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Islam,Terrorism and Jihad ( 27 May 2013, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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We’ll Hoist The Islamic Flag On Red Fort And Settle Scores With Hindus Of India: Taliban’s Mouth-Piece Spells out Its Future Plan for India



 By New Age Islam Edit Desk

May 27, 2013

“So far as the presence of Mujahideen among the tribals is concerned, the truth is that the hatred for India in the hearts of their leadership is still as intense as ever. This leadership has flourished on the hatred of India and on the slogan of hoisting the Islamic flag on the Red Fort. So it is not simply possible for them to even imagine shaking hands with India. On the contrary their condition is that they have the intense desire for an independent jihad in India. The blood of our dear ones and of the Prophet (pbuh) is on their neck. We have to settle many scores with the present generation of Hindus – from Kashmir to Kerala.”

This is an excerpt from an article published in the mouthpiece of Taliban, Nawa-e-Afghan Jihad, May 2013. This is their reaction to the recent statement of the Pakistani army which said that Pakistan’s real enemy was terrorism and not India. This realisation of the real threat by the Pakistan army has not gone down well with Taliban who want Pakistan to take an aggressive posture against India. They have advised Pakistan to stop killing their own brethren (Taliban terrorists) and instead turn the tanks of the Pakistani army towards India. They have been burning with the desire to hoist Islamic flag on the Red Fort of India and settle scores with the Hindus of India from Kashmir to Kerala. It is quite interesting that the Taliban on the one hand call the Pakistan government, a government of Kafirs but at the same time want them to consider Taliban their brethren and treat them with love and affection while they constantly carry out suicide bomb attacks on government and military installations of Pakistan.

The mouthpiece also spews venom on the former Pakistani army chief and dictator Pervez Musharraf who allied with the US during its war on terror against Taliban and ordered a military operation against Lal Masjid killing girl students of the madrasa. The writer gives a hint that soon Pervez will be annihilated:

“The fate Pervez will face will soon be before the world to see.”

Another article gives account of subversive activities of Talibani hackers against Israel. It says that on April 7, the ‘Islamic hackers’ carried out the biggest hacking operation forcing Israel to suspend its internet activity for the whole day. The hackers also downloaded many confidential data of Israel and transferred millions of dollars from Israeli banks to their account.

In the article, ‘Marathon—three blasts in the US’, the magazine praises the bombings carried out by two Chechen brothers in the US saying,’ The credit for this operation goes to two brave sons of the Ummah, Taimur and Jauhar.’ It also boasts of the bravery shown by 19 holy warriors who took part in the attacks on the WTC and warns that many more attacks will be witnessed in the US in near future.

In the article, ‘The forward march of the fighters in Syria and their conquests’ the writer gives information of the merger of Al Qaida and Jabhat al Nusrah alongwith other 15 jihadi organizations and that an imaginary Islamic caliphate called ‘Daulat al Iraq Al Islamiyah’ has been established in Iraq which is headed by Amiril Muminin, Abu Bakr al Hussaini. (Interestingly, the name of the first caliph of Islam was also Abu Bakr). Similar imaginary Islamic caliphates have also been established in Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen where the holy fighters have been killing Muslims along with their children and women in the name of Islam.

Democracy and Islamic democracy are the concepts which to them are against the ethos of Islam and they carry articles in their mouth piece regularly denouncing the idea and calling them a system based on kufr. This issue also carries an article on Islamic democracy which tries to prove that all those who support Islamic democracy are agents of the atheistic and imperialist forces and ignorant of Islamic principles. The article quotes vague ideas of some likeminded Ulema on democracy. Since the Taliban want to establish a caliphate that will be run by Mullah Umar, they do not want a system which would be run on consultations and a broad framework of power distribution.

Similarly, it carries an article against the concept of nationalism presenting it also as the brainchild of the satanic forces like the Americans, Europeans and the Jews. The modern concept of nationalism and the existence of Muslim nations is also anti-Islam according to their interpretation. How the whole Muslim nation can be united under one caliphate is not detailed by them. Even when Iqbal conceived an idea of a caliphate of Muslim nations and proposed a confederation of the Muslim governments of the world, the idea could not materialise because of myriad complexities of the idea. Muslims belong to different languages, topographies, races, ethnicities, tribes and they have serious differences in terms of food habits, cultural preferences and prejudices, customs and other historical and social characteristics. God also says in the Quran that he created human beings in different colour, races and tribes. The Balochs of Pakistan have not been able to cast off their historical and racial background and assimilate themselves into the Pakistani nationalism. The Bengalis of Pakistan could not harmonise themselves with the non-Bengali diasporas of Pakistan and vice versa. How can then they expect all the nations and ethnicities of Muslims the world over come together and form one single caliphate on earth under one amiril muminin. That’s why Iqbal not only welcomed the dissolution of the Ottoman caliphate by Kamal Ata Turk but also described it as a new beginning in the Islamic world as Turkey had broken free of old systems and ideas and had made a headway towards a modern world. He recommended a confederation of Muslim dominated states of India within India and did not find anything wrong with it. Pakistan’s first ideological guide Md Asad who took pride in Pakistan’s status as the largest Muslim country also did not find the idea of Pakistan as a nation anti-Islamic or un-Islamic.

The writer of Nawa-e-Afghan presents the examples from the life of the Prophets from Noah to Abraham to the last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to prove that all of them disapproved of the idea of nationalism as they left their homeland or motherland for the cause of Deen.  Prophet Muhammad even fought against his homeland, Makkah. But they ignore the fact that the world in their age was not similar to this age and the idea of nationalism had not grown by then. One could leave his traditional place and settle anywhere on earth without bothering about the passport or visa and there were no borders or boundaries. The Muslim nations of the world could instead of trying to form a single caliphate on earth, try to form a league allowing each others’ citizens to travel and settle freely in any Muslim country. The Muslims of all the Muslim countries also will have to develop a mentality accepting Muslims of different race and colour in their societies and allowing them to live with honour, dignity and equality. But looking at the existing exclusivist mindset of the Muslims the world over, this does not seem possible. The Muslims across the globe are severely divided along sectarian, social, racial and linguistic lines.

Taking all this into consideration, the Taliban are running after a mirage. Their dream of establishing an Islamic caliphate is only a pipedream. It can never be realised. Their ideal of an all-inclusive Islamic caliphate is in direct contrast with their exclusivist approach. Their sectarian, rigid and violent outlook can never be able to establish an all-inclusive global Islamic caliphate. They have been using such Utopian lollypops to get the support of the ignorant Muslims of the world just as they did in Afghanistan before capturing power there. They used to go to the common Muslims with a copy of the Quran in hand and say, ‘We want to establish a government based on this Quran, so support us.’ The people were fascinated by the idea of a government based on the Quran. They thought a government based on the Quran would be an ideal government. They will no longer face any difficulty, persecution, injustice and discrimination under such a government. But after the Taliban came to power, they established a government that was mostly in contravention of the ideals of the Quran.

Therefore, the slogan of Taliban of an Islamic caliphate is also a Utopian dream meant to gain the moral support of the Muslim masses to reach the seat of power. Their communal rhetoric against India is also a part of the Utopian dream.