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Islam and the West ( 24 Jan 2012, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Who are extremists?

By Afshain Afzal

24 January, 2012 

In order to neutralize and eliminate Muslim fundamentalists and alleged human rights violators, US, UK, Israel and other western countries are pumping in billions of dollars in Muslim countries in the name of war on terror and interfaith harmony. Attempts are being made to eliminate remaining section of Muslim world, especially in Pakistan, where still a strong lobby of religious community exists which follow the fundamentals of Islam. Programmes to engage and force many Muslim believers to join moderate Muslim groups to have interfaith harmony with other religions. Mosques, Madaris, Dar ul Aloom and buildings presenting past glory of Muslims have been either leveled to ground or redesigned to come give a modern look. Foreign investments in Shrines and Dargahs are in full swing to develop "Shareeks" and distorted Islam.

In the same regard, media channels and individuals have been either blackmailed or purchased to project the western themes of interfaith harmony against the Muslim concept of protection for the rights of minorities. President Barack Hussain Obama at his recent speech at Pentagon said, "we have strengthened alliances, forged new partnerships, and served as a force for universal rights and human dignity".

Ironically, despite these tall claims the western countries have poor record of fulfilling promises made with partners/allies and respect to human rights. Cold blood murders of other nations by western nations, in the name of self defence and suspicion has now become a routine matter. Killings of innocent civilians by sophisticated weapons and chemicals, target killings of all popular religious leaders and dumping them in mass graves and apprehending suspects without any trials are the things that are in progress since long and have reached to an advance stage.

As regard to human rights, in Afghanistan and its neighbourhood, after a decades of cruelty and worse human rights violations, Lieutenant General Curtis Scaparrotti, Commander of US and NATO in Afghanistan, has ordered troops to treat the living and the dead with dignity and respect. The move came after directions from Pentagon in response of one of the several hundred videos that have been recorded in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The shameful record of gave human right violations by western forces in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere is quite shocking. This is not the first time that such videos have been aired as many years back Al Jazeera telecast many such horrifying scenes of disrespect to dead bodies of Afghan men, women and children. One wonders why US and allies have all of sudden become so much conscious of human rights and respect to the deads. It is interesting to note that Washington claims that they have killed Osama Bin Laden in 2 May 2012 attack in Abbottabad, burnt the dead body to aches and thrown the ashes into the sea. Although, there are no proofs that it was Osama Bin Laden who was killed in US operation but whosoever got killed and subject to such a a inhuman treatment, is just un acceptable as even today the dead body of that person has not been handed over to next to kin.  

In a latest development, US and Britain are exerting pressure on Pakistan to blow up and bulldoze house in Abbottabad, where it is claimed that Osama Bin Laden was hiding.  Ironically, US and European officials will be invited to witness the event as trophy of brutality and in human treatment. An important point to note is that always these western extremists consider their opponents as terrorists and evil forces while they expect treatment to their civil and military personnel on the basis of Geneva conventions, Hague statue and United Nations charter. There is a big question mark on the impartiality and credibility of western human right organizations, which make to much fuss over the religious, cultural and traditional punishments in other countries but fail to highlight out western barbarities, brutalities and inhuman attitude. One wonders, in Pakistan there are many cemeteries of British officers and soldiers who fought against Muslims and died in World Wars and prior to that period but their graves are still well maintained and preserved and will always be looked after. How do the western treat and respect Muslim's dead bodies is not hidden from anyone. Keeping aside western puppets and certain media persons who have sold their conscience, we can easily deduce who are extremists?

As regard to interfaith harmony, in another development, a controversy has taken birth in United Kingdom, in which Muslims are prevented to consume Halal meat. It is being claimed that meat slaughtered in line with Islamic tradition is offensive to many of their non-Muslim. In the same connection, the Palace of Westminster has rejected demands to serve Halal meat in its restaurants. Spokesmen for the House of Lords and the House of Commons confirmed that Halal meat was not served in their restaurants. After the controversy, things are much clear. In foreign countries, in most of the cases Halal meat and chicken does not mean that it is slaughtered according to Islamic Sharia and name of Allah has been recited.

It is pertinent to mention here that Fast-food chains including Pizza Hut and KFC are also using Halal meat tags without ¬telling customers that it is Haram. One really wonders, now how Muslims can use imported meat and chicken from their favourite western style stores and enjoy western fast-food chains, knowing well that it is not Halal. Allegations are leveled on members of the Church of England that they complained that the spread of Halal meat was effectively spreading Sharia Law across Britain.  Media report claims that  around 10,000 Christians in Britain, many of whom have reservations about eating meat from animals that are sacrificed while an name of Allah is recited, have signed a petition calling for proper labelling. It is strange that why any one would ask this when it is already in practice. The motive behind this plot is that Muslim might resist labeling that would give chance to impose ban use of words like "Halal" on various items in the name of interfaith harmony.

Media propaganda reports claim that the Church of England has issued instructions to its schools to ensure they are serving non-Halal food after concerns that some schools are providing meat slaughtered according to Islamic law. How far this is true, one really don't know but the fact cannot be denied that Britain is neither ruled by British priests nor they are majority in house of Lords or House of Commons, so these allegations are mere propaganda by those who are anti Christianity and anti-Islam. In Islam, Muslims are allowed to eat the food prepared by Christians and Jew but it does not mean that Muslims are allowed to eat Haram. Even if a Muslim does not properly slaughter and recite the name of Allah on animals and birds, it is not Halal. We must understand that Pakistan was created so that we can lead our lives individually as well as collectively according to tenants of Islam as embodied in Al-Quraan and Sunnah. On the other hand, non-Muslim nations want to preserve their own identity and condemn all that has been commanded by Allah. Such moves will only invite the wrath of Almighty Allah and disintegrate the country.   It is time to refuse western themes of human rights and interfaith harmony and follow the commandments of Almighty Allah. Of course, Islam has set best principles for human rights and interfaith harmony that are still practicable today.

Source: Pakistan Tribune