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Saudis Sell Their Souls and Live With A Good Conscience on Their Proceeds

By Abu Dharr

20 February 2017

This month is a month of celebrations for the committed Muslims in Iran and the committed Muslims everywhere — provided they are not poisoned by the Wahhabi Shaykhs and their dons and apprentices who are in high gear these days trying to discredit Islam in the name of Islam. These so-called Shaykhs and their dons are trying to abort genuine change with hypocritical change, and trying to defeat the struggle against Zionist Israel with a false struggle against Hizbullah. Likewise, this is a month of desolation for all staunch anti-Islamic, self-determination organizations and individuals who are sullied by a deep-state, worldwide, establishmentarian, mainstream media that has perfected the art of subverting the facts and spinning the news.

The spearhead of a backsliding “Islam” is the wicked Wahhabis and their Saudi superiors. This symmetric synergy of small-minded Salafis and lavish bank account Saudis has wreaked havoc in the Muslim East: Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, etc. But now the Salafi-Saudi magic is backfiring — big-time.

The perseverance of a popular Islamic anti-Zionist strategy spreading from Islamic Persian Central Asia to Islamic Arab Western Asia is beginning to payoff. The Saudi Shaitan wrapped in Islamic rituals is beginning to go to wrack and ruin. In the past 37 years the Saudi monarchical minion was at the core of all policies and programs that targeted the Islamic revolutionary self-determination of its neighbor in Iran. [Would anyone remind the Salafi-Saudis who eclipse the perfect Qur’an with a hail of [moot] Hadiths, would anyone remind these Hadith-first, Quran- second, Salafi-Saudis of the stream of the Prophet’s saying concerning good neighborliness; or are we disallowed to think of regional neighbors; only verbatim neighbors next door?!] And in its cowardly behind-the-scenes confrontation with Islamic Iran, the Saudi officials were acting on behalf of their Zionist and imperialist lords. But now they are being forced out of their clandestine warfare with Islamic Iran into the light of day where anyone with 20/20 vision can see their true colors.

The Saudi officials, and especially their diplomats in Washington and London, were assuring their imperialist lords that the “Islamists” were under control. The Saudis had enough cash to silence any Islamic movement that may one day entertain the idea of self-determination and self-governance. And this has been the case to this day with certain decision makers in the global Islamic movement. Not so with Iran. The imperialist-Zionist deep state did not have any say over the independent ‘Ulema in Iran. And to the great disappointment of that deep-state cabal, the Islamic Revolution in Iran succeeded when other components of the global Islamic undertaking did not. Some leaders in the worldwide Islamic effort are still under the influence of riyals and dollars. They have not woken up to the Islamic momentum that could not be aborted by the Saudis and cannot be derailed by the Saudis and their lords in London and Washington.

Notice how Saudi officials roar like lions when it comes to their differences with such Arab and Muslim countries as Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, etc, but they are as gentle as lambs when it comes to Israel, Britain, and America. If the Saudi office-bearers understood their Islam correctly — with its emphasis on unity, equality, brotherhood, and justice — they would be on conciliatory terms with the people of Yemen, Bahrain, and Syria, and on confrontational terms with Israel, Britain, and America.

Put Islamic Iran on one side and in-opposition-to-Islam Saudi Arabia on the other: how do both of them interrelate with the US? For over 36 years, Islamic Iran “did not give a damn” for what the US politicians said or did when it came to their Islamic self-determination. On the other hand, at every turn of events, the Saudi officials were “all eyes and ears” as to what the US would say or do if they entertained an idea that had even a whiff of Islamic self-determination. And who do you think the decision makers in Washington respect: the Saudi bootlickers or the Iranian boot-kickers? The Arabians — after having experienced the freedom of Islam centuries ago are now the slaves of America. Deep down in their psyche it is “Master Washington and Master London.” They forgot Allah and Allah (swt) forgot them. The Saudi ruling class is now politically naked as it has offered its body politic to the Zionist sodomist. How much more can Islamic rituals cover up for political kufr?

