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Attack on Islamic freedom: EU Must Expel France

By Dr Abdul Ruff

European civilization, in recent years, has been growing fascist in approach and insane in practices.

Influenced by showy environments and negatively structured by cinema and other media impacts, western women are fast becoming over-exhibitionists and extra greedy. This so-called cultured western folk are growing exceedingly uncultured in relation to Islam - especially after they saw less impact on the importance of Islam in the West. Many European states have enacted fascist laws restricting Islamic faith. Safe sanctuary From burning of Holy Quran and fanatically filthy drawings on the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to removal of minarets, insulting women for wearing veil to attacking and injuring Muslims - the entire anti-Islamic world, especially the US and EU and their allies plus member states, have become a safe sanctuary of anti-Islamic fanatic leaders and fascist forces.

Muslims are not as safe in Europe and the US today as they used be a few decades ago. The root cause of this Islamophobia is obviously the energy resources of Central Asia and Mideast. Known earlier as the “window to culture”, Europe has now degenerated into a zone that generates Islamophobia and blocks European Turkey, the leader of Islamic world, from entering EU as a legitimate European nation. Like in many countries across the globe, France and other western global terrocracies use Islam to improve the image of the ruling dispensation. Hence, the current anti-Islamic veil ban gimmick in Paris, imposed by French Jewish President Nicolas Sarkozy.

A ridiculous French law has come into force in France which makes it an offense for a Muslim woman to conceal her face behind a veil when in public. France that kills innocent Muslims in Afghanistan and Libya talks about offering Muslims classes on secularism. The controversial law, the first of its kind in Europe, also foresees fines of up to $90,000 and two years in jail for husband or father or brother or anyone “found to have forced” a woman to conceal her face in Islamic way. France is breaking all laws of Libyan sovereignty, but it says anyone “caught breaking the veil law” will be liable to a fine of 150 Euros (£133, $217) and a citizenship course. In order to prevent any pursuance of Islamic culture in France, in a preemptive fashion, France has forced people prevent women from wearing the Islamic veil with a much larger fine and a prison sentence of up to two years. France is illegal. Since there is not a single movement in Europe or the US against fictional Islamophobia it is presumed that Europe expects all women without distinctions to walk semi-nude - not fully open or nude, in the streets showcasing their physical capabilities. A female wearing the “niqab” were arrested at a separate demonstration in front of fascist President Nicolas Sarkozy’s Elysee Palace.

Already male Muslims are becoming anti-Muslims worldwide including in Islamic world by consuming forbidden substances like liquor and other things. Even children are unruly anarchic by nature and practices. No regime any where undertakes strict measure to save Muslims from falling into the anti-Islamic hell themselves. But the Western terrocracies are now trying to impose ban on Islamic veil meant to protect women from evil designs. These rotten leaders have nothing good or better to offer to Muslims or humanity at large. Western democracy Liquor, street sex and state terrorism are the basic feature of today’s western democracy, rather terrocracy. A badly shaken French government says the face-covering veil undermines the basic standards required for living in a “shared society” and also relegates its wearers to an inferior status incompatible with French notions of equality. Under the law, any woman - French or foreign - walking on the street or in a park in France and wearing a face-concealing veil such as the niqab or burka can be stopped by police and given a fine. It is a small fine, but symbolically this is a huge change.

Fanatic Europeans pretending to be democrats now openly criticise Islam more than the people themselves. The argument they use has become widespread, and it has spread to all political parties in the continent. They want Muslims to criticise Islam and give up the religion for French nude culture. “It’s the Muslims’ fault because they are uncritical of their religion, which is backward,” they say. “Muslims are anti-’people who think differently’,” they say. “It’s because of their Islam; it’s not adapted to modernity.” France is home to Western Europe’s largest Muslim population of over six million. Out of that, in keeping with modern ultra trends, only a meager percentage of women wear veil. Probably 0.01% of Muslim women wear the niqab which cannot be an alarming ration for Franche. Hadjou owns an Islamic clothes shop in the district and says: “Selling the niqab is bad for business. Not many women wear it or ask for it and I’ve probably sold about five in a year.” Ahmed says he rarely sees women covered up and that was before this ban.” he admitted. The French government thinks that figure around 2,000 women in entire France. Out of 6.2 million, only about 2000 wear veil even by state estimates.

The new law has angered both Muslims and libertarians alike not just in a Jew Sarkozy ruled France but entire world. It’s an act of provocation. The street is the universal home of freedom, but in the name of ban Islamic freedom for women to cover themselves properly from the evils and devilish forces. But the anti-Islamic strategists infested in media say the opposition protests by Islamists and libertarians are unlikely to make much of an impression. But this is another fanatic hope of the West. Universal anger is expressed in the views of Muslims from around Europe on whether they think anti-Muslim attitudes are now considered acceptable in their countries. A French Muslim, Rachid Nekkaz, said he was creating a fund to pay women’s fines. “I am calling on all free women who so wish to wear the veil in the street and engage in civil disobedience.” In the southern city of Avignon, a woman boarded a train wearing a niqab - as she had long declared she would - unchallenged by police. A French Muslim woman said: “I’m only carrying out my citizens’ rights; I’m not committing a crime by covering my body properly and according to Islamic way of life ... If they ask me for identity papers I’ll show them, no problem.”

