the good and the bad times in marriage and life.

Khadija chose him not for his looks, but for his virtues, morals, kindness, and caring soul. These attributes made her love him with all her heart and soul, and this kind of love was not only from her, it was from Mohammed (PBUH) to her as well. She believed in her husband and supported him even when others doubted him. She took care of him when he felt at his low, reassured him, and stood by his side during the thin and thick of life.

Their marriage was a union that proved to be unbreakable during life and even after death. Mohammed (PBUH) always remembered Khadija and spoke well of her even after she passed away. Both set a true example of what marriage should be. A union based on respect, support, honesty, love, loyalty, and commitment. But above all, a union that was guided by the word of God.

Khadija was also known to be a goodhearted and compassionate woman who spent her riches in helping, feeding, and clothing the ones in need. Mohammed (PBUH) thought of her as an amazing woman, who believed on the revelations that were given to him, and helped him spread Allah’s message, even if all her wealth was gone.

Khadija, a true example of not only a good Muslim woman, but a good woman overall.