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Quranic Verses of Prostration: Proclamation of Universal Allegiance towards a Supreme Ideal



By Kazi Wadud Nawaz, New Age Islam

30 April 2018

There are fifteen places in the Holy Qur’an where we should perform Sajdat al-Tilawwah (prostration of recitation) while reciting them. The   Verses of Prostration are sequentially arranged as follows.

Al-A’raaf :7:206, al-Ra’d 13:15,al-Nahl 16:49,  al-Isra’ 17:107, Maryam 19:58, al-Hajj 22:18,al-Hajj 22:77, al-Furqaan 25:60, al-Naml 27:25, al-Sajdah 32:15,  Saad 38:24, Fussilat 41:37, al-Najm 53:62, al-Inshiqaaq 84:2, al-‘Alaq 96:19

If we go for analysis of the above mentioned verses we will find that all the verses exclusively demand from mankind absolute obedience to the sovereignty of Allah. From Quranic point of view the act of Sajdah during the prayer and Sajdatul Tilawwah while reciting the Holy Quran, mark the declaration of   universal allegiance on the part of all creations towards the divine authority.

Sajdah’ means total surrender-absolute obedience and subservience to the authority of Allah as the Sustainer and Lord of the Universe. Sajdah means absolute allegiance to the divine laws, rules and regulations governing nature and society.

Entire universe, life and consciousness without exception, willingly or unwillingly, are bound to obey the unalterable divine governing system. [Sura Al-Ahzab: 162, Sura Al-Israa: 77]

The Verses of prostration symbolize unconditional recognition and absolute obedience on the part of all the creations including man to the Laws of Divine Governance. The Verses of Prostration mark two coherent spiritual significances for the Believers. Firstly, each proclaim on the part of the Believers unconditional surrender to divine authority. Secondly, they collectively uphold believers’ confirmation of acceptance of guiding principles outlined in the Holy Quran.

The Verses of Prostration provide the believers an opportunity for being one with all creations of the universe in humble submission to the divine authority.

Amongst all the verses of the Holy Quran, the Verses of Prostration are Unique in respect of its Spiritual Significance.  They are Unique in the sense that each of the fifteen verses may be considered to be the outlets of spiritual fountain flowing all over the divine landscape of the Holy Quran. Sajdah properly performed helps spiritual ascension and brings the Believers nearer to Allah. All things in the universe whether living or non-living at macroscopic, microscopic or nano level follow specific divine laws symbolizing surrender or Sajdah to the creator. Sajdah signifies total annihilation of the “self” and humility before Allah.

The Very Existence and Evolution of the Universe, life and consciousness, pre-suppose an absolute obedience to a Divine System manifested in Scientific Logic inherent in the Laws of Nature. Each and every particle of the cosmic dust, each and every organ of a living system, each and every cell of our body , each and every drop of our blood, each and  every beat of our heart, all  are harmoniously tuned to a divine system of universal allegiance, from the Quranic point of view termed as Sajdah. And herein lies the justification of Quranic assertion that everything in the heaven and the earth prostrate before Allah, the Almighty and Everlasting.

Mankind as a natural being is intricately bound as an integrated system with the physical world and very much dependent on the laws of nature for his own existence and survival. But he is   reluctant to lead his personal and social life in accordance with the basic laws and guiding principles of human nature as elaborated in the holy Quran in the form of “Shariah”. Allah best knows the basic characteristics of His creations. And hence the promulgation of “Shariah” laws   as guiding principles of   human nature and social behaviour. The Quranic Verses of Prostration   demands from mankind a conscious allegiance to the “Shariah” law as well. And herein lies the distinction between the Sajdah of a Muslim and all other objects in the universe.

To sum up, the Quranic Verses of Prostration are in essence a divine endeavour for harmonizing conscious and unconscious elements of human nature towards a “Supreme Ideal.”

Engr. Kazi Wadud Nawaz is a Writer and Researcher from Khulna, Bangladesh