Boasting itself as a modern civilized democracy, France should have banned female nude exhibition in public. But since France is also a terrocracy like the US, UK, Italy, Israel and India, it has not done it so far; instead, it has pounced on innocent Muslim women wearing veil to defend themselves from the western terrocratic evils. It is anti-democracy and inhuman. Not every Muslim woman wears veil around world and it is not always possible to distinguish Muslim women from others. Today’s ultra fashion shows and modern publicity gimmicks have lured many young Muslim girls into the fold of western nacketism. Even those women who don’t wear the full-face veil out of free will could suffer.

France, a country of 62 million inhabitants, is home to Europe’s largest Muslim population, estimated at 6.2 million. Human rights groups have attacked the burqa ban as discriminatory. Amnesty International said in a statement ahead of last year’s parliamentary vote on the ban that it “violates the right to liberty of expression and religion of those women” who wear veils “as an expression of their identity or their convictions.” Many of the problems in France or Europe that are related to Muslims and Islam are more often immigration problems, not about Islam as a religion. The media don’t choose to speak to scholarly Muslims, who speak on behalf of these issues. But also, there are not as many Muslims in Holland as in England who are highly educated and willing to speak on these issues. Fake threat perceptions and false fears characterize westernism. Following the western fascist trends in Islamic world, Europe is interested in cutting short the surge of Islamic faith. Five years ago hardly anyone wore the veil and in another five years the neighbourhoods would be full of women wearing them. And if women behave well as per Islamic norms, Europe thinks it loses everything which is atrocious and hence the ban? Fanatic union The ban on veil has an Turkey-EU dimension. France opposes Turkey’s entry into EU fold. In trying to prevent Turkey from joining the EU, there seems to be unanimity among all current fanatic European members and Europe has become a fanatic union too.

French president would like to seek reelection but his image is already faded. Critics of French President Nicolas Sarkozy say it suits him to play up the Muslim veil question because he is an unpopular president in need of an easy vote-winner. His popularity ratings are at a record low ahead of next year’s presidential election, and the far-right National Front, led by Marie Le Pen, is seen as a potential rival for voters disgruntled with Sarkozy’s leadership. Last year, Sarkozy came under fire for deporting Roma Gypsies, another move critics said was aimed at winning back lost electoral support. Sarkozy, whose government had pushed the law, says it’s necessary to guarantee security, uphold France’s secular ideals and protect women from “suppression”. Claiming to be a steadfast democracy allowing all human liberties, France under a Jew president is the first European country to pass the law but there’s been criticism that it’s pointless because only a minority of women wear them. Any woman caught wearing the burka or niqab faces a fine and will be asked to take citizenship lessons. She can also be subject to an investigation. If police find her husband is forcing her to cover up, he could face a fine of 25,000 Euros (£22,000) and a possible jail sentence.

Western people, fueled by the media, began to think that Muslims are genetically incapable of being successful and integrating. Sarkozy is trying to prove scientifically that having prejudice against Muslims was OK. Before this, people could not say those thoughts openly, but now it looks like there’s scientific proof for what they think. There have been real stories of people shouting at Muslims, being spat at, and not getting seats in restaurants. A year ago people would have said this is not OK, but people should not these days just tolerate these situations. This for me is proof that being anti-Muslim is becoming a norm in society, even in academic circles. It does not matter if you are a practising Muslim or not, you just have to look like you’re from a country where Muslims are from. Thus in western societies, racism has now become “salonfahig”, meaning it is acceptable in polite society. Blaming Muslims Everyone must be free and should be allowed to wear what they want. It’s a very difficult debate.

If Sarkozy wants to help people in the suburban areas, why not create better jobs, and provide better housing. Removing the veil won’t change anything. There are people who don’t cover up and they’re still struggling. Hardly anyone wears this. This is all about politics. It’s nothing to do with us normal French people. It’s something the government has decided and we have no say. Many believe in freedom of religion and this is a dangerous thing that’s happening. All it does is stigmatizes French Muslims and is all about getting votes next year. The government doesn’t have a programme to help poor people so instead they’ve decided to blame Muslims. Muslims feel personally affected. Many French Muslims feel like leaving France for the UK or Canada where things are better. This kind of anti-Islamic sentiment has been going here for years in France. They suddenly realised that going on about anti-Islamic sentiment is easier than talking about racism. Entire Europe is gradually and exceedingly pushing for an anti-Islamic stand. In neighbouring Belgium, anti-Islamic lawmakers approved a similar ban, but the political crisis has derailed its enforcement. In Netherlands and in Italy, far-right politicians have called for similar laws. The proposals have sparked debate about religious freedom in Europe. Europe and EU is engaged in anti-Islamic campaign and it is not just veil or minaret or some other aspect of Islamic faith. The ban on veil appears to be the very first testing tool to ban Islam in Europe and EU.

EU must expel France for its anti-humanity and anti-Islamic laws to harass and terrorize Muslims further. France is a proven anti-Islamic nation with a fake democracy facade. The US seems to be taking different position on veil issue but doesn’t restrain its NATO terror syndicate members to behave. France must withdraw its veto membership form the notorious UNSC forthwith. A declared anti-Islamic state cannot be on the UNSC with a veto handle. Turkey, Iran, Egypt or Libya must replace France. Already the US-UK terror twins are creating problems for Muslims and Islamic world on fictitious pretexts.

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