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Uphold Active Quranic Morality


By Kazi Wadud Nawaz, New Age Islam

08 December, 2014

The revelation of the holy Quran is a great event in the history of mankind. It starts with a call for knowledge towards understanding the creator (Sura Alaq: 1-6) and finishes with the declaration of perfection of Islam as a creed and code of life and guide to action. (Verses 5:3, Sura An-Nasr: Ayat 110, Sura Baqara: 2:281).

The development discourse of Islam towards perfection as religion follows a pragmatic process of integration of Theory and Practice. The basic philosophy and fundamental concepts of Islam have been elaborated in the verses revealed at Makkah classified as ‘Makki’. The verses revealed at Medina Classified as ‘Madani’ provide the strategic principle applicable in all historical stages, and a tactical line of action suitable for specific historical age, geographical area and community, to build up a society and state on the basis of fundamental Quranic principles as expounded in “Makki Verses”. Translating Fundamental Quranic concepts into reality through establishment of an Islamic State and society initially at Medina and finally conquering Mecca and establishing a Muslim state there marked the completion of the mission of the holy prophet (pbuh).

This is a history which bears clear testimony to the fact that the Holy Quran as a book of divine guidance is meant for real action; for transforming the world, human life and society. Islam does not permit any passive process of inner purification through self exclusion detached from the real life.

There is no room for any assumption or conjecture in the holy Quran. Whatever Allah has   said in the holy Quran is based on truth and reality.  Entire nature and universe, all physical processes and history have been presented by the holy Quran before us as admonition and object of demonstration, to convince humanity on the existence of ALLAH as the creator and sustainer of the universe and deepen our understanding of divine attributes and purpose of creation. This divine purpose of creation and accountability of the mankind to the creator form the foundation of Quranic Morality. Helping the ‘Cause of Allah’ is the moral responsibility of mankind as His representative on earth. The holy Quran proclaims: “O, you who believe! If you will help (the cause of) Allah, We will help you and plant your feet firmly” (47:7). Helping the Cause of Allah means discharging one’s duties as His ‘Vice-regent’ on earth. Helping the Cause of Allah means fighting for establishment and restoration of the ‘Universal Balance of justice’.

As Muslims we believe in the fundamental concepts and principles of the Holy Quran and try to shape our lives and reality according to those principles. We stick to the fundamental principles of universal balance of justice and a set of fixed ideological and moral codes.  Many great scholars and scientists consider morality as a Social phenomenon. Of course, morality is a social phenomenon so long as it is linked up with human welfare related to material life encompassing   man, nature and society. From Quranic point of view the real welfare of humanity lies in its potential of extension in spiritual domain and serve the ‘Divine Purpose’.

The History has proved that the concept of morality as a social phenomenon devoid of its extension in spiritual domain has entered into a blind alley of sectarian and class interests. The world and humanity as a whole has painfully tasted the bitterness of major scientific inventions in the name of morality and human welfare. The present concept of human rights based solely on material welfare has turned out to be a hypocritical jargon to serve any class or group interests.

Quranic Morality stems from divine purpose of creation –truth and justice. The holy Quran upholds active morality. And any attempt to turn it into a passive escapist strategy for individual peace and spiritual salvation forgetful of their duties and responsibilities for establishing Universal Balance of Justice (Meezan) as viceroy of Allah on earth, is an act of hypocrisy and strongly discouraged by the holy Quran.

From Quranic point of View moral transformation or inner purification   can only be achieved through persistent struggle against evil forces in worldly life. Inner purification and struggle against evil forces in worldly life are inseparably connected with each other.

The holy Quran in Sura Ash-Shura verses [221-226] has clearly identified the followers of Satan and described their characteristics.

These are liars and wicked persons having keen interest in following the footsteps of evil-doers. The hypocrites, whose words are at variance with their deeds, are also the followers of Satan, the Symbol of Evils and Immorality.

 Allah is pure, infinite and eternal source of light for the heaven and the earth [24:35]. All creatures of the universe and every Ayat of the Holy Quran reflect this light sublime. Every Human soul does possess the capacity for receiving this light in the form of admonition excepting the followers of Satan. Satan descends on their soul and makes them blind.

 Everything between the heaven and the earth as creation of Allah reflects this light in the form of divine attributes. Only we need a pure heart to receive this light. There is light everywhere and no darkness in the universe, as all reflect the divine attributes. Darkness lies only in human heart that has lost the capacity of receiving this light. The only way to regain that capacity is to guide our actions and enlighten our hearts with the divine light of the holy Quran. The Holy Quran says in the verse 47:24

“Do they not earnestly seek to understand the Quran, or is that there are locks upon their hearts?” To help the cause of Allah unlocking of the hearts is a must and it needs earnest endeavour towards action-oriented study and research on the holy Quran.

Engr. Kazi Wadud Nawaz is an NGO Development Consultant