And now (as this article goes to press), there is a political bombshell whose shrapnel will injure many of those in royal Arabia and in the orbit of that treacherous Kingdom. One of the Syrian opposition figures has come in from the cold. And he is spilling the beans. The name of the Shaykh of the Baqarah (pronounced Baggarah) tribe of over one million, is Nawwaf al-Bashir. The tribe is located primarily in northeastern Syria and parts of Iraq. In an interview that must have been watched carefully by the Saudi political playboys Mr. al-Bashir disclosed to al-Mayadeen satellite-TV network (January 17, 2017) that a number of leading Syrian opposition figures had secretly visited Israel. These were not only the usual suspects like Kamal al-Labwani and Fahd al-Masri. Al-Bashir also disclosed that the coordination between the Syrian opposition and Israel is at an advanced stage.

Furthermore, al-Bashir revealed that there are many persons in the Syrian opposition who are against corruption and want to return to Syria. There may be a grand amnesty program in the offing to have these duped figures return to Syria.

Al-Bashir said (and this probably had the listening Saudi officials going for their aspirins and antacids) that he made up his mind to return to Syria after having determined that the whole opposition was a ploy imposed by outside forces on the Syrian people. Al-Bashir disclosed the fact that many Syrian military officers who had deserted the military and who joined the opposition, later discovered that they were fooled and being used. They are afraid to go public with their convictions because they fear they will be assassinated, as was the case with some of them in Turkey.

Al-Bashir’s time-bomb-interview made known that one of the main opposition figures (he refused to divulge his name) swindled the Syrian opposition of $116 million and then fled to an Arab country (again he refused to name it) where he established a political party of his own. Another leader in the Syrian opposition pocketed $18 million and became a British citizen and went to London (the den of demons). Then he said there is an amount of $51 million missing. Furthermore, there were weapons given to the Syrian opposition that were then sold off (obviously opposition has turned into a lucrative trade).

Another shock testimonial by al-Bashir was his pointing out that a Syrian opposition delegation went to Saudi Arabia to get to the bottom of the $116 million scandal. They met with then Foreign Minister Sa‘ud al-Faisal who after hearing what they had to say told them, “The money is our money and the guy is our guy.”

Another blockbuster statement: a leading Syrian opposition figure was turning out fraudulent Syrian passports in cooperation with French authorities who offered him a device that duplicates passports. Syrian “rebels” used these passports to move around in Europe — among these individuals were insurgents belonging to ISIS and al-Nusrah.

Toward the end of his interview, al-Bashir said that Saudi Arabia has reduced its support for the Syrian opposition but Qatar is still pumping in substantial amounts, especially to al-Nusrah Front in the Aleppo area.

From the above interview we may fill in some blanks. Mr. al-Bashir when referring to the person who embezzled $116 million and established a party in an Arab country may be suggesting Mr. al-Jarba.

In the political tribal makeup of Arab countries the Saudi clan has aligned itself with Zionist Israel, the avowed enemy of the Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, people of color, the oppressed on one side, and the Syrian regime that has aligned itself with Islamic Iran, the affirmed friend of Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, people of color, and the oppressed. The Saudi tribal politicians in their horrible hatred of Islamic Iran have aligned themselves with the Zionist devil and in the process they have wrecked countries and dislocated populations. These rebel Syrian “leaders” stole money before becoming heads of state; how much would they steal if they become heads of state?

It took 37 years of a consistent, principled, and determined Islamic Revolution in Iran to expose Saudi Arabia and its agents to the light of day. The snow of sham and the ice of lies are beginning to melt in the Saudi backyard and it is beginning to stink,

O You who are [securely and faithfully] committed to Allah! Do not opt for the deniers of Allah [His power and authority] as your allies in exclusion to the [truly] committed Muslims. Do you want to offer Allah a manifest proof of your guilt? (4:144).