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Do Muslim Girls Choose to Remain Single?


By Family Editorial Board

20 April 2015

He must be good looking, religious, generous, and highly educated. He must be of a good reputation and belong to a good family. His culture should be the same as mine and we must share the same taste, way of thinking and ambitions.

I want to live In a big house like that of my sister and a nice car is a must!

Is it too much? No, I’m just asking for the essentials!

The above words can be heard regularly from young Muslim girls while talking about their requirements in their future husband.

On the other hand, we will see Muslim men requiring too many characteristics and advantages in the potential wife even if he himself lacks those advantages.

The result is:  more aging singles in modern Muslim societies.

In an attempt to better understand reasons behind the increase of aging singles in Muslim societies, we posted the question below on our facebook page and asked the readers to share their views.

Now, you’re invited to read through the comments below and share you own thoughts through the comment box.


With the continuous increase of aging singles in Muslim communities, do you think it is better for a Muslim girl to reduce her requirements and ease the criteria upon which she accepts proposals? Or is it better to remain single rather than marrying someone who doesn't fit her criteria?

Samples of readers’ comments:

Ling Shu: The only criteria is LOVE; if we do not love someone, it is better to be single; and do not wait for the perfect man, there is no such thing, we can find love in a poor man with a big heart, for example! The problem is that we are always searching for something that does not exist in the human beings, just in God, the perfection! If you are looking for physical beauty, for wealth, for a family with a "good title" or all in one, forget it, you will be single for the rest of your life! There are so many good guys all over the place, just give them a chance!

Hajara Waziri: No No No,women and ladies should lower dear gaze on high taste of life and the social world, and pray and make duas for an everlasting partner or partners in life that will lead both to aljanat. May Allaah make it easy for us all amin. Nahid Hasan: very tough decision for me to take.

Abdul Kareem: Nowadays living your life without a husband or a wife is very difficult because there is a very huge chance that you can involve in haram act because western culture has overtook Islamic culture. So please don't waste your time in finding a perfect life partner because nobody is perfect you have to adjust.

Sham Sham: If they don't only want to marry Rich, Handsome , Cute , Muscle guys , they have so much men to choose for their life . Many boys who really love them chasing them but they neglect and hope for men ( men like above i write ) . so they are not fit criteria

Abdulaziz Hussain Abubakar: I think they should marry and forget this dunya and what it that rasul sallallahu alaihi wa alihi wasallam will be proud of them in the day of qiyama. ALLAH will be pleased with them. this is the only way to attain jannah by women with less stress or disturbance.

Nadja Mulok Mohamadali: Nobody is perfect. In this world, we are temporary. ALMIGHTY ALLAH (S.W.T.) gives us blessings not for us to be fine always but to give us tests of life. And besides HE sees what’s in your heart and mind. Women should be marry and be good to their husband to be because showing kindness to your husband might be your entrance to JANNA.

Sharifa Abdul Aziz: I think ladies should marry, as a compatible partner as well as protector. For it to happen, ladies don't expect too much from other person but should work hand in hand to have a better and happy life.