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Hazaras Are Pawns In A Bloody Game That Brutalises Baloch And Pashtuns in Pakistan

By NDT Special Bureau

January 18, 2021

The gruesome murder of Baloch coal miners by the cruel Islamic practice of throat-slitting has caused unrest not only in Balochistan but throughout Pakistan. The innocent Hazaras-a sub-sect of Shia Muslims victimised and persecuted since Pakistan’s birth-bleed again. The unending episodes of brutality against Hazaras show no signs yet of abating.

In December, 2020, Karima Baloch was killed by Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI, in Canada. The Pashtuns regularly get killed in Afghanistan by the fundamentalist Islamic outfit Taliban-the blue-eyed boys of Pakistani establishment.


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Hazaras have been brutalised many times before. In 2013, Hazaras’ plight had provoked Imran Khan-the current Prime Minister and the then leader of an opposition political party-to agitate against the government. Then the messiah of downtrodden is now the partner in crime! Hazaras had another sit-in in 2018 when the Army Chief had to personally assure the protestors that erring officials would be punished, the killers identified, and future security guaranteed.

Sectarian conflicts from political Islam kill Hazaras in dozens with government’s complicity. After every massacre Pakistan blames the ‘enemy’ of fomenting ‘terrorism’ and boasts that ‘sovereignty’ will not be compromised! This time also fundamentalist ideologues resorted to similar sloganeering after the Mach attack. That insults Hazaras and Balochistan’s other ethnic groups. Pakistan is extracting copper from Saindak, gold from Reko Diq, gas from Sui, coal and innumerable other minerals too. Gwadar’s coastline, and virgin lands are real estate bonanzas. Punjabis are the most dominant and exploiting community that is happy in Pakistan.


Activist Karima Baloch | Twitter | @KarimaBaloch


The Balochis resist atrocities hence are viewed with suspicion. The Pashtuns are considered a little more loyal. Mach massacre has deepened the sense of alienation. Hazaras are citizens just in name. The ill-fated miners were butchered to death for their Shia faith. Failed Pakistani state has used past protests to unleash indiscriminate military force. In Balochistan, Hazaras are bracketed along with the ‘Sunni’ Baloch and Pakhtuns.

Pakistan blames Afghanistan and India as ‘conspirators’ but there are Muslims aplenty in those countries. Hazaras are routinely butchered in Afghanistan by Pakistani ‘ally’ Taliban. Protecting Hazaras and other vulnerable sects is public interest and Pakistan should never mix that with ‘strategic interests.’

Hazaras are pawns in a bloody game that brutalises Baloch and Pashtuns. Pakistani authorities are spreading sectarianism even outside Balochistan e.g., Gilgit-Baltistan, when the Shia, Sunni and Ismaili masses unite demanding citizenship. In Kurram, agency two decades of ‘war on terror’ has disrupted peace among the majority Shia or minority Sunni. In Punjab, Christians and low caste-Muslims are considered as sub-human.

Pakistan’s borders across Afghanistan and India are ‘enemy lines’ dotted with innumerable killing fields. Bomb blasts kill Tajiks and Uzbeks (mostly Shias) and Pashtuns (mostly Sunni) almost daily across Afghan border.

The PM refused to visit Quetta to pacify the agitating Hazaras until the bodies were buried. The government and the opposition never identify the killers of the Hazaras. These brutalised subjects are kept divided and ruled and never upgraded into equal citizens. Hazaras’ killings help to spread political Islam. Only Punjabis are safe in Pakistan.

Pakistani state has failed miserably to promote religious harmony. Islamic supremacy on the ‘Kafirs” promotes a mind-set that segregates Sunnis, Shias, Shia Hazaras and Ahmedias. It prevents dealing humanely with different sects. Similar arrogance cost Pakistan its erstwhile East Pakistan. Balochistan could be a repeat.

Any important and sensitive debate in Pakistan cannot be completed without blaming third countries, namely India and Afghanistan. Pakistani writers customarily include a negative para on India even on unrelated subject matter. While criticizing the government/ establishment, India-bashing is a must to exercise ‘balance.’ Pakistan cannot control its people but continues meddling in Kashmir.

Hazaras’ protests grab attention of local and international media, hence is irksome for the Pakistani state. It locks Shia Hazaras in ghettos. Pakistan cannot manage its religious and ethnic diversity and the more educated and politically awakened Hazaras in Quetta.

Religious fundamentalism and majoritarian mind-set of Islamic societies has decimated diversity. The Islamic supremacy and ideological superiority complex triggers massive hatred, violence, disorder, chaos, and geographical divisions.

Pakistan has complex relations with Shia and Sunni states in the Gulf which has scaled back on political Islam but Islamabad still resides in the seventh century desert culture. It has allowed the Sunni majority full superiority.

India’s minorities are pampered and privileged while Pakistan is a hell for them. Pakistan has prioritised Sunni sect over all other religions which has dangerous ramifications.

Original Headline: Hazaras Are Victims Of Pakistan-Promoted Political Islam

Source: The New Delhi Times